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Zak George of Pet Dog Training Change has been producing some dangerously incorrect info. Click for complete story and video clip:

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  1. thanks for the vid but a warning for the bite pics would have been nice. a little too much with the examples of how this
    guy is wrong

    1. Alright dude whatever. You win. Three claps and a pat on the back to you. You need someone to tell you what’s bad before your kids see it. Got it.

    2. +Dog Training by Hey you got anymore of there scary videos? You know the kinda smut that would make me wanna fight with a complete stranger on a comment section for hours?

    3. So your last resort is to be childish. As long as the “…scary videos..the kind with smut..” have content warnings then its fine. Also not every disagreement is a fight, we are allowed to disagree but being disrespectful is uncalled for. i hope you have a nice day

  2. children mainly get bitten out of fear, a high prey drive or resource guarding (which isn’t a dominance thing, is an animal thing. all animals like to protect their valuable items. if they can fight whatevers trying to take their item, they will, and unfortunately children tend to be the ones trying to take it and are the vulnerable ones).

    I don’t think it was a dominance thing either in 4:10 where the dog was obviously annoyed by the baby and the baby didn’t listen to the cues to leave it alone (or rather, the parent). the dog was scared/annoyed at the baby, had maybe been taught that it’s not allowed to growl, so felt the need to attack the baby. a ‘better’ dog would’ve got up and left but it could be that the parent is encouraging the baby towards it, e.g. and it was tired of it. i dont think that instance was a dominance thing .

    i let my dog on the couch and other ‘dominating things’ e.g. but she’ll listen to what i say and will look for me for guidance (at least it seems like that). meanwhile i have friends who have dogs who are they are very commanding over and believe in being ‘dominant’ and the ‘pack leader’ but their dogs will repeatedly disobey them.
    this is just anecdotal evidence, but im not sold on the dogs / dominance idea.

    1. Plus, i have owned a dog that hates babies and will go for them but it perfect all the other times and a dog that doesnt like older men. If you look at dogs in rehoming centres and they cant live with kids, 8/10 it’s because they dont like or are scared of kids because they do do stupid things like grab them suddenly which scares them, other times it’s because dogs are big and strong. Also the breed in the video looks like a gun dog breed and is very large and cautious.

    2. Why you be so careless and let your baby pull on and crawl on a CLEARLY uncomfortable dog. Bad parenting and bad dog owner, since they let their baby get that close to the dog and they obviously don’t know a thing about dog body language, that video clip shows it.

    3. Just trying to figure out my dog. She hates kids to teenagers. She knows the difference and will sit behind me when she doesn’t want to be touched. Don’t get me wrong around family she is great playing. It just seems children that expect her to be a good girl when she doesn’t know him. Needless she is trained well. She will remove herself from anything that she doesn’t agree with. What I don’t understand is why does she fight dogs that she has know since she was a puppy. I can take her to a park and she’ll be fine. So far my only solution is have her tied up while I’m not watching her to prevent anymore dog fights.

  3. The most telling thing about Zac’s videos is that they never show any results. It’s always a demonstration followed by advice to work on it for 3 or 6 months. All the other balanced dog training videos I’ve seen show results in the video.

    1. I’ve been using Zak’s videos, and I was able to teach my 1 year old rescue-dog (Pitbull, if that even matters) how to appropriately walk on a leash. She used to be reactive toward people the would touch her. I’ve been training her for 4 months with “positive/modern training” and she’s a very different dog. She’s well behaved and allows people to touch her. Background: she used to be physically abused by her previous owner. She has scars on her head and neck. I’ve never had to put “training” or shock collars on her. I give you my situation as an example that “positive” training works. Is it the only answer? No. I was willing to understand and communicate with my dog. She now understands me. To me, the best part is that I didn’t have to teach her through pain.

    2. You’re thinking just right! A dog that has been hurt by humans don’t need more pain, more pain will just make this kind of dogs even worse. I’m an educated dog trainer and I’ve been training many types of dogs, even dogs that bites people, and to train those dogs with pain is no option, it does’nt work. The goal is to biuld trust between the dog and the owner!

  4. I agree on some level. I am a positive reinforcement trainer, although I greatly prefer people such as kikopup to Zac George. She does not agree with alpha training either, however she at least seems to grasp the concept of canine aggression. Furthermore, her methods work.
    I do believe that your dog has to understand you are in charge, but I don’t think telling people to act like an alpha male is really the right way to go about it. So many people get bitten by staring their dogs in the eyes like Caesar Milan, it’s not funny. I am interested to know if you are speaking in defense of true “alpha” training (eg leash jerks, holding mouth closed, eye contact), or if you are simply saying that dogs do need some form of discipline, whether it be just simple tone of voice, or something more.
    The reason I ask is because your channel does so much to show people how to get their dogs to attack people that I wonder to what degree you think of dogs as wolves, or simple guard-bots.
    You may scorn positive reinforcement, but it does work, when in conjunction with discipline and environment control. If done the right way, it creates a much calmer dog than any other method. I do agree though, Zac George is encouraging people to ignore signals and treat their dogs like children. It’s okay to think of a dog like a child, but not to treat them like one.

    1. the things you are listing as ” alpha male” behaviors are not the point you are just thinking about the physical, you need to think about the vibe that a person is giving off. thee jerking a leash is just to get the attention of the animal or to break its focus if it is getting into an escalated state of mind. the real alpha behavior is calm (not yelling not talking in a high pitched voice not good boy good boy oh yes) and assertive you give a command and you go the extra mile to show the dog what is expected of them and they will give it to you. they are like a mirror you send calm energy to you and they will send it back you send excitement to them and they will send it back if you are unsure of a dog they will be unsure of you (unsureness leads to defensiveness which leads to aggression)

  5. Whether you agree with Zak George’s commentary or not. The fact is, your dog will need to trained to act appropriately. You must socialize your dog, reward them for good behavior and spend time with them. I have had dogs that have never aggressively bitten a person or another animal (play biting, yes). Were the dogs/wolves in this video treated as I stated? Highly unlikely. My point.. train your dog! I appreciate free help with dog training from anyone, no matter what the style is.

    1. can’t argue with that. but dogs that could be good dogs get into trouble when people treat them like babies, not dogs. People need to learn how to read their dogs
      Even tiny dogs

    2. They also need to know how to read their babies. 😛 There are differences and similarities between the two. Consistency, communication, understanding motivation, controlling input, socialization, etc.

      You can even potty train a child by 4-6months old in a similar fashion to how you can train a puppy. It’s little different, but remarkably similar.

    3. I have to agree with that as well +oftheborg . But think about how many times we miss understand each other and we speak the same language.
      I think one way to put it is like this: ANY dog will bite if bothered enough. Kind words and treats will not stop an aggressive turn if the dog feels cornered or challenged too far. It is not that the dog is trying to take over the pack. It is more that the dog will say, “this far and no further”. In many of these examples people completely overlook the clues that the dogs are “screaming” with body language.

  6. People that believe in dominance theory are very aggressive and have very poor arguments. I think their opinion on dog training is a reflection of their own personality, patience and life

    1. You are misinformed. We teach the importance of understanding dominance and we never use intimidation or harsh corrections. This is why I post these videos. Trainer’s like Zak lead people to believe that dominance must mean that someone is being harsh, alpha rolling, and such. Read the article and watch the full 40 minute video at the link in the description then come back and say the same thing. No matter how much hate this video gets, people have the right to know the truth. If one baby doesn’t get bitten in the face because of this video all the hate is worth it:

    2. Correction never one in my history has Zac George ever said anything like that at all. It is just you digging yourself into a deeper hole.

  7. God these people are idiots. somehow raising and training a good dog is abusive. and letting a dog run amok doing what it will growling barking threatening people and ignoring its bad behavior is good??

  8. kudos for putting more information out there. sadly, those that don’t have enough experience believe the positive only hype. sadly not gonna help those dogs that need it most! We’ve been educating shelter employees, volunteers, staff and management through our training.

  9. I’m with dogs my whole life, and you know what? I’m using positive training and taking my dog as if he was human… How would you feel If someone have putted choke chain or electric collar on you and always if you do something wrong gave you a shock? Or pull on the chain? You would behave good, while the collar was on, put it down and your now Ok to do anything you want! Dogs are wery inteligent and they do understand that! I even tried the dominance and It gave year and a half to tech my dog sit, lay down, sit nicely, paw and play dead. Now I’m having a puppyand I’m using posityve training. The puppy is three montsh old and already knows sit, stay, lay down, play dead, and come when called!

    1. I would probably be very obedient around distractions even if someone wasn’t bribing me with a cookie.

  10. Zak George is suppose to know things about dogs not wolves. Plus you just googled if wolves and dog are alike, hoping that Zak George is wrong. Plus, we don’t adopt wolves as pets so it doesnt matter if he was wrong

  11. Zaks method works the “truth” doesn’t change the fact the zaks method actually helps you and your dog bond and doesn’t end up with your dog fearing and hating you 🙂

  12. As an owner of 2 dogs, I appreciate anyone providing effective and convincing methods of dog training techniques ( in a humanely way of course) I see the point that you tried to point out perhaps Zak George is not fully qualified as a legit dog trainer and still making money based on his ” false methods of training”.

    I got a few questions here though
    1) Wolves and Dogs are both pack animals?
    There have been always debates on this question, but recent researches may have proved that we were wrong about confusing dogs are the same as wolves in this “pack animal” concept. You really should update your knowledge.

    As for whether dogs are descended from wolves, it’s already proven NOT!

    2) Associating Zak George with those disgusting videos of children being attacked
    I personally don’t mind if you pointing if Zak George has done anything wrong, but this is outrageously not ok by associating series of fragments collected by else where and sort of accusing him. You are really going too far.

    3) Making money
    People need to live. Musicians performing on the streets/ in the tubes need to collect donation and funds from strangers to keep them going. What’s wrong with that? You set up your Chanel by doing similar things no? What makes you better than him? The point is, if he’s doing anything wrong? If you edited a justified video and posted it here, I’m sure you’d have gained your expected result. By most of the comments below, you haven’t done it well and obviously executed it very poorly.

    P.S. I’m not a fan of any dog trainers, but truly care about my dogs and hoping to find some great ways online to train my dogs.

    1. Google User eh, you have to be careful what you read. I recently read a study about pack behavior in stray dogs in underdeveloped nations

  13. I had a dog who was a very good boy, but was reactive to other dogs and people. Not knowing anything about dog training, I started watching videos and seeking professional advice. I was told to be the pack leader. That I needed to dominate my dog so he knew who was boss. Well, I did. And he’s dead now because of it. He became so agressive and reactive to EVERYTHING. Including me. I’d try and pat him and I’d get a hand full of teeth. I wish I’d seen Zak’s videos before we put him down. Maybe I could have helped him. I have no doubt dogs take dominant or submissive roles, but I also know that trying to dominate your dog and be “pack leader” is usually not the answer. I have a new dog now, a pittie, and he is the most friendly doggle I’ve ever owned, because I’ve never tried to dominate him. I’ve never tried to be his pack leader. I’ve worked on communication with him. Positive training has given me a better understanding of him and we have bonded and gained such strong communication from it. I tried the prong collar once on a walk to see how he would do and a man walked up to him and asked if he could say hi. My boy is great with people, loves everyone, so I saw no problem with this, but when the man and I both looked down at my dog, I could see instantly that something was wrong. Luckily, I was able to tell the man not to reach down, just in case my dog did snap. I took the prong collar off (I had his regular collar, just in case he didn’t like the prong) and put his regular one back on and he was fine. The man pet him and we all went our ways. When my dog was a puppy, he would take submissive and dominant roles depending on the dog and the situation, so I have no doubt that dominance and submission exists, but I think positive training is far more effective and healthy for both you and the dog.

    1. Sintel Snow dominate does not mean abuse here, big guy. But way to go with being so incompetent you trained a dog to death.

      Real moral high ground.

  14. I’ve been training my husky with zaks videos and so far he’s doing good and learning quick I much rather give my dog love and praise than to shock him or treat him bad just so he can learn to sit. He still nibbles a little but he’s learning to leave that habit out plus he’s still a puppy

  15. Okay, in regards to the dog that bit the child… Zak George teaches in one of his videos that when you get a puppy, you’re supposed to constantly be touching the puppy to prepare them for small children like that. Zak George’s methods work as long as you train the dog from an early age. The dog biting the child doesn’t prove anything. It would be different if that dog was trained by Zak George and then bit the child, but that doesn’t happen. The point is, the dogs that bite children are likely not trained at all. Any type of training, whether it be pack-style or positive-style, work as long as the dog is trained. I just prefer positive-style because it allows you to form a good relationship with your dog. Telling people that Zak’s style of training will cause their dogs to try to murder their children is so ridiculously false. TRAIN YOUR DOG! Use whatever method you want, just train them.

  16. There’s upwards of 85 million dogs in the US, and only 4.5 million people bitten yearly according to your statistic, so yeah, that would be considered rare.

    1. Adam Nagy Compared to 85 million plus probably more it is pretty rare, so go to school and learn your math, I beat everyone in math so I am a smart cookie when it comes to math

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