Uncomfortable Encounter with my Service Dog 🐕 (4/13/17)

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73 Comments on “Uncomfortable Encounter with my Service Dog 🐕 (4/13/17)”

  1. Hey Jaquie, so horrible those guys did that with you and wanting to take Harlow! So so lovely to meet your mom! Was wondering where your dad is from, thought maybe sounded Australian! Well that’s lovely – what a beautiful mix ! You and your mum have the same eyes! wishing you well ! 🙂 🙂

  2. Glad your Epipens are not recalled!
    I’ve had many reaction with my service dog. From the additional ooo puppy to can I feed your dog and people thinking I am blind and following me thinking I can’t see them.
    I will never understand what goes through peoples minds.

    1. CrazyThingCalled Life my sisters got recalled 🙁 she has them for her really bad allergic reactions

    2. IKR people chase me and jump in front of me trying to scare me thinking I’m blind and I just keep acting blind lol

  3. I’m so glad a worker helped you out! I work at a supermarket and we have many customers with service dogs and I always keep an eye out just in case they need a hand and I always stick up for them when people start questioning them about there dissabilities. People really need to mind there own business

    1. StarShadow Umbreon not only is what your saying so wrong about asking to pet working dogs or even not tasking but on duty dogs.Im pretty sure its illegal to talk to and engage a service dog as well as it being incredibly frustrating for the owner because the could miss a sign an d this could be detrimental to the owner. Also they didn’t ask to pet they asked to TAKE her dog listen before you comment.

    2. Kelley Hovenstine actually a real apbt wouldn’t be best to be a service dog because unlike the mutts that people portray their dogs to be pit bulls , apbt are dog and animal aggressive and have a high amount of energy that most people can’t handle . I run several pit bull groups with people who actually own real pit bulls . I also run a chronic conditions support group for people with fibromyalgia and other illnesses .

  4. A few days ago I was at Target and I saw a lady with a service dog, and I was really impressed because there were a lot of people around, and for 20 minutes no one that I saw was trying to interact with the dog. They glanced over, but then just went on their way, and I was really glad that everyone was being respectful and knew what to do. I even saw a mom and dad explaining to their kids what a service dog was. It made me really grateful that even though some people are jerks, there are still good respectful people out there.

    1. Phaedra Yael make me feel good cuz I have a service dog and people don’t know how to behave around him.

    2. Phaedra Yael It makes me feel great just reading this comment. Those people are smart. But the fact that people actually have to feel good about seeing that though is sad.

  5. The company your leggings came from helped sponsor an ovarian cancer awareness event at a recent hockey game that I went to and I didn’t recognize it until now!

  6. “May I take your dog?” — never let your guard down.

    With Parkinson’s my face will “mask” (no expression). People will approach my Golden SD, and suddenly look up at me and do a 180 and leave. Ya, good thing (bad days I tend to slur words, oh fun). Other day a couple of kids wanted to approach her, but I heard the Mom call them back “She is helping him walk, don’t disturb her”. Thank You Mom!

    1. lilac c im not sure you understand this comment thread. Some mean lady was commenting terrible things but her comments got deleted so I repeated them so someone could know what she was saying…… I understand service dogs and how important they are

  7. I am quite new to the service dog world – my Ruby was trained by an organisation specialising in training these dogs. I got her (my mobility SD – I have Spina Bifida)) three weeks ago and now I encounter problems on every corner. In our neigbourhood, people can walk their dog off leash and often have no idea where their dog is and during our morning walk today I met an older lady. Her small dog was bothering Ruby who got antsy because of the dog sniffing her everywhere, I politely told the lady to call the dog back to her, because Ruby was really nervous and since my accident when she pulled me out of my wheelchair because of a free running dog, I was nervous too, but the lady did nothing, only after several warnings from me (5 minutes later) she finally called the dog back, grumbling under her breath about something. I have no idea how to deal with these people. Do you have any idea how to deal with this? Thanks for advice!

    1. samtrujillojr lol spray the lady in the face! I seriously thought u we’re gonna say to spray the dog. That’s too funny!

  8. People are crazy. My dog is very nervous and I take her out to try and get her more comfortable and people will walk up to her and pet her. I even had someone try to feed her some food that had raisins and chocolate in it. People have no sense whatsoever.

    1. Ashley Murray you know some people have no idea what service dogs are like it’s best to kindly explain it to them I mean myself until just now had no idea that they were sensitive souls I thought they were just dogs that helped people but they have a totally different character than any other dog I didn’t know this so maybe explain to people that you encounter

    2. Okay for all the people saying that these other people are idiots chocolate is VERY poisonous for dogs but if they accidently eat a couple pieces obviously it’s not gonna do anything but it’s not healthy for them. Do your research before you try to gamble with your dogs life!! As they are living beings too!! It’s not worth it!!

    1. Well, Many people tend to steal SD dogs when the Owner is looking weak, or maybe a bit dazed. For some reason, people like to breed SD dogs randomly, because they’re smart. I can’t even count how many Dogs have been stolen where I live, it’s sad.

    2. Nikki Burt, even if they did, she was wearing her vest and was tasking, they should have known better.

  9. lol every time you said “Chicken” I’m like, why do you have a chicken with you? Does it also help as a service animal, I didn’t know chickens could do that.” And then I’m like, oh wait, it’s not an alive chicken. XD

  10. “Hey, can I take your dog?”

    Yea. That’s not weird at all. I’m totally just gonna give you my service dog.

    1. “Why yes. Of course you can have the one thing that makes it possible for me to function. Take my heart and both lungs, too.

  11. “Hey can I take your dog”???? What the actual…what???!!! Who just goes up and says that??!! Who just walks up to someone-with a SD or not a SD-and asks “Can I take your dog”?? What were those men on???

    1. Metanoia Lps I’m dieing to see Drew’s live stand-up in Indianapolis! Love him and Stella! Her side-eye is on point lol

  12. Those guys who said “Can I take your dog?” would be awful thieves. They would go to bank and say, “Can I take all your money?”

  13. I just realized, that since dogs can’t really comprehend what a camera is or is used for, imagine what they think of their owners if they are youtubers just talking to a wall 😂

  14. Hello! Im fairly new to this channel, just wondering if you’ve tried marijuana for your pain. I know you have asthma so smoking is probably not the best idea, but have you tried edibles? And if so did they help at all? Also, I love your dog. I have a special needs cousin that I take care of and he is basically a little kid trapped in an adult body. Anytime he sees a dog he goes running towards it to pet it, which of course makes the dogs and owners nervous and not all dogs are friendly to begin with. Several times this has happened in public places with service dogs which makes me feel terrible because it puts the owners in a tough spot where they have to be firm with him. Most of the time people don’t know how to react to my cousin in the first place. I have talked with him until I’m blue in the face but his mind just doesn’t grasp it and when he sees a dog out in public and takes off running it’s hard for me to stop him. Anyway, my point is that I showed him a few of these videos (a few of the ones where Harlow is working and tasking for you) and I think he finally understands now. We were at a farmers market last weekend and a little old lady was there in a wheelchair with a tiny pup in her lap wearing a service vest. I could see that the dog caught my cousins eye and I was ready to run after him, but instead of running he turned to me and asked “like Harlow?” And I said “yes, like Harlow”. And he turned and kept walking. I’m so proud of him and your videos and Harlow helped! Thank you so much!

    1. Dolce Luxe so it’s not said where you live but in the USA different states have different laws on marijuana both legal and recreational. Some states allow it for both while some only allow it for medical. Though I’m not from Florida due to both some quick research and past school papers on subject I do think I can answer this with almost certain accuracy. In Florida recreational marijuana is still illegal and so is driving and working under the usage of medical marijuana by the sounds of the laws I was reading(there was a lot of legal jargon that I have been awake for far too long today to be able to properly comprehend at this time) and accourding to the law/Bill whatever you wish to call is the only people qualified for medical marijuana in Florida are “patients who have cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, or the ambiguous aforementioned “debilitating medical condition”(from description of law cabt remember webpage) I remember a little bit of the stuff Jacqui has but I can’t remember if she has any of these. However the medical marijuana prescribed in Florida for people not with a terminal illness has been grown to have less THC (stuff that makes you high) and more by the sound of it CBD(does not make you high, sometimes helps with epilepsy and pain and in high amounts can cause a false positive on a drug test if taken regularly.) So although

    2. The CBD might help with her pain there is always the possibility that it might be able to be cooked away (I personally don’t know enough about marijuana or edibles to be able to tell you) CBD oil is legal in some states but I dont know if it is in Florida. This contains no THC but once again in large amounts can cause a false positive on a drug test and I dont know how it may interact with medications to the extent of what Jacquie(hope I spelled that right) is taking. Not to mention the possibility of allergies if its possible to be allergic to CBD oil. The plus side to the oil is that it is edible and by what I’ve seen and have in my house comes most commonly in a spray bottle you can directly spray in your mouth and ingest or add to food and drink. It comes in flavours if you can’t handle the unflavored because trust me when I say it isn’t a pleasant taste. I dont know if any of this was helpful but I hope it was.

    3. I’m proud of him with you, and I don’t know y’all! I have family like that and I know how it feels to have them run off

  15. I seen an older man in rite aid with chronic pain and he had a lab service dog. And he was in line to check out and he was behind like 12 people. And i told him to get in front of me. And just the smile on his face said it all. I am so glad i noticed him <3

  16. The of the most things I don’t like about people is that the can’t read a vest on a *service dog* or completely ignore it and bother the dog while is working, some people are rude and can’t mind themselves! But hey, at least you got help!

    1. MintyMix Maybe they have a disability themselves. Maybe they have trouble seeing, reading, comprehending, etc. POLITELY inform them.

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