Woman’s Story Shows Why People Should Never Pet A Service Dog Without Permission

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Woman’s Story Shows Why People Should Never Pet A Service Dog Without Permission

Hailey Ashmore has struggled with several conditions throughout her life, including epilepsy, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, and reactive hypoglycemia.

The 17-year-old often has seizures that can be extremely dangerous, and for that reason, she requires a service dog to be by her side at all times. Many people with disabilities employ service dogs, of course, and they’re vital when it comes to making their owners’ lives easier.

Hailey’s dog, Flynn, is essential to her well-being, and he is particularly good at his job. Though, there was an incident recently that ended up hurting Hailey—and it serves as a grave reminder why no one should ever pet a service dog.

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93 Comments on “Woman’s Story Shows Why People Should Never Pet A Service Dog Without Permission”

    1. This video is not a place for all of you to spread drama. It is the show awareness about not petting service animals. Please take it Your nonsense somewhere else.

    2. jackycook64
      Bullshit. The employee is totally to blame and is lucky they don’t have a lawsuit on their hands. The dog was wearing his vest that clearly has patches stating “STOP” – “DO NOT PET” – “SEIZURE ALERT DOG”. Unless the employee is a total idiot, they should keep their hands to themselves. And if you don’t know a dog, you DON’T just reach out and pet it, unless you want to get bit – which some service dogs will do to protect their handler. And again, if you pet without permission & get bit, it’s your own fault – not the handler & not the dog.

    3. jackycook64 there was a sign on the dogs vest that says “STOP” in big capital letters (so you know I’m not yelling at you) so yes, it is the employees fault, as it said in the video, they just ignored the sign, and it happened to be when Hailey was about to go down, I understand what you’re saying, and she should’ve corrected the employee, but it’s likely that she was to occupied with her job to pay attention to the dog, and so therefore it’s likely that she didn’t notice the employee petting the dog, before I close this out I just want to clear something, I’m not trying to argue with you, as I can see perfectly why you would say that, but it was the employees fault for the reasons given.

    4. Therese H service dogs are trained to behave themselves in public, which includes training them to not bite, but you do have a good point, and I agree that yes, it was very foolish of that employee, and they could’ve caused Hailey to be seriously injured, Hailey or any other dog handler shouldn’t have to explain why the dog shouldn’t be pet, people should have enough common sense to understand that clearly if there is a sign saying “DO NOT PET” or something like that, instead of questioning it, they should just respect it, as it’s probably there for good reason, it’s just like “BEWARE OF DOG” signs, people wouldn’t go sticking their hands in a fence with that sign on it, so I just don’t understand why they think they can pet a dog that has a sign that couldn’t state any clearer, “DO NOT PET” but you know, like that employee, they’re idiots

    5. It’s actually a liability to touch any animal without their handlers permission even if its not a service dog. Any encounter with animals can be a risk eithier in this case or if the animal has issues. Its all about respect and saftey first ya’ll.

    1. Service Dog In Training Chopper
      I hope the new cape does some good. I am a service dog handler myself, so I know exactly what it’s like. It doesn’t help that I have a breed that always draws attention anywhere they go.

      Not like you asked my opinion, but I’m giving it to you anyway. lol The cape looks really busy with all the writing. Knowing people, it’ll be overwhelming and people will think it’s just too much to read, so they won’t. I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to hear back if you have success with it.

    2. Like it helps. No matter what. Even if your dog is in the middle of tasking they will pet them. No matter what it says on the vest.

    3. watchgoose except legally they don’t have to have a vest. If someone sees a dog in a public space that isn’t a pet friendly place you shouldn’t pet them. You should ALWAYS ask a person to pet their dogs regardless of where you are.

    1. but why… WHY must the ending of this video…
      BURST our eardrums??????
      What is wrong with this vlogger??????
      ending the video with LOUD UGLY HORRIBLY LOUDNESS !!!!!!

    2. destiny035 seriously this is a life threatening for people with service dogs and very important so you don’t pet one and cost someone their life, and all you are thinking about is the music

  1. The employee should go to jail for interacting with service dogs and messing with someone who has a medical or multiple medical injuries

    Edit*its proven in the state of Arizona state law 13-2910 can be a class ONE FELONY OR CLASS SIX felony* information from jason smith in my comment section!

    1. Supergooooooo1234574 in some states it is a felony ARIZONA
      STATE LAW 13-2910 CAN BE A

    2. Playing or detracting a service dog is actually a crime and you will get i fine of 550 dollars in Australia or got put in prison for 1 year

  2. Service dogs are medical equipment, though they treat them as much more. They get love and care, they get it from the owners, not you. You could hurt the owner if the dog is distracted.

    1. If she wanted she could press charges against the employee. It’s illegal to distract a service dog while it’s working.

    1. Lord Voldemort if she falls she risks serious injury that could possibly lead to death, and she falls because she’s experiencing a seizure, which if you haven’t guessed, can lead to permanent injury or death, that’s the difference

  3. Everyone should ask to pet any animal! I too have a SD and people most times we are out and about someone will walk right and try petting him. I also take in foster dogs from time to time, most with behavioral issues, these are dog that are working on becoming pets but need time to trust and learn. They are could hurt someone if they feel trapped. Some dogs just don’t like strangers or being pet a certain way and if you just walk up start petting then it could be dangerous. All you have to do is ask first and don’t be all upset if they so No.

    1. Danielle c people should use common sense and read the big patches that say do not touch . They need to use self control and not be ignorant

    2. I can back you up on the whole thing that petting a dog you don’t know can be dangerous. When I had an internship at this pet daycare we had a dachshund that almost bit off my fingers because I pet his neck. That’s what we think anyway, because I pet his head and scratched behind his ears and he was fine and he tried biting me completely without warning when I moved my hand to his neck. Usually pain is the only reason why dogs bite without warning which is the reason we think he had muscle pain there. But it’s a good example on how suddenly something can happen!

  4. I remember a time where I was shopping and I saw a service dog. All I did was nod respectfully when they came in my direction. At one point, a little kid squealed, “DOGGY!” And started running to the service dog to pet him. His mother was distracted by his screaming baby sister and I wasn’t just going to stand by. I casually walked into his path and stopped him. I showed him funny dog pictures on my phone until his mother caught up to him. I felt so proud of myself. Especially a few minutes later, the service dog warned his owner of a seizure and no one got hurt.

    1. Robus WhiteWolf you’ve just restored about 10% of the faith I have in humanity, well done chap, well done.

    2. Great job hun. I have a service dog and suffer with seizures. I totally understand her getting upset and angry about what happened to her. Snow has been distracted and missed an alert. I fell, was lucky I d didn’t get hurt.

    1. My dog is a rescue dog and she was beaten by her previous owners. She was afraid of almost everything and people and reacts in defence to any strangers that approach her. People all the dam time keep running up to her to pet her and she flips out and almost bites people that run up too quickly to pet her. I tell them dont pet her but they do it so fast i cant stop them… she is alot better with people now and is fine with strangers.

    2. Exactly. I can’t tell you how many kids just run up to my dogs and try to pet – or even adults! – and the parents just let them do it. One of my dogs is a trauma victim herself and can’t just be pet like that. She’s in recovery. Every time someone ignores that, it sets her back rather than helping her to get better.

  5. I ALWAYS ask for permission first! Generally they will say “No!” But I know one time during my cancer battle 5 years ago, I met a lady in a wheelchair who had a service dog. The dog’s main duties was to help her with bringing things to her, or help her with shopping, or bring her items or helping her around the house. For the most part she was her gofer. When I first met her I was in so much nerve pain from the chemo treatments, I was actually crying at the time. She gave me permission to pet her dog because she knew I needed some kind of distraction from my pain. That was so nice of her! Not only was her dog a service dog, but she was a therapy dog as well. Jane G., if you ever happen to stumble upon my comment, I just had to acknowledge you here. Thank you so much! You’re an angel and I hope you are doing well. xoxo

    1. I feel like you shouldn’t even ask, just don’t do it! Unless you know that the dog isn’t on duty, then it would be okay to ask, but really you just… I’m not mad at you or trying to start anything it’s just… If service dog handlers let people pet their dogs but only when they ask, then they wouldn’t put a sign that says “STOP” or “DO NOT PET” or something else like that, I know you probably love the puppies, I do too, but someone who has a service dog clearly has them for a reason, and service dogs can’t do their job if people are petting them, Hailey can’t tell when she’s about to go down, that’s why the service dog is there, and that’s why you shouldn’t pet a service dog on duty, because the very minute they’re distracted, the handler risks being caught of guard by a possibly life threatening illness, and service dog handlers are usually very annoyed and irritated when asked if you (speaking in general) can pet their dog, because I promise you that you probably aren’t the first to ask that, which means you’re not the first they’ve had to say no too, so please, for the sake of others lives, please don’t ask if you can pet their service dogs…. Please?

    2. +Creeper _girl101 I speak for myself. I have a service dog for seizures. I would rather people ask than to just reach out and pet, talk to, make kissy noises, bark at Snow. I hate not being asked 1st. I don’t mind someone asking.

  6. Services dogs shouldn’t be pet or distracted on any matter. don’t talk to the dog, don’t wave at the dog, just pretend it doesn’t exist. please.

    1. Unless the person is okay and says it’s fine at the moment, if they appear physically disabled don’t ask. In general be patient with disabled people..

    2. Qinling Panda dogs trained to be service dogs do like affection but in way that shows they’re doing duty, like cuddling with they’re handler, other than that they’re pretty content with protecting their handler and some dogs even at trained to ignore contact. Drew lynchs service dog doesn’t move a muscle if you wave your hands in front of her face or touch it XD her face is just dead concentration, funny but also shows she’s a very good service dog.

    3. Qinling Panda I’m not referring to that. I’m aware that giving permission is okay. On the contrary, even trying to sneak a wave is distracting for the dog.

  7. I pet random people’s dogs but I ask my dad and the person first and people seriously don’t touch dogs without the owners permission the dog could be overprotective and can bite you and seriously hurt you

    1. That’s a very grown up attitude to have & I commend you for it, well done…Yes, you are correct that everyone should always ask the owners for their permission before attempting to pet anyones dog or other pet. And also to first let the dog/pet smell you first to see if it wants to allow the petting 😉

  8. How about people just stop petting people’s pets without asking??? That’s my family member and (technically) my property, you aren’t entitled to pet him just because he’s cute.

    1. Touching things because they’re cute seems to be a real problem in our society at the moment. People don’t seem to understand the concept of asking permission, be it with dogs, people, or things.

  9. Correction: Service Dogs do not require vests… This is ADA Law. However vests are allowed but not a requirement for a service dog.

    1. They should be a requirement, that way people know it’s not just someone walking their dog and that the dog is actually a service animal. That way it would prevent many of these kinds of situations from happening. Granted Hayley’s dog was wearing a vest so the fault is definitely on the employee for not reading what was on the vest.

    2. Night Raven
      People should not pet any dog without asking. It doesn’t matter if it’s a service dog or just someone’s pet. It’s not acceptable for any strangers to put their hands on anyone else’s property without permission first.

      Plus, as someone who’s had a service dog for years, vests don’t always work. People who pet service dogs without asking can somehow completely overlook the fact that a services dogs vest is plastered with DO NOT PET patches. I’ve even asked some of them if they bothered to read the vest first. It’s difficult to miss, but their response is always like, “uh yeah, I guess I didn’t see it.” I have a Great Dane. It’s a big vest. WTF!

    3. Night Raven – The ADA Law is somewhat meticulous in this regard and the reason for not having a vest requirement has more than one reason. 1) Some tasks performed by a dog to mitigate a disability may be hampered by a vest. 2) All people with disabilities are protected by ADA Law where it applies from advertising their disabilities if they are not obvious… a vest can take away this basic right to privacy which runs parallel with other medical privacy laws. This also applies to patches and insignia that indicate SERVICE DOG, etc… Allowed but not required. Remember that part of the confusion about service animals is about all those people that don’t have a qualifying disability or a dog trained to mitigate… but they have a pet and a vest and “certificate” they got online. In my opinion the frauds will become more copious if all service dogs required vests.

    4. ipsurvivor yeah, I have a service dog and she does not have a vest. She helps me and my mom with anxiety attacks.

  10. Happy I haven’t seen someone comment “It’s not the persons fault it’s the dogs.”
    Because it’s not. It is the person fault for letting him, because he’s a dog, no matter the training, he will still love affection, and (usually) like being pet.

    1. It’s Just Me an animal is always innocent. Humans know what’s wrong from right yet some decide to do the wrong

  11. People can be so rude! I’m in a wheelchair myself, (all though I don’t have a service dog), I have had people try to pick me up or move me while in my wheelchair. Without even needing or asking for help. When your legs don’t work some people seem to think your brains don’t either!

    1. Justice Kempf, so you’d like it if you were just strolling along and someone came and hauled you off of your feet, regardless of what you want?

    2. And if you did need help and no one helped you you would say: no one helped…..they don’t care. Don’t you think sometimes people just want to be kind.

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