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WARNING THIS VIDEO IS A SIMULATED ANXIETY ATTACK. if this will trigger you or you simply dont want to see what an anxiety attack looks like dont watch!!! i know this a very vulnerable thing for me to post on the internet but i am all about being real and showing what mental illness is like. yes my attacks are usually 10x worse than this but i simulated a short calmer one for the sake of training and filming. this is to educate people on how service dogs can help with anxiety attacks. i do not care about the hate i will get because this will help atleast one person. the angles are pretty bad and you could not see alot of what brantley is trained to do but you get the idea! he is trained to not leave me alone, prevent me from hurting myself, sooth me, and stop unwanted behaviors. that is why he uses his paws to stop me from hurting myself, performs dpt, tactile simulation, and interupts behaviors. if you see this happening in public to anyone leave them alone and let their service dog do their job:)

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email: morganreardon12@gmail.com

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~common FAQs~
Morgan (me) 20 | Dissabilities include medical and psychiatric.
Brantley (Malinois mix) almost 2 |psychiatric/medical/mobility service dog.
Butch (Malinois) 1 year | pet that dabbles in sports

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  1. He’s like it’s ok mama calm down I’m here I love you it’s alright I’ll take care of you. That sweet angel doing it’s best to protect her from hurting herself.

    1. +JennaAngelMakerS2 I know what you mean like if I have one in the middle of Wal-Mart just for example people don’t even know like you probably know what I mean but you can’t see straight or breathe it is horrible and when I get home it all pours out

    1. Iva Rukavina I mean like she wouldn’t of done this just for YouTube If u have these things why fake it just for
      The views just to
      Show the world ? Lol that’s how u get more depressed and have anxiety

  2. Hi it’s the person in the video. I’m really done reading all the comments that have to do with me “faking for views or disrespecting people with actual mental illness” I have something called panic disorder it is an actual mental illness caused by your brain not working “correctly” I wasn’t upset over someone messing up my coffee order or not getting what I want, as “funny” as those comments can be it’s really disrespectful to everyone who suffers with this. This is my service dog that is specially trained to help my illness along with many (actually check out my channel to learn more about us and not just assume😊) I am a trainer and service dog handler who made this video for educational purposes. This is SIMULATED meaning this is not a real attack this is me going through the motions on a lower scale of what happens. This is how you train a really good psychiatric service dog. I had a small following that wanted to see how a service dog helps during an anxiety attack, this is it. People shared it and it now has a lot of views. I didn’t do this for views or money or attention. Educating is part of my job and why I have my platforms. Maybe look at the rest of my channel before leaving nasty comments thank you. And if you do leave nasty comments it just shows your life is terrible and I’m sorry about that. Thanks

    1. Couple_of_mals you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to slow idiots who are so quick to spew hate that they either misread the title or it went completely over their hollow heads.

  3. I hate people who assume that people with Panic disorders, or anxiety disorders are only doing it for attention, or that they are weak minded and need to go out more.

    1. My anxiety attacks make me feel weak, stupid and like I don’t belong on the world and that I’m better off dead. I try and tell myself that no one thinks of me like that, but then I’m reminded that yes. A lot of people think of me like that, and I’m just lying to myself to make myself feel better. Its an endless loop and I’ve tried getting help, even gotten prescription meds but they don’t seem to work and the Psychiatrist seems to be upset with me because my medication doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    2. +YURxx DADDY trust me, a walk it’s not enough. Pannic attracts is a feeling of *imminent death*, it happens no matter where you are.

    3. Václav Kanda You don’t need to have something Horrible happened to you in order to have a very bad panic disorder. Although it can be triggered by traumatic events.

  4. That dog that entire time is just like “OMFG STOP CRYING AA NO DONT BE SAD IT’LL BE FINE UR OKAY DON CRY ;O;” Beautiful

    1. Magically Tragic lol he is cause some ppl on the internet are dumb like you cause you didn’t get what he meant re read his comment kid

    2. +Just Jokezy Your the real kid here if your calling me a kid and you don’t even know who I am. I put a laughing face at the end so It won’t seem like Im being THAT rude. So rethink before you start replying to me dumbass

  5. What did our cruel world do to deserve these beautiful and amazing dogs? They’re like angels in disguise sent down from Heaven to watch over us and take care of us.

    1. Clorox Bleach Yeah the actual story of how they appeared is even better. Wolves were hunted down and forcibly tamed by humans so that they would do our bidding, after a couple thousand years of selective breeding, dogs were born, to answer to every whim of us humans. Magical amirite. Shut up with that sent from heaven bullshit. People decided it was ok to meddle with Nature, that’s how dogs were born.

  6. To the younger viewers. Use this on an educational video. Notice how calm and reassuring her dog is. If you see someone at school panicking or hitting themselves in this manner. You know now what is this is. Help them with their panic attack. Look after one another ✌🏻

  7. I swear if I see one more comment/reply saying people with anxiety/panic disorders are “weak” or “attention seekers” or “fakers”, my brain cells will retire.

    Please stop. No, this vid wasn’t real- because it was training. I dunno why I have to read it aloud for you dumbasses.

    Everyone who says this are the real weak, attention-seeking fakers here. Y’all need to GROW UP and stop. Now go back to playing Fortnite, please.

    1. Yep..and let them end up having one. They would change their tune fast. I remember my first attack..I thought I was dying. It came out of nowhere and changed my life for the worse. Once you have had one, the lingering fright of “when will it happen again?” I would wish this on nobody.

    2. The thing is that they are and sometimes they aren’t but for u to call out other people’s opinions shows how fake you are

    3. Anxiety and panic disorders are fake af lmao they make it up for attention to seem like they have it rough but they really dont lmao its all made up in their own head, kinda pathetic if u think about it

  8. *You have a great service dog. Also ignore all the hate comments. Some people actually can’t see that this is staged on purpose to show what this doggo does during your very REAL panic attacks? Idk but your doggo is great ❤️❤️*

    1. This is Argus My cat actually responds to my anxiety attacks the way a service dog would; I just can’t have him in public because he’s ‘just a cat.’

  9. “hey stop that.”
    “Nu don’t scratch is bad.”
    “I said scratch is bad stop!”
    “Everything will be okeh just stop hurt.”
    “Hello are you okay?”

    Sorry those are the things I imagined

  10. This is a really brilliant demonstration of the level these dogs can perform on. The way it knew to stop you from scratching yourself of hitting yourself was excellent. Thank you for the simulation, I hope more of these dogs become available to people who need them. Great job on the video, best wishes and Merry Christmas to you and your lovely dog!!

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