Woman Who Freaked Out About Service Dog in Restaurant Has ‘No Regrets’

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A video captured last month inside a Delaware restaurant showed a women freaking out about another customer's service dog. The dog belonged to an Army vet who suffers from PTSD, and in the video she screamed, "I'm leaving because the food is nasty and there's a dog!" After the clip went viral, Ciara Miller explained to Inside Edition what prompted her reaction. "I don't have any regrets," she said. "I reacted based on how I was treated."

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48 Comments on “Woman Who Freaked Out About Service Dog in Restaurant Has ‘No Regrets’”

    1. whiz ‘ Its a restaurant and not her home. If she didn’t like their position or stance on that she could’ve just left.

  1. Racial slurs? I feel like she may be making that up.. For SURE you would of heard her yelling about it. Plus shes a liar, she said her dad was in the military and had ptsd, but then in the interview she switched it to her cousin.. But if they did say something racial, that’s disgusting and horrible… But if they didn’t and she is crying wolf, people aren’t going to believe her if it ever does happen.

  2. If the dogs bothering you leave if you don’t want to leave stay away from it he fought for the country(I’m not from USA) and he got ptsd so he needs a service dogs show some respect

    1. +Whoever He doesn’t need a service dog dumbass lol. You sound like a snowflake college student doing ROTC

    2. +shannan0520 – Poor Shannon is still suffering from PTSD from when she was a slave hundreds of years ago and had to watch WHITE Irish people whipped to within an inch of their lives.

    3. +rainydaysareannoying Oh, here comes the voice of PTSD again here. Everybody drop what you’re arguing because their anecdotal experience applies to everyone who has PTSD!

  3. If memory serves, there is a hilarious and heartwarming moment in the original video where the embarrassed boyfriend is trying to apologize to the vet and the old guy pats him on the shoulder to console him. Doesn’t exactly fit the racial slur narrative. This woman is trash.

    1. Wrong, they was trying to leave but the staff and the couple keep antagonizing her. Get your fact straight

    1. +Whoever I’ve had PTSD my whole life, never needed a service dog. He doesn’t need one either, just wants an excuse to bring his dog around.

  4. Even when she is so far in the wrong she still attempts the victim card when will they ever learn🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. Big Bossy lol where exactly was i “inaccurate”? Actually you’re right i forgot to say how she played the race card when she was trapped in a corner and had nothing else she could say to look like the good guy in the situation.

    1. Exactly. Nobody used a racial slur. People now use that as a silver bullet automatically to justify their erratic behavior.

  5. The other video she said the video didnt tell the whole story of why she yelled and that the dog’s bottom got close to her and in this video she says she yelled cuz other employees and customers were yelling at her -_-

  6. She is a liar! The whole video was all about the dog now she said it has nothing to do with the dog. Then she said they was saying rasict things… now that she Hurd they had a different color people in there with them she sees she can’t use that lie. Get your story straight.
    women. You acted like a fool n it was caught on video. Now you feel stupid.

  7. That lady is disgusting.. I’d have dinner with the dog before someone who acted like her. Of course she had no regrets. Hasn’t she ever heard of you know, being the bigger person? Sad, just freaking sad and why the world is the way it is

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