What NOT To Do Around Service Dogs

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This is an epidemic sweeping the nation…

Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.

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81 Comments on “What NOT To Do Around Service Dogs”

    1. +TUGSTUGS TUGS TUGS There are some dogs for PTSD that are certified service dogs though. There was a girl in my class at college who had a service dog for PTSD following a serious car accident that had put her in a coma temporarily. Now, when she drives and other drivers do reckless things like weaving in and out of lanes on a highway, she sometimes gets panic attacks. Her dog is trained to help calm her down so that she can get back to concentrating on the road. Her dog is only on duty when she is in a car so she was okay with people petting the dog at other times.

    2. I taught my kids that you ask before approaching or touching an animal. Not all animals are small kid tolerant. Also the phrase, “not for you to pet” is what I used for service animals when they were really little.

    3. Yeah, it _used_ to be common knowledge (and common sense); you don’t try to pet an unknown animal without permission from the owner. I did that once when I was a kid, even though I’d been taught not to, and got my hand nipped for my troubles. The dog broke skin, so I had to go to the doctor and get a tetanus shot, but neither me nor my parents even _considered_ blaming the dog owner, it was my own damn fault.

      Nowadays though, if someone gets bitten by a dog they shouldn’t have been trying to pet, they sue and get the animal destroyed just because they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

    1. My mother’s got stutter and I enjoyed the way Drew made it look as a cute funny thing to make us think “Wow this guy is accepting himself the way he is! And using it as a joke! And doing it so simple and good!”
      Maybe it’s someone else’s prejudice has been played with, not mine. Sorry. πŸ˜›

    2. Alexa Krznaric me too! thats why i came to the comments section! i wanted to comment it if nobody did already!!

    1. Okay everyone just to let you know. And I know you don’t mean to be but asking anyone for their medical conditions is extremely rude. If they want to share that information with you they will.

    2. Idk ask Drew. And also you can’t get a service dog just for a stutter and the person who said oh yeah it just might be an emotional support animal, that is not a service dog by ADA law. It is any dog that performs a task and comfort is not a task

    3. Jennifer Williams yes I know but others obviously have not seen those videos so my comment still applies. they didn’t know he had shared but they still asked. they could have asked if he had shared that information before but they did not they asked why he has a service dog. which is extremely rude.

    4. It’s not rude to ask. He uses his service dog as part of his comedy therefore it’s an appropriate question. I could see if he was a stranger walking down the street. Calm down.

    1. kittyloverXx savage How is that creepy it’s not she said she wanted to know where he lives or something so that’s not creepy

    1. Will Davis No because the brain works the same as anybody else’s brain its just his voice box because he had a soft ball hit his neck really hard witch damaged his nervous system and now he stutters.

    2. Will Davis Yeah I have a slight stutter that comes and goes. It’s really weird. Sometimes I think of a word but I can’t physically say it. I know if I try I’ll most likely stutter. Other times I just talk and start stuttering. If I’m lucky I can go most the day without stuttering lol

    3. Bob Streeper No, that’s not quite right. Getting hit in the throat with a softball is what led to him falling over and hitting his head. He then went to sleep later that night not knowing he had a concussion. It was the concussion that left him with a stutter and some other neurological damage, and it’s that neurological damage (I’m not sure what, precisely) that led to his getting a service dog.

  1. There is a girl at my church who has a service dog for her diabetes and these dogs are so cool. They sit in the back row of the church near me and my grandparents (My grandpa is handicapped so we sit back there) and her dog starts giving her the sign that she her blood sugar is really low. So she checks it, but her levels are just fine. The dog keeps giving her that sign and the dog gets frustrated enough that she starts barking. But the girls levels are still normal. The dog then gets away from the girl and goes to the sound booth about ten feet away and starts scratching on the door there. The guy who had been running the computer also had diabetes and was about ready to pass out because his blood sugar was too low. That is why I appreciate service dogs so much and why I never ever pet a service dog, no matter how cute they are.

    1. I have diabetes to! What type is she I’m 1 I will be getting a service dog but I’m worried about bringing it to school because I’m in 5th grade and the kids there I don’t trust

    2. Just Lost and Confused they may be cute but by people petting them could distract them. And then being distracted because there petting them the person they are with could get seriously injured or killed

    3. +Kira Linian my mom said she would get me one soon but I’m afraid to bring it. Because wether you have patches or not they’ll pet it

    1. OmegaScorpio no over stella’s head…drew put that there himself as a joke lol sorry for the misunderstanding

    1. Thats really not a good analogy, at work, depending on the job, i would welcome a pet, many others would as well. So the anawer would be yes, in fact, ill give u the number and address where i work, u can come pet me any time. Just sayin.

  2. Regardless of being a service dog or not, you ask first before you pet someone else’s dog. They say no, you don’t pet them. Simple.

    1. Yeh, one time I saw someone go up and try to pet a little dog without asking and that thing turned around and BIT THE DUDE. I’m not even kidding, that little guy drew blood. Apparently it had just been to the vet and got shots, which it did not like. so it wasn’t really an and “attention mood”

    2. I agree, even if the dog approaches you, always ask the owner. Some people don’t like it when people pet their dogs or their dog are aggressive. You never know unless you ask. I’ve had dogs approach me multiple times, I always ask the owner first, it’s the right thing to do to respect the dog and owner.

  3. I’ve been watching a bunch of dog vlogs lately I love them but I really don’t understand why people are the way they are. Why does my 7 year old nephew and my 3 year old niece know what to do when a dog has a vest better than most adults. They didn’t grow up around a service dog… We just explained that when a dog is wearing a vest they are working and there to keep there person safe so you don’t distract them by petting or talking to them. My nephew last year fussed at a grown woman because she was baby talking a service dog.. Why people WHY?!?!

  4. 1. I never touch a dog without asking. 2. if the dog has a vest that says do not pet I don’t even ask. I just say hello, I may comment the dog is cute, then go about my day.

    1. txferretgirl the law says u may ask, and, depending on the situation, most older service dog owners, will let u pet their dog, if they’re are sitting in a chair, and doing nothing, i encountered service dogs and their owners all the time, at my former job, they all were very nice, every single one of them let me pet the dog, and were very nice. Ive never seen anyone get ugly, until i started watching youtube vids.

    2. txferretgirl No I contact no touch no talk Again no I contact no talk no touch that covers it all follow the simple rules

  5. Guys: the reason he needs a service dog is because when he got hit in the throat with a softball he hit his head and got a concussion. It damaged his nerves so badly that he got a stutter. It’s not because of his stutter that he needs a service dog–it’s because of the thing that caused his stutter

  6. Dang, his stutter (idk how to spell it) has gotten better! he doesn’t stutter as much as he used to. Good job! but your stutter makes you you πŸ™‚

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