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Woman Spends 3 Years Trying To Catch Stray Dog | This stray dog refused to be caught for 3 years — but the woman who loved her never gave up 💜

Special thanks to Matthew Daughters and Kristine Munir for rescuing Lulu! For more of Lulu's story, you can read more details on Facebook:

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84 Comments on “Woman Spends 3 Years Trying To Catch Stray Dog | The Dodo Faith = Restored”

  1. amazing people… thank you so so much for spending your time helping animals. And thank you Dodo for warming my heart everyday =D

    1. Alexis Brook @ I never see 🌈Angels 👼 in real life before. But in this video I saw two Angels 👼 who helped the lovely ❤️ 🐶 Dog.

  2. It’s beyond my understanding how you could dedicate so much of yourselves to Lulu’s rescue, for so long, then give her to another couple.

    1. I just can’t believe they were giving her food in plastic bags. There must be several hundred of those things in that canyon now. How much plastic did she eat trying to get at the food?! How much plastic did other wildlife eat scavenging for leftovers? She not only fed the dog a regular supply of plastic bits, she damaged an entire ecosystem with those bags, that won’t degrade.

    2. +Mumbʟes005 the dog was fed out of a bowl for all those years. Only the guy gave those bags for a few days to win her trust. Watch the video carefully.

  3. Lost animals are so fortunate when humans care and take action. Lucky LuLu.

    Please spay and neuter your pets. My local shelter just had a 2-Day Adopt-a-thon. 20 dogs went out to loving homes including mine and many cats were homed too.
    They know with winter and disasters they need room for more. Please be a conscientious pet owner. If you can no longer care for your pet find a no-kill shelter to bring them to.
    Be the owner your pet thinks you are. ; ) Care right for them.

    1. I also have 10 from stray/feral mamas that deposit their new babies on the doorstep and then leave. I find homes for the ones I can but usually end up keeping the ones who are less adoptable. We have colony cats as well, only a few old ones left though. I also have six dogs that are rescues in a long line of many.

    2. +jaguarsky55 I guess it means they really trust us, because animals won’t leave their kids with just anyone. Same with me, that was the plan to find them homes but I couldn’t find them homes and I could take care probably better than anyone anyway LOL

  4. There is a stray cat near the apartment I live at, and I feed her every morning and evening. Its been a little over a year and all I want is to bring her home but she just gets too anxious and afraid over everything. It took me almost a whole year just for her to trust me and touch her (not even carry). I hope I can save her too.

    1. It’s the “onions of joy” where the nicest biggest and most beautiful flowers blossom from!! ❤

      ..so don’t eat it up! !

  5. But maybe she was happy that way. For her not to go in the dog house or not wanting to be captured. Usually if a dog’s in distress they don’t take three years to capture

    1. +SAMMIsLIFE you’re making no sense. You’re saying that cats belong outside but dogs don’t? Harrow or not animals have Natural Instincts to take care of themselves. Dogs only stay inside when they want to sleep otherwise dogs would love to stay outside at all times. If she wasn’t somewhat comfortable it wouldn’t have taken three years to catch the dog

    2. +Townie 7177 im not saying cats belong outside,im saying feral cats that were born and grew up on the streets are different than a pet dog thats been dumped outside. This dog was SCARED thats why she didn’t want to be caught,it wasnt because she enjoyed being on the street, your just too slow to understand that.

    3. +grai they must not been trying hard enough or they were trying to gain her trust so that it didn’t freak her out in damaged her psyche. But still 3 years?

  6. Heartwarming to see precious Lulu safe in a good home.
    Beautiful people who committed to saving her. Heroes in my eyes.

  7. So not only could you not work out how to capture a large dog who showed up at the same spot regularly over the course of 3 years, but you gave her food in a plastic bag. How much of that plastic did she eat trying to get at the food? 3 years of eating plastic and we are lucky she wasn’t dead. Useless and reckless.

    1. Could have stuffed a simple pay as you go phone in the bag of food and used the ringing to figure out where she eats. Could have waited for her to come get a new bag of food to call it too so as not to spook her when the thing started ringing at the site of the old bag. Or you could have put an old iPhone in an otterbox case and used find my iPhone to see where she takes it.

    2. If you watched carefully you would have seen that the woman fed the dog with food in a bowl. It was the catcher who used the plastic bags for a few days.

    1. +Barbie Benton you shut up, clearly you and this woman are too dumb to think about environmental repercussions. They could have used paper bags, but they didn’t.

  8. Dogs go into survival mode and that’s why strays can be hard to catch and they appear like they don’t want to be caught. They are scared and exhausted and just trying to get by. But once they are caught and they are given affection and a safe place to live and all their needs are met, they are so much happier. Thank you for not giving up on Lulu. Dogs are not meant to live wild.

    1. Amy Connors thank you, I was annoyed at all the “U tOok hER fReedom” fuckers in these comments.
      I’m sure she had a lifetime worth of exploring, but now she can live the rest of her days receiving love, food, and a nice comfy bed.

    2. Not to mention, she’s an old dog who will be needing veterinary care. I have never seen a stray dog adopted who was better off on their own. Dogs can survive a long time as a stray but they are much happier in a home.

    3. Well they turn wild very quickly, some say even overnight, and if in the right environment dogs can survive quite well. In romania street dogs formed packs and were able to take down deer just like wolves. Most pet animals aren’t these helpless beings that we think they are. Every animal has an innate drive to survive and that’s exactly what they will do given the opportunity.

    1. Henry the woman became emotionally attached to the dog and wanted to give her a safe, warm, loving home. She was worried that Lulu would just stop showing up because she had died. Rescuing her and letting her live out her sunset years in a wonderful home is the best thing for her imo

    2. +Pleh I don’t see how she can become emotionally attached to a dog she was never able to approach. She also didn’t even keep the dog but rehomed her. So much for being attached. I’m not saying it was wrong to capture her. I’m just not sure it was right either.

    3. Henry, I couldn’t agree with you more. It was all about how these two people “felt“. F them. The dog was happy living in a giant beautiful canyon, leave it alone. Dogs are animals, she was probably enjoying life roaming around.

    4. Henry if you’re concerned for the safety of another being, you’re going to get attached. She invested time and money in this dog hoping to trap her and give her a safe place to live. Living in the wild presents a lot of dangers, and she’d be much safer in a home. She was worried for her safety because Lulu had no one to look after her. And just because you love an animal doesn’t mean that your home is their home. People who foster animals love the animals they foster and get emotionally attached to them, yet they rehome those animals because that’s what’s best for them.

    5. DOMESTICATED animals dont have the ability to live on their own, outside, in the wild. If you cant grasp this concept then for FUKS SAKE dont get a fuking pet.

  9. Cool next time use paper bags plastic doesn’t deteriorate and will affect whatever spot that dog kept taking the plastic bags to

    1. Yes, amazes me that someone who clearly cares so much about a particular animal is also clueless when it comes to things like plastic pollution and its effects on other animals.

  10. 3 years…..3 YEARS, she never thought of calling an animal rescue organization or anything. She just kept “chatting” about it w her friends. The ending is nice, but the woman’s inaction was ridiculous & infuriating, the same w the man, who gives food to a stray in a plastic bag??…ffs.

    1. I got SO MAD !! IT TOOK HER 3 YEARS to realized It was a good idea to call for help ??? Like what lady, the minimum for a normal human being to NOTICE A dog is stray is around 1 to 2 months cuz they ask “is that your dog?” To people around , And after KNOWING is stray rescue is ASAP … This vídeo is dumb

    2. Nick Ueberrhein I couldn’t believe that either!! They were supposedly so emotionally invested in this dog – I teared up when she was caught and I wasn’t nearly as invested – and they don’t keep the dog!?! The people who the dog finally trusted? I couldn’t do that…but I’m also a “foster failure” w/a one way door. I’ve learned what I foster, find, or rescue, they will always have a home w/me.

  11. This is so beautiful 🙂
    But I don’t think it was such a great idea to give her food in plastic bags, she could have choked and it’s bad for the environment.

  12. All of those plastic bags that she could have choked on probably killed other animals that tried to eat them. Head scratcher.

    1. +Dallas like how dumb conservatives assume people are liberals just because someone has a different opinion. Congrats dumb Con, you earned a huge dildo award.

    2. +Dallas … well yes we should obviously ban PLASTIC straws.

      They can be easily replaced with paper straws, so why wouldn’t we…

      … idiot

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