What’s the Best Kennel or Crate for My Dog?

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30 Responses to “What’s the Best Kennel or Crate for My Dog?”
  1. Kendra says:

    My dog love your tips

  2. MrBIGMOE97 says:

    very help full video

  3. Matt Jasa says:

    I need help with my brothers Dachshund. I’ve played fetch a lot with her and now whenever I come over to my brothers house she gets really excited and starts whining alot and then yelping. Even after I play with her she still gets attached and whines. How do I help this excitement anxiety or atleast stop her ear peircing yelps?

  4. blinking fairy says:

    Not satisfied …

  5. Ronnie Cruz says:

    @matt j – For starters, wear a shirt.  The nipple action is very distracting to human and canine alike.

    As for your brother’s dog, ignore her.  She will be whining a lot – and I mean A LOT.  However, she will soon figure out that you are not there (anymore) for her enjoyment.  It will take a few visits.  If and when you succeeded in disassociating yourself to “play time”, don’t go back and start playing with her again.

    Or you can continue playing with her until she gets tired.  

  6. chris heredia says:

    Lol dreaming by selena in the background music

  7. Sweet Pea says:

    Excellent info and recording quality! I was trying to decide the between the metal crate and hard molded plastic crate and this guy articulated every single aspect in 5 minutes! Thank you!!

  8. David Cote says:

    Not a valid argument as far as plastic or wire crate. I had an insane dog for as long as could stand it. Had it in a plastic crate. While at work it actually chewed a hole through the side and got out… I won’t tell you what it did once it was out of the crate. IF YOUR DOG OR PUPPY LIKES TO CHEW, don’t even think a plastic crate is the answer. The other issue I have is I live in a small space. Having to trip over one of those plastic crates is a complete pain. I keep my dog in hers overnight, made a cover for it and she is fine. When she isn’t in it, fold it up and put it out of the way.


    This guy is a fool !

    • Tori wozere says:

      +AMERICAtheBEAUTIFUL9 I think he is good, makes a lot of sense and I know nothing about crating.

    • Gina Chambers says:

      +Tori wozere It is all about personal opinion and YOUR DOG! No one can make a blanket statement about which is better because there are far too many variables. I have crate trained all of my dogs for almost 30 yrs and I have used both kinds and continue to do so depending on the dog and the purpose. But the plastic crate he was showing is generally used for transportation, it is rated for airline use, great fir safe trip is the car, but I Personally would not use it for a bed/den. Unless you are going to purchase 2 to use 1 for the car and 1 for the bed or take him/her in the crate every time you are going to load him/her into the car for safe travel. I (once again personally, like the wire crates for denning because they are easy to clean, which I like to do about once a month, along with any bedding (more if needed or a shredder) plus as someone already made the point, if you end up with a dog who is anxious or a big chewer, many dogs can actually chew through this type of plastic. I also NEVER leave my dogs without water available to them. The wire type frame cages are very easy to attach the water bottles that are made for this type of cage so the dog has water available to them without the risk of spilling bowls etc. The simple fix of a cover is not an issue. Many are actually sold with covers of have covers available to fit. Or if you sew it is easy to make one, or easiest yet, throw a blanket over all sides except your door side. No problem. And as a previous viewer said, these are very easy to collapse and put away if you are confined to a small space and have company coming OR utilize by putting some sort of lightweight solid flat top on it before covering it if it is a larger size if you keep it in your own room and using the top of it as a bed side table for cell phone, a book, and that sort of light weight thing that you like to have beside you and have to serve double purpose in a small space. They are once put together properly, very sturdy. Once again, it is YOUR PREFERENCE. They both serve a purpose and good for what they do; but based on the breed and temperament of YOUR DOG, your home and space available and even your budget, will determine better on which will be the better choice for you. Just please don’t base your decision all on this one source. If you will watch some of his other videos you will see that he has given some very poor advice, even life threatening, so it is good to always consider more than one person when looking to care for your four legged family member. Good Luck with everything.

    • Tori wozere says:

      Yum yeah thanks. I don’t like crating my dogs but as puppies it is good to do when transporting, rather than have an accident on the road. I am not a professional but I did view a few other websites too and this guy is ok? I also know it is my preference.

    • Gina Chambers says:

      +Tori wozere Good Luck and Good health to you and your pups!

  10. Huang Jiahui says:

    you are good because of i am going to have a dog and i do not know how to choose a cage for me dog and the things the me dog need. thanks

  11. Amy Wong says:


  12. Minecraft Stop Motion Masters says:

    Your dog needs something to go on! It’s going to be on uncomfortable. Yes it might have chewing problems but all you need to do is to take it away, train it to not chew on your items and then bring it back! It’s that simple!!

  13. mattia dizard says:

    crate beds are not good if your dog marks its territory mine did after i got my mini poodle mix fixed

  14. mattia dizard says:

    i got a crate from amazon by best pet it has a metal pan and 3 doors

  15. Lylizzle says:

    i have two dogs they grew up together and love being together , is it ok if just get 1 large kennel for both of em or just give them each a seperate crate

    • Samtimus Prime says:

      Noo! Don’t! They may love each other but natural instincts can kick in regardless. They will want their own space and if they fought in that small area it’d be disastrous.

  16. Aman Chase says:

    I like it 😎;)

  17. Martin Pineda says:

    OMG SELENA😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂 woo let me stop😂🙏🏻

  18. Sophia Noel says:

    no bed no blanket how would you like sleeping with no mattness very comfortable? I recommend something soft at the bottom of the crate and a piece of carpet on top. thats what I did and my lab puppy didn’t chew to much. and make sure to have lots of chew toys in the crate so your pup gets distracted from what they are sleeping on and learns not to chew on their bed and your dog is still cumfy!

  19. Mike Cruz says:

    I need big one for my pitbull

  20. Google User says:

    It’s expensive to buy multiple crates or these plastic ones (which I’d only use on a cat). The best kennel or crate is one the dog can look out of with metsl wire all four corners with plastic or metal removable bottom is best to get. Get a size your dog will fit in when adult and use the divider that most of the wire crates come with to reduce the size when puppy and remove divider as dog grows. Everything this guy is talking about is incorrect when crate training. Only time crate can be covered is at night to keep the puppy quet and not distracted. Otherwise there’s no need to cover the crate. Puppy and adult dogs should see their crate as a little den they chill in at night or when not supervised. Only reason the guy says to buy multiple sized plastic kennels as dog grows is I guess to make more money by selling more cheap plastic crates. Those are mostly only used for transportation of pet. That’s a stupid and costly idea.

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