Why use a dog Crate…How to teach Puppy or Adult Kennel Command

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Peter Caine Dog Training

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27 Comments on “Why use a dog Crate…How to teach Puppy or Adult Kennel Command”

  1. 👍 your very good at what you do would you be able to answer the question I sent you earlier please my black lab but she has always been very active for her age very very active recently she’s been getting sore legs or she can’t walk she don’t rush she just runs around the backyard catches ball but lately she’s been coming in and she can’t walk up steps because of her front legs this all the sudden just happen she gets very sore very quick

    1. yes..get your dog to vet tell them you suspect Lyme’s.. do it fast because Lymes is bad on some labs and can cause kidney damage..sometimes it can kill some dogs..Most dogs its very treatable with antibiotics and wont kill them, labs should be on Lyme Vaccine. Take your dog ASAP,, …you are on the east cost and describing Lymes …Go ASAP to the vet

    2. Also put tick preventive on always in the furture..be religious about it. Let me know what happens, P

  2. I guess that’s something to think about thanks for your time on that other guy with the video of Bigfoot in his words just put a Bigfoot video on showing Footprints check it out I can’t believe he said that he’s starting to get worried that he’s going to lose subscribers now

  3. Hello! My shiba inu puppy is 8 months and she play bites so much. Can you make a video on how to stop that behavior? Thanks!! You’re awesome

    1. around 4 months …but safe? Sit means sit uses them at 8 weeks, which I dis agree with but,,,,using a mini educator on setting 1 you cant even feel it..I keep it all about fun intill about 4 months and then correcting starts..Its not really about age, some dogs would be to small to use it it needs to fit right., The dog needs to know the command before e -collar is brought in

    1. I would not start using it any earlier than the 4th month and so low you can not feel it but the dog can..I would do lots of research before before considering using it or better to contact someone with experience

    2. yeah, i’m not pretending i know how to train dogs. It just seems that they are in common use and that the effective levels of stim are not painful to the dog. I don’t mean to take up your time, i just want to do things right. I have started to turn the pup’s gums in when it bites at my hand, after seeing your video on that. Hopefully that works out, he’s going to have a strong bite when he grows up.

  4. Hey Peter love the training. I come from a back round as a zookeeper/elephant trainer , vet sciences, humane society manager and just recently started training dogs full-time . I just want to say that i wish more people watch your videos and start treating a dog like a dog and maybe less would end up at the shelter. but as sad at it is even your type of training is no accepted at the shelter and lots of dogs are returned.

  5. That lil dog loves that kennel game, he was more then happy to be used in this tutorial. Great video, my dog is good at staying in the kennel, going in on command.. but I will work on her using commands as you did with this dog did- really great

  6. Love your videos, do you have any tips for dogs with obsessive licking? Also have to say again your videos are amazing. I get to learn while being entertained.

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