When Service Dogs Misbehave

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Nobody is perfect, not even dogs.

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24 Comments on “When Service Dogs Misbehave”

  1. But do not provoke the dog to make them misbehave and than say you have the right to kick the dog out. I don’t remember if that’s part of the law but if it’s not it should be

    1. Yeah it’s about the same in Texas, our law makers also listened about ppl stalking us thru stores and trying to distract our dogs (both full and in training) and cleared that up very nicely.

      My humor is a bit off, but I rather enjoyed THAT part of educating the 100 mile or so radius around me XD

      I’m sorry, that look of “oh #@$! What have I done!?”
      Is rather comical to me.

      Even better when the person wearing it deserves that privilege.

      I think educating the stores on both sides of the law is what put me in such good standing with everyone…

      I’m also very good at comparing an SD issues with a common one so they see that it’s not right in THIS scenario, so that means it’s not right HERE either.

      But yeah idk how many managers thanked me for explaining when any dog can be asked to leave (but not banned on first offence).
      Like if my dog got sick…
      I’d leave, but they couldn’t ban me just because he caught a virus.

      And posted all the rules on both sides on their employee board for everyone to read…

      It’s been nice the past year ^-^~♡

  2. My dog had a bug once and threw up mid store….
    I was so embarrassed…
    Luckily the area stores know me and my dog and just came to ask if I needed help…
    I cleaned it up for them and then left immediately…
    They’ve never mentioned it again.

    I don’t think they realized how thankful I was for them not stalking us the next time we entered XD

  3. Well said Nathan! SSD Hunter had an accident in Walmart once. No service dog is perfect, and neither are handlers. The key is rectifying the circumstance as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for many of us, there are a lot of people faking service dogs, and it does make it harder for us in many ways. Another key is always be respectful! Xo

    1. I feel one of the solutions to that problem is to confront the Law makers and force them to adopt lawful standards and place them within the law. Another simple solution is to have your drivers permit marked disabled and another box marked service dog, or your state issued ID card. This ID doesnt have to disclose any specifics about a persons disabiltiy but it would allow for positive identification when it comes to businesses not allowing or kicking people out because of their service dog. They can then adopt stiff legal penalties if someone is caught faking the required ID. Follow what im saying? We have to have a postive ID tag hanging on our mirror or license plate to use handicap parking so i dont see what the big issue would be with a spot on a driver permit or state ID. Then if you get harrassed by a business owner you call the cops, present your state issued ID, the cop verifies its legit, and boom the business owner is reprimanded on the spot. Its no different than a cop asking for ID during any other suspected crime.

      We already have requirements for people with poor vision and a spot on the drivers license marked “corrective lens” although these people arent blind at least not yet, its still a disability

    2. I can see the merits of that but I don’t like the idea of needed to show my id every time I want to go into a public place.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. As it stands because I’m a student I don’t usually have a lot of time to make longer videos. But I might be able to do more of that this summer. Or at least make more videos.

  4. My son’s dog is not a trained service dog and don’t hold him out as such but he gets really concerned about safety when I feel really bad .Acts really protective unless I sit or a person he approves of is present. Embarrassing as can’t control him or predict. I have Inclusion body Myositis with increasing weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, so he is frequently up in my face or putting his head against my chest then acting weird. Try telling MD’something is getting worse because dog says so’ though LGD was first to signal problem.

  5. Great video. Here is how I handle it personally. First, I don’t like the term “Fake Service Dog”. It was first used by organizations that did not want disabled people to be able to owner train (long story, I won’t go into that here). There are people who fake disabilities in order to take their pets where they don’t belong. The dogs are pets. The people are committing fraud. I prefer to keep the focus where it belongs: On the criminal. In the many years I have had a Service Dog, I have run into a lot of people who think that they are doing the right thing but they don’t understand the laws(one actually told me that the ONLY training required by law was task training). I have also run into people who have ruined once well trained dogs. Some of the worst dogs I have run into have been Guide Dogs. Owners don’t always make good trainers, so their dogs lose portions of their training over time. So you have people who are not disabled committing fraud. You have people who are disabled who don’t know how to train adequately or they don’t know how to maintain a well trained dog. Then you have people who think they know what they are doing and are blind to the fact that they are failing miserably. What this means to me is that shouting “fake dog” is a gross oversimplification. So the only time I call out a problem dog is if it directly endangers us and we have no way to avoid that danger. I don’t film, I take care of my dog (or horse). I leave if there is an untrained dog around because my first responsibility is for the safely of my own Service Animal. If I think it is necessary, I tell security and describe the behaviors in detail and why those behaviors are a problem. If it is not a safety issue, I ignore it.

  6. It’s simply unbelievable that someone would dare make that kind of accusation…. Wow… It just shows that some people are so ignorant as well as arrogant. Of course a service dog might could misbehave under certain circumstances. Of course, that being a service dog does not mean being a perfect dog. I have a great Labrador that will be soon a therapy dog. He will occasionally growl to other dogs. So what? He would never attack another dog or a human… But yes, he might growl to a puppy that insists on licking his face. This doesn’t make him a bad dog or a fake therapy dog!!!

  7. Never to make false claims or accusations if you had not taken upon someone else’s viewpoint is because people have a tendency to judge without sufficient proof to their assumptions.

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