UNBELIEVABLE! Guy Wants To Fight Me Because Of My Service Dog

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Easily one of the worst experiences we have ever encountered. SHARE this video to help raise awareness of the kind of thing people with service animals and disabilities deal with regularly- there is strength in numbers. Big thank you to the employees and customers at Panda Express who saw something that wasn't right and stood up.

The full 3 minute encounter without Drew's commentary can be found on his Facebook page here:

Service Animals are considered "medical equipment" under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which grants them public access rights. They go through rigorous training that ensures they are well-behaved and not disruptive. Service Animals are different than ESA's, or "Emotional Support Animals". Emotional support animals are not covered under the ADA and do not require specialized training. For more information on service animals, go here:

Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.

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A super cute guy with his average-looking dog.

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If anything brings in the holiday cheer this Christmas, it's a guy freaking out at Panda Express. Polar Express. Something express.

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59 Comments on “UNBELIEVABLE! Guy Wants To Fight Me Because Of My Service Dog”

  1. Please SHARE this video to help raise awareness of the kind of thing people with service animals and disabilities deal with regularly. If you’ve had a similar experience, whether you own a service animal or were a witness (…or you were the bully?), share your story in the comments below. There is strength in numbers.

    1. You should put a bit more ads on your videos man. Make that coin 👌🏻 you deserve it — Quality content so we’ll keep watchin.

    2. Drew Lynch This is the first time hearing about you. f
      And your very inspirational. And I think your very funny. And u got a lot going for u. I think your very talented. And your just amazing at comedy. I just think how u can take something from negative to positive is such a great thing. like u don’t care what people say about u,or think of u,u have so much confidence in yourself,your not scared to shbe yourself with the disability you have. and me I don’t have that much confidence. u have made me have that confidence.

    1. +Charles Gambill I know Drew Lynch is a comedian… But, i’ve never heard of @Jenny Ziegs.
      Which is whom my comment was directed to.

      Nice reading comprehension pal.

  2. Sometimes I wish I was at the same place as some people when this happens, these people need their asses whooped. You handled it great man

    1. I love getting people’s business when their bullying others the worst one I ever had to deal with was a women slapped her 7 year old son over a chocolate bar at the clinic and I fucking flipped I jumped out of my seat and screamed like someone was killing me right in her face and I got another bystander to call CFS because apparently she did this before everywhere she went and I was so angry that people said they seen this happen on more than one occasion and no one ever stopped to help the little boy and mind you this women is 300 pounds 5’11 and I’m 140 and 5’3 and I am the only one who ever stood up to her. I lost faith that day.

    1. +Jazzymolly Dashing you can only say its a fake service dog is if its barking lunging and not properly trained THEN you can ask to not have in the place but if its one that acts like Stella then its no doubt a working service dog

  3. My father is completely blind and he uses Über to get around 80% of the time. Often times when the driver comes by to pick him up, they will speed off when they see his service dog and will cancel the ride. That is seriously messed up! Other times he’s been refused service for his dog on public transportation like the bus. (WHICH IS ILLEGAL) Not to mention the times he’s been at a restaurant and someone is telling him that he’s being abusive to the dog for keeping him under the table. I was at iHop with him once and this lady who was in the booth in front of me stood up and mouthed at me “can I give him some bacon?” I said “no you probably shouldn’t do that, we don’t usually give him food from the table”. She then had a very angry look on her face and mouthed “just a little piece????” I told her no. She was determined to give the dog some bacon and stepped out of the booth. She walked over to rocky and I said in a firm voice, “No!” She went and sat back down. Her husband looked very confused and the woman looked very angry. Don’t feed service dogs when they are working. Just a little lesson. ❤️❤️

    1. ELIAS VALDES RUIZ 100% agree! They just aren’t worth it! Some are good, but more are bad! So it’s just such a gamble! Take care!!

    2. “let me take a companion animal into public and then lord over others and tell them not to look ,breath, or do anything else around my dog” STFU and stay at home with your empowered self.

    3. James Roberts you sign that contract when you sign with Uber. Any commercial business must accept service animals in its course of business. Period.

    4. Dylan M Sorry Dylan, you’re incorrect. Uber is a public form of transportation and if you review both the Lyft and Uber service agreements you will find that you can deny service for pets but not service animals, as they are not the same thing.
      Failure to adhere to the agreement will result in your deactivation.

  4. Bully: “Come outside!!”

    Drew: “I am outside.”

    Shrek: “…stay outside!!”

    Donkey: “ I am outside.”



  5. I am disabled and here in California we are able to register our service animals with the state through our local Department of Animal Care & Control. Once registered, the state issues a assistance animal tag (similar to a dog license but twice the size). A dog license is also still required. Having that tag has certainly made thing easier at times however, because my disability is not always immediately identifiable in my physical appearance, I deal with situations similar to this far too often. It’s really frustrating particularly as, in all my days on ,this planet I have never, ever witnessed an animal (service animal or otherwise) being disruptive or menacing or otherwise in a public space. Sadly, the same can not be said for so, so many people out there that are just as ignorant and nasty as the jerk in this video! People really should mind their own fcking business and stop being so damn rude!

    1. Paul S Lynch You misunderstand how it works in California. That IS your dog license. You should not also have to pay for a regular license. Also, they are completely voluntary. You do not have to have the SD license. You can choose to pay for a regular license.

    2. Main Street Boxer If you re-read my original post, you will see that I wrote “in California we are able to register our service animals with the state”. I am quite certain that most people will understand that the words “we are able to” means “we can if we want to” and not “we must”. I never said registration of a service animal is mandatory.

      Additionally, if you go to the Animal Care & Control website at


      you will see in the service dog registration section that it clearly states that in order to register, “The dog must have a current S.F. dog license.”

      So obviously it is you, Main Street Boxer, who does not understand how it works in California,

    1. You should check out the compilation episode, where he does nothing but laugh for several minutes. It’s awesome.

  6. He’s just mad cause he doesn’t have 1.5M subs

    He’s salty he could make a lake into an ocean with that salt

  7. This dude does not understand that some people have disabilities that are not visible I had a best freind in elementary school whose brother had ptsd and the school wouldn’t let him have a service dog because “it wasn’t necessary to his safety and the could see nothing wrong with him”
    And “it could aggravate other students with allergies of fear of dogs” the principal got fired when the parents called the board of education but it is necessary for his mental health and safety

  8. That caveman is bitter which is why he drinks in his car…….parks his car in marked fire lanes….and verbally assaults people with service animals. Clearly he is a skidmark in the underpants of society.

    1. This guy was breaking at least two laws at once. Can we please do something about this?!?!
      (of course not cause this was like a year ago but you get what I mean)

    1. *PULL HIS BA-CENCORED- HAIRS* Nah I’m just kidding.The dog should have bitten his balls.OH WAIT NVM THAT’S AGAINST THE LAW.

  9. when he said “don’t look at me don’t fkn look at me!” I was like we’re tf is he supposed to look at ur balls? and why can u look at him but he can’t look at u

  10. People like that are such jerks. What the hell is wrong with someone who picks on a person who clearly has a support animal. You should have brought in your support bear. Haha

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