WATCH: Sully The Service Dog Honors President George H.W. Bush

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Sully, the service dog who accompanied George H.W. Bush during the former president's final months, will be traveling with Bush's casket on his flight to Washington on Monday, a source told Fox News.

Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath on Sunday night honored Sully, tweeting a photo of the yellow Labrador retriever next to Bush's casket.

“Mission complete,” McGrath tweeted. Sully's Instagram page showed the same photo.

Former President George W. Bush later “regrammed” the photo on his own Instagram, noting: “As much as our family is going to miss this dog, we’re comforted to know he’ll bring the same joy to his new home, Walter Reed,” the military hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

Sully became Bush’s new service dog in June. Sully had been trained by America’s VetDogs, a nonprofit that provides service dogs.


66 Comments on “WATCH: Sully The Service Dog Honors President George H.W. Bush”

    1. +Eunice Mattear he has only been in service since July. Service K-9 love to work. That’s what they have been trained to do and it’s all that they know. Besides it’s best that he goes to another Soldier in need. 🐾🐾🙏🇺🇸🤟🎗

    1. +Frank Gutowski i know, as a pet owner my entire life, they know….when their owner is no longer there….my heart is speaking not my head.

  1. Sully looks sad. Those big Brown eyes. He knows. What a Beautiful smart dog!!!! It’s seems he’s not sure about things right now.!!!

  2. Animals do feel the loss of their owners. My mother had a Siamese cat that was spoiled rotten. We really loved him, but she spoiled him. When my mother died, he was going from room to room looking for her and making a real weird sound. It was not a regular meow but something different. He did this, I guess, until he realized that she was gone and never coming back.

    I know Sully feels it.

    Boy, writing this comment really made me cry.


    1. They don’t just drop a service dog off at your house. owner & dog have to go through months of training / bonding. In fact, the dog has to choose you, as much as you do them. It may take some time to find the right fit. You have no real world understanding of the type of bond relying on an animal, to maximize independence with dignity, creates. Not to mention the love & overall sense of well being all dogs / pets provide.

    2. Frances: Your mother’s cat was a lucky little guy to have a loving mom💜 Reading your comment saddens me that many people don’t understand that cats/ dogs/horses & other animals feel the loss, feel the pain! I’m older I also have a gold Lab i’ve told my family if i die before my loving dog, they must bring the dog to see me! I don’t want for her to think i abandoned her! This way she’ll understand!

    3. +Frank Gutowski I think you misconstrued my comment. I wasn’t commenting about a working dog or a pet; I was commenting about animals having feelings.

    1. What? that sully has more compassion than any liberal! Yes that’s about the truth, all you libtards can do is bash..the bash is coming back to You! 10 folds. The President can’t even honor a dead President!

  3. Sully is still a dog and will be traumatized going into a new situation with strange people, I hope close family member’s keep him

    1. JoanneLG1960

      This dog is trained to provide services. It’s not a pet. Why would keeping it with a family who doesn’t need it justify denying it to someone with disabilities who does?

    2. He was given to Walter Reed Medical Center to work as a therapy dog. He lost his dad, all his friends and his job all in 1 week. Poor little guy.

  4. Can’t help but to want to reach out to Sully and comfort him as he too greeves the loss of his owner the late 41st. President of the United States of America George H.W. Bush. R.I.P. sir. And love to Sully.

    1. vincent parlante

      BS. Dog isn’t grieving. Was assigned to help Bush beginning this summer. Not a pet. An employee. Bush was not his owner.

  5. I’m certain the family would like to keep him as a pet but Sully is a highly trained service dog who can be of great use to injured servicemen and woman. He would probably not be happy not helping . Bless him and all service animals. They are very expensive to train and understand they have a job to do, He has a full life ahead of him and will recover from this sadness.

    1. You are exactly correct. A Service Dog takes immense pleasure, and I dare say. great pride in their work. I have in interfaced with Military Working Dogs, Customs Working Dogs, and Service Dogs. They would all be miserable as inactive pets.

    2. Sam Houston Many years ago I raised a German shepherd pup who was part of the guide dog program. It killed me to give him back to them but he changed someone’s life by enabling them to become more independent. He crossed theRainbow Bridge decades ago but Zi’m still proud of the great job he did. I’ve worked with dogs in obedience all my life and have the utmost respect for these magnificent dogs and the people who train them. It costs many thousands of dollars to train one dog and theyneed

  6. Some idiot woman reporter from the Slate wrote a piece trashing this dog. Liberals are beyond any resemblance of common sense

    1. Please post her name the idiot that wrote something bad about this dog cuz we all need to see how stupid she is she probably couldn’t even passed the test that the dog took

    2. Bob Hager You are such a liar. I read the article and it was far from what you originally stated. Lying Trumptard.

    3. Bob Hager Stop brushing all liberals as such. Then most Americans won’t talk about Republicans/conservatives who justify and accommodate treasonous Trump.

    1. kristiana : that doesn’t surprise me. My little dachshund/terrier mix is very attached to me and my friends always say that if something happens to me, Ginger won’t be far behind.

  7. Why do dogs have such a short life? Because they come here already knowing everything that is important. Love, duty, honesty, good humor, the importance of family. They don’t care if you had lunch with several important people, or have the weight of the world on your shoulders. They just want to hang out and go for walkies and toss ball. I have had a dog like Sully, a yellow lab cross brittany spaniel. He was a bright light and loving companion for my son and me after my husband died. He saved my life from a lightening strike, a falling tree, bears and cougars, an intruder at night climbing in the window and a gang of thugs. God bless dogs. RIP Rocky.

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