Watch the heartwarming moment this dog realizes he’s being adopted

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Watch the heartwarming moment this dog realizes he's being adopted

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85 Comments on “Watch the heartwarming moment this dog realizes he’s being adopted”

    1. Funky Smile is he mixed with another dog? I have a pit lab mix named macy and she is the derpyest and cutest doggo ever

    2. Pit Bull?. Dangerous Dog Breed in the UK. Would be put down here. Staffordshire Terriers may also be added to the list due to the number of attacks made by them. I have a Working Cocker.

    1. I’m free. Y’all gon’ die suckers!

      For real, all the dogs that are still in there make this a sad story more than anything.

    1. +easytoslip don’t forget the puppy mills. Backyard breeders and puppy mills are what’s causing this problem. Unfortunately, too many poor and irresponsible people buy dogs and don’t bother doing research or any training once they get the dog. Lack of money also hurts because they can’t afford the dog’s basic needs. It ultimately comes down to greed and selfishness. The fact is that not everybody deserves a dog and it’s like having a child in the house. Too many people view them as objects.

      Before you buy OR adopt a dog consider the following:

      Do you have the money to care for a dog? (Medical, toys, food, hygiene, etc)

      Do you have time to give it exercise and social interaction?

      Are you willing to be patient and properly train the dog?

      Are you picking the right breed?

      Is the dog’s temperament safe for your family?

      Is the dog going to a forever home?

      Are you willing to commit yourself to 15 years of dog care?

    2. +easytoslip yes yes yes!!!!! YES!!! People get so mad at these shelters but the root of the problem are breeders!! Personally I think it should illegal!

  1. i work at a shelter and this dog isn’t happy cause he is being adopted, he’s just happy to get out of the cage and walk around. every dog does that exact thing at the shelter i work at when we take them out to run around. but it’s still a cute video.

    1. daughterofolaf He’s kind of not wrong though. There are thousands of dogs that are mistaken for pitbulls who don’t even have any bully breed in them whatsoever. This is why bite statistics say pitbulls have the highest bite rate but in reality it’s because so many people misidentify many different breed of dog as pitbulls.

  2. You shouldn’t hate in the shelter because without it all of the other dogs would be in the street with no food and no water with the possibility of getting ran over. It’s the kill shelters that we should be mad at,

    1. +Dragoner Productions No. Not all shelters kill. There are specific no-kill shelters in ever state. Just depends on who the shelter is owned by. If it is large company or organisation owned, most likely it will be a kill. If it is a local owned and is a built from scratch… Then most likely it won’t be a kill shelter. Now, there are local owned that do kill and shelters owned by organization that won’t. It’s just more of a majority… Normally small owned doesn’t while big office does. Small owned has a chance to know and work with the pets, therefore grow an attachment. Big office organizations, the higher powers don’t necessarily work with the animals in each shelter, therefore, it is easy to just view them as a number rather then an individual.

    2. The Carson animal shelter is one of the highest kill shelters in our country just so you know however you’re right you shouldn’t be mad at the shelter because it’s not the shelter’s fault they don’t get into business to kill animals that’s not what they want to do and most of the people that work at these places love these animals dearly. You should be mad at every man and woman that gets a dog and doesn’t fix the animal and who is not an appropriate breeding facility of course even though I disagree with that as well right now. If you have an animal in your house cat dog that has not been fixed you need to get it fixed unless there is a legitimate medical condition that causes it to be too dangerous in which case you need to make sure it doesn’t get pregnant. It is the counties and states that have terrible laws that do not encourage spay and neuter or even block free and low-cost spay and neuter because the veterinarians want to make money. of course you should make money as a veterinarian it’s one of the most in-demand and toughest jobs to get into however the individuals who are attending spay and neuter events are not the same people that are able to pay $200 to get a dog fixed they would simply not get the dog fixed so it’s not costing you any money to have free spay and neuter events. we should be angry at irresponsible pet owners cuz even if you are able to find homes for the puppies that your dog has or the kittens your cat has for every kitten that you found a home for every puppy that you found a place for there’s one less animal that’s getting adopted from somewhere else so it still kills an animal. whenever possible adopt don’t shop and please for the love of God and everything moral spay and neuter your pets in fact go out and help somebody else spay and neuter their pet too! the single greatest cause of Pet Companion Animal death in this country is euthanasia due to space and we already know the Cure it’s spay and neuter

    3. You can’t even be mad at the kill shelters. What are they supposed to do?? There TOO MANY animals to keep up with. What you REALLY should be mad at is the people who dont fix their animals or purposely breed them!! I HATE PEOPLE WHO BREED THEIR ANIMALS. THEY cause the overpopulation. And irresponsible people who dont fix their animals. It isnt the shelters fault at all.

  3. This is a great video, but don’t call an open admission shelter a kill shelter. I know people don’t realize it, but that’s actually really offensive. They are legally forced to take any dog or cat given to them, and sometimes euthanasia is the only way to solve that. However I agree that we should have to euthanize dogs or cats because they all deserve loving homes! <3 Other than that this video was really sweet 🙂

  4. You are naive if you think the dog is happy to be in a family, how would he even know. He is excited because he is finally outside his cage… The only thing you learn from this video is don’t lock animals up…

    1. Actually they do seem to know. I have worked with cats at a shelter and when their person finds them they often immediately show a personality change for the better. They are still in the same environment, they just seem to recognize their person. One cat was very timid and afraid of everybody, did not like to be touched or handled. A woman walked right in and picked it up, and it snuggled up right under her chin and looked at us like “She’s going to protect me” and was purring. Another cat didn’t like people and would bite and scratch. As soon as the eventual adopter came in the cat calmed right down. I was holding it while she did the paperwork outside and it was very relaxed.

    2. True or not thanks for ruining the video… Everyone came here for a good heartwarming video but here you come gotta rain on the parade

  5. The dog is happy because he is out of prison.

    Edit: I mean they can finally run outside instead of staying at a cage or maybe the shelter has a garden

  6. In Germany it is not allowed for a shelter to kill a dog. And the shelters are much better than this. Also you won’t find straying dogs. They will be rescued and if necessary they get all the medical help they need. I am grateful for this – even though it would be better if these shelters were not necessary.

    1. They arent even necessary… They should be banned everywhere and it should be illegal to kill and animal (unless it is for food)

  7. I still remember when we adopted our dog she was about to be euthanized but we saved her.her name is cookie and she loves exploring

    1. badmon gordon You can train a dog at anytime. I adopted an aggressive senior dog once because no one else would. He got over his animal and food aggression because I had patience. You can train any dog with hard work unless it has a mental illness or something.

    2. +badmon gordon lmao i got a cat and i didnt have to train him at all, he knew where to potty, and he didnt bite, he scratched furniture tho when he was younger.

    3. +pixelking we got a dog from a breeder. she’s a Boston terrier and beagle mix. we’ve been training her for almost two years and she’s still chewing up our couches, my clothes, and shoes. honestly, I know this sounds bad but I hate the dog. never wanted her.

    1. I think those dogs don’t care about family or owner. That dog just seemed enthusiastic because it got out of prison and could breath twigs and fresh air ,and be able to run wild and free. But he got a leash.
      But a leash was still better than 1m.sq. of confinement for him.

    2. C’mon lol I was hoping Benny was like: “don’t worry y’all, I’ll put in the word! You will be free too, just you wait!”

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