Unedited group class – One step heel PHASE 2 (k9-1.com)

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unedited team course video. Most of the pet dogs in the in the class initially offered with chain reactivity and hostility concerns. Find our group courses noted at www.dogtraining.courses

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13 Comments on “Unedited group class – One step heel PHASE 2 (k9-1.com)”

    1. MultiKhaikhai they said that all dogs are at different levels. We don’t even know how long they have had that puppy. Maybe this IS doing their homework.

  1. Are there any videos you, (K9-1) have posted on canine rivalry and how you recommend to work around this? (love your channel and your way of teaching people (and dogs) btw.

    1. ok, since I’m talking to myself, or no youtuber had a clue in 3 days, I ‘think’ I found the beginning of my answer in the most unlikely of videos by k9-1 “The truth about positive dog training” It might be the new dog is just more dominant than my dogs and is trying to establish himself as top dog? (it was difficult to stop the fight) He’s banned at the moment from interacting at ALL with my dogs till I figure this out. The dog in question was abused by past owners and he’s starting to trust us and acts submissive to humans, but if the other dogs barked he’d jump on one of the other dogs and bite them rather than bark with the rest at something. (another behavior problem unrelated to pack order??) I’m going through all the posted videos still to hopefully catch what relates to my situation….

    2. Hey Becky,
      I highly recommend you check out K9-1’s website at dogtraining.world.

      The site has tons of free resource on dog training and behavior for you to better understand your dog and issue.

      You can also become a member for only $7/month (used to help maintain the site and community) to get further help with your dogs from the trainers on the site.

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