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Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well! Here is our updated gear haul! These are all products we absolutely love and use constantly. please remember the gear a service dog wears does not make it a service dog. it is intense training to help their disabled handler. if you have questions about that feel free to ask and watch our other videos if your new!
for more information on service dogs in the USA:

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Instagram: @couple_of_mals
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email: morganreardon12@gmail.com

~Things I love~

Wopet automatic pet feeder:
Wopet offcial website:
ispecle car cover:
weighted blanket: …
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elevated bed-
discount code- PROM ($5 OFF over $50)

~common FAQs~
Morgan (me) 20 | Dissabilities include medical and psychiatric.
Brantley (Malinois mix) almost 2 |psychiatric/medical/mobility service dog.
Butch (Malinois) 1 year | pet that dabbles in sports

~service dogs~

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    1. the program your going through should help you out with that and give you things to do! just give lots of love and do some of the dogs favorite activity’s there! getting them a new toy to play with in the house is always a good idea!

  1. i love this😍 definitely want to check out that coat!! and my dream piece of gear is a yup collars harness or a thecoffeek9 harness

  2. When you get service dog gear it should be bright to put attention to the vest so people don’t just come up and pet your dog

    1. no thats not necessarily true. you should never go up and pet a dog in public even if its not a service dog. you dont need to have bright colors to emphasize it

    2. +Couple_of_mals yeah but not everyone is polite enough to just not pet a dog without seeing the harness patches I had to get a handle for my service in training that said service on it in bold because people kept not looking at the side of the vest and just kept petting my dog because they didn’t know it was a service dog in training even though I didn’t give permission I’m saying to avoid those encounters more I recommend getting something bright to catch the attention of people who are impulsive and rude like people shouldn’t pet anyone’s dog without permission service dog or not but most people do it anyways unless there is some obvious reason not too some people actually won’t even respect the fact that they’re a service dog and not to pet them I once brought my service dog to my workplace because I have ptsd and had to make a police report and while I was waiting to stay calm I was training my dog and this lady came up with her kid and didn’t even ask and told her kid to pet my dog I then moved my dog out of the way and she continued to just be like “oh she just wants to pet it” and kept telling her kid to pet her anyways and that is one of many situations sadly anyways my point is if you want to avoid people petting your dog more it will help if the vest it bright and bold to get people’s attention to it

    3. +Rachel Fonken i actually dont have issues with people petting him. i do get asked but people dont just pet him. luckily with my breed people are a little scared and stay back. also my patches are red and white stating do not pet and working which is very visible and stands out. a bright colored vest wouldnt make a difference with me. if it works for you though thats great!

    4. No it doesn’t nothing works with my dog because sadly I live in LA where people have no respect and no shame it works in San Diego and everywhere else that ISN’T LA but not here *SIGH*

  3. Also, we want to take our SD in public to a dog friendly place for the first time. She is still in training. Should we put her SD vest on??

    1. if shes in training there should be patches clearly stating that if you go into non pet friendly places, but if you go to pet friendly places its up to you

  4. Hi Morgan! I’ve watched most of your videos and enjoyed them very much so thank you for sharing. I wanted to also share a SD gear shop with you because you mentioned that you like custom gear and her stuff is AMAZING! The shop is called “River Dog Gear” and I found her on facebook. You have to PM her to get access to her PDF catalog because she prescreens all purchasers with a few questions to make sure that she is’t providing gear to fake teams. Totally worth your time to check her gear out… Hope this helps.

    I love the special buckle option she has for people that have trouble with hand mobility (I myself have Fibro and other misc stuff but because one of those is lack of hand strength her mobility buckles are a MUST for me) You can see the Mobility Buckle under her FB page videos.

  5. I LOVE gear videos! I just wish I had the money to buy everything I see because they all looks so good (and functional)!

    1. i dont really do training vids as i prefer training dogs in person and not making videos however i can do a video about how sd should act!

  6. I have been considering about getting a service dog i have severe anxiety and depression and im on meds for it but sometimes it dosent help any advice?

    1. talk to your doctor to see if your eligible for one! ill let you know its definitely not the best treatment plan for everyone

    2. Service dogs are more for disabilities like MS, POTS, and spine injuries as well as psychiatric like PTSD. I would think a Emotimal Support Animal (ESA) would be perfect! Obviously I do not know you at all, but these animals are trained to comfort and relax within their abilities to address their handlers needs. I think this would accustom to your anxiety a bit more. Once again not a doctor, just someone with a LOT of knowledge in medical and mental departments 🙂

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