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Woman And Shelter Dog Rescue Each Other | Proof that a rescue dog can totally change your life πŸ˜­πŸ’ž

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57 Comments on “Woman And Shelter Dog Rescue Each Other | The Dodo”

  1. Who coring onions 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. I like the fact the dog is ok but see this crap that any animals time is up just because it’s been in the shelter a while really pisses me off ffs these people are meant to be animal lovers but will put any animal to sleep to make way for another is wrong.

    1. well if they didn’t put animals down shelters would be overbooked and super full and they wouldn’t be able to take in new dogs

    2. Steven Smith
      I know what you mean Steven, I adopted a little tomcat from a local kill shelter and the shelter was completely full, every cage had cats
      I’m disabled and my doctor prescribed a nerve medication and I had a reaction to it that put me in the hospital for 2 days, I had a neighbor call the shelter to tell them not to kill Ollie
      When I finally got to the shelter, Ollie was the only cat left out of one hundred, I didn’t hear any barking from the K-9 side, all the animals were executed
      I hate to go to these types of shelters, but a person must go to them to save a life
      Spay and neuter your critters and ALWAYS adopt, you won’t be sorry!

    3. +i_love_rescue_animals yes. When I adopted my pit bull I found an ad in the news paper for pit puppies so I decided to get one for my boyfriends birthday. When I got there to choose one the man there kept going on about how the mom was pure blue and the dad was some other thing and how he had “the papers” for them and this&that . I just was like, uhhhhh I don’t need any papers on my puppy’s family tree but thanks??? I didn’t understand why he was making such a fuss over it until much later.
      I really didn’t care if he was purebred or a mutt I just wanted a love bug to add to our family and didn’t want to go to a store. Little did I know I was going to just as bad of a place, adding to the breeding problem πŸ™

    4. ohohvalerie Yeah, this person is one of the real “problem” people – the backyard breeders – and breeding pits on top of it! I love pits – but we don’t need anyone breeding them when they are dying by the thousands in shelters. Yeah, don’t beat yourself up about it. Now you know. The next pet you adopt – you can go to a shelter and find a wonderful companion. AND go to a KILL shelter – they really need the help! People don’t want to “support” kill shelters – and that’s the worst thing they could do. Those are the shelters that REALLY need people adopting. Once people adopt enough from them, they can transition to “no kill” (along with a lot of other work – like community outreach, TNR and other stuff). All the best to you. πŸ’ž

    1. That is true. Even the ones who had the worst past always find trust in someone and put their life into loving that someone. For me my fish is that best therapist. He was at PetCo most of his life in a container smaller than my head. I got him one day, he just looked at me on the way home. Like him saying “You’re my human. Thank you for getting me out of there and getting me a home. I’ll love you forever.” And he’s kept his promise. A few days after I got him my pet rainbow shark (the shark is smaller than my middle finger) attacked and almost killed my betta. (The fish that loves me. My betta’s name is Flair.) But Flair wanted to live. Every fish we had picked on him even my grey tetras. He had a reason to live that at the time I didn’t know. He survived his attack. Now whenever I go up to his tank (we moved him to a smaller tank after he got attacked) he just looks at me. Almost saying, “I kept my promise to love you, my human. Thank you for not giving up on me. You’re the best human a fish could ask for.” And it makes me proud that by not giving up on an Animal, the result is priceless. His birthday is coming up very soon. (November 27th) and his present will be big. I’m considering a whole new tank just for him! A 10 gallon! He lives in a 5 gallon I believe currently. It will have much decorations. And maybe after he settles in, he’ll adopt a baby betta! (He’s a wimp and a love bug.) (He wouldn’t attack the baby. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.) If it doesn’t work out then the baby will grow up in the small tank. Even if he stays alone for his whole life, I’ll always love him. He’s shown me more love in a week than my ex BFF that betrayed me showd me in a month. We both are best friends and always will be.

  3. I wish I could adopt every dog and cat in the world, so they could live a happy carefree life. My children (animals) are my purpose for living and I don’t know what I would do without them. You are a wonderful person Candice and I want to give you and Kilo so many hugs.

    1. Oh my gosh I completely understand what you mean!! People always talk about all the luxuries and amenities they’d buy “if they won the lottery”. I’ve got sketches and detailed plans for the cat, dog, & small animal sanctuary I would build with my winnings.

      Until then, I save who I can and donate what I can.

    2. +Jenna Leigh’s Beauty Slam I hope you do win the lottery,if I won I would set up a fund for people who cant afford to take their pets to the vet.

  4. I relate to this so much. When I was at my lowest point in my life, I adopted two rabbits. And they changed everything. Since I had someone to care for, I started becoming more interested in caring for myself. And now all three of us are in a better place ❀️

  5. They both had a special bond and Kilo had found a great family, this story is heartwarming that break our hearts and they deserve each other’s compassion!❀

  6. Hey, be sure to check out the insta before you make any assumptions! Kilo’s still alive, and he’s still doing an amazing job looking after other rescues! This isn just a story about the effect just one dog had on a person’s life. This woman also has countless other rescues, including Penny who was actually featured on this channel!

  7. This must be the sweetest dog on earth ❀ Starving so that Mom and the puppies had something to eat… Luckily he now can be a Daddy in the perfect environment!
    This makes me so happy!
    But it’s hell that there are perfectly healthy animals put down in shelters…

  8. My dog Gigi was at a breeders home at the age of 12 weeks and she didn’t get adopted so she was thrown out… We found her a few days later
    Freezing and dying we saved her life that day and now I encourage others to do the same now she is a happy joyful and funny 2 year old!

  9. I am a 60 yr old man….rough around the edges!!!… You had me in tears…. Who can’t love DOGS!!….. Dogs have Unconditional love !!!!…

    1. I feel ya’ Bob Anderson!
      40 something former ranch hand and farmer with more hair than a grizzly just finished soaking myself in tears up here in the cold North!

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