Watch service dog calm war vet’s PTSD reaction

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Erick Scott knows first-hand what it's like to suffer from PTSD. He was paired with a special service dog to help him combat his anxiety. He was amazed to see how his dog, Gumbo, reacted when he became agitated.

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86 Comments on “Watch service dog calm war vet’s PTSD reaction”

  1. That’s amazing. I’m from England and I’m proud of our and all our allies current soldiers and veterans. But they need more help than they’re getting! But seeing how that dog calms him is incredible!

    1. Jade Welch thanks man it’s good to know not everyone hates Americans. Who tf dislikes this video though and why??

    2. +Riley Hoyle people who hate America are always the ones who have no facts and saying that America is fucked up for killing terrorist in the Middle East yet they wish death on America.

  2. Who edited this? It’s looks and sounds like some unpaid intern made this while eating their lunch with windows movie maker.

    1. It may be put together poorly but it’s the reaction itself that’s important. If you can’t respect our men and women of our armed forces you should keep your expert opinions on film to yourself. I can’t bring myself to disrespect those that have actually sacrificed for our country. Have you? I somehow doubt it.

    1. Elements it’s still wrong because it’s illegal and hurts you. it just distracts you from the problem. It doesn’t solve it.

    1. alpha 1997 this dude works a part time job and doesnt have an above high school education GUARANTEED

    2. alpha 1997 let’s see you have your friends slaughtered in front of you and see if your “plant” can calm you down. Physical therapy is much better than thinking I’m cool because i inhale a toxic substance into my lungs

    3. Toodurc question, have you ever heard of the Endocannabinoid System? CB1 or CB2 Receptors? Or do you even know the study of the reaction that Cannabis causes for Neurogenesis? I’m a civilian but I’ve been suffering from PTSD, Psychosis and Major Depression for the last four years and of those 3 I was on between 10-15 different medications and had numerous suicide attempts. I started using Medical Cannabis at the end of last year and let me tell you something IT WORKS. Last year I took over two thousand pills (I was prescribed six different meds a day last year) to fight this and none of it worked, I took one puff of Cannabis and I haven’t gone back to those pills since and that was over six months ago. Since then the nightmares have stopped, the flashbacks are almost a thing of the past but every now and then I do have one, the voices and illusions that
      I was seeing and hearing began to fade away and I was able to tell between fake and reality. Call it whatever but without that plant I wouldn’t be able to go to a grocery store, have a conversation with a stranger or even hold down a job and be a basic member of society. We the patients are proof it works.

  3. Jeez. I wonder how WW2 veterans survived without service dogs. They all must’ve just killed themselves or ran through the streets in a twitched out rage.

    1. я Hajji 분쇄하는 Bárbara they has mental health knowledge than but obviously not as good as know, but just imagine ww1 vets who didn’t even know what ptsd was quite yet

  4. 2k thumbs down…….seriously? I am a jerk and there is no way I would give this a thumbs down. if I am a jerk what does that make you 2k………super jerks.

    1. +Bad Robot117935 Your comment is inappropriate and you are clearly trying to cause friction. Noone who is liberal would ever oppose anyone having or needing a swrvice or emotional support animal especially the service persons who sacrificed so much for us. I actually think you are a Russian bot qho clearly has no understanding of American’s compassion and are just sowing discord. Shame on you either way. Smart people will never follow your view thankfully.

    1. Why should we? Most of the wars fought are because of the United States fault, if those idiots want to go and fight let them go and die, simple.

    2. Also it’s a good thing to praise war fighters. But saying that they’re the only reason we’re at peace is plain stupid

    1. Kelley Broussard Mackaig gumbo!!whats your sole purpose to this vet??! Gumbo-to roo rhatever he says??awwoo . Goddamn gumbo!!youre a goddamn genius!!

  5. War is such a terrible thing. I’m sorry you had to go through it. I hope nothing but peace and happiness for you, sir.

    1. He chose to go to war, why feel sorry for him? Anyone with a half decent brain knows its horrific to kill and die. If it was to protect the country I would at least respect that, but its just for oil and money, modern mercenaries for the wealthy 1%, there is nothing honorable about that…

    2. +swamidude He chose to serve his country, he had a limited range of choices once he had given his oath.
      This is why you should make efforts to elect honourable representation.
      It’s more horrific to be killed or watch your country destroyed because no one chose to serve.

    3. He chose to go to war, its his own doing he got like this.

      Why feel sorry for this guy? Id rather feel sorry for all the civillians which are killed in these stupid proxy wars Russia and the USA are involved in.

    4. Matheus Melo Because it takes selflessness bravery and strength for one to serve their country. Why should I feel sorry for the “ civilians “ that hid bombs inside their clothes and purses to kill and destroy others??

  6. Dogs have evolved with us for thousands of years. They are entirely tuned in to us and able to understand our pitches and tone of voice, body language etc.

    They are so damn good at it it’s very interesting.

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