Ultimate Dog House Design, The kennel castle

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Dogs love to play: in, under and around this large dog house that facilitates 2 to 3 big dogs. It features an under the house, dog run, a ramp and a porch for lounging. Plus it insulated and maintenance free.

An easy to assemble, large, insulated, injected molded plastic dog house that facilitates 2 to 3 large dogs with an underground play area. Ideal for dogs as large as Mastiffs, Great Danes, German Shepherds, St. Bernards and others. It is 4 ' by 4' by 3' tall. Overall height from the ground is 5' which includes a 2' dog run beneath the house. It has a raised porch off of the ground, a 4' ramp, a powder-coated steel frame, a door trimmed in metal to restrict the dog from chewing on it and covered with a see-through vinyl door kept in place with a magnetic strip. There is an access door on the side of the dog house to enable the owner to check on his/her pet or and clean the house with a hose. The floor has grooves to direct the water out of the dog house and a drain for easy removal of the water. There is the option of inserting 2 windows in the dog house. And a built in hole is provided to facilitate an extension cord for a light or heater for your pet. There are three packages: Basic, Complete and Ultimate.

Options are to add a dog run made out of heavy-duty 14 gauge expanded metal or welded wire, with optional metal roofing for security or shade.

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The Kennel Castle is designed to create a playground environment for your dogs by maximizing kennel space. Regular dog houses take up a lot of room inside an enclosure. With the Kennel Castle, the dog house is outside of the run freeing up room to frolic. Plus the dog house and porch are elevated for even more space to play underneath the house. Dogs like to be up off the ground in their "safe zone." T,he elevated porch provides a great "look-out point" and lounging area that dogs love. By incorporating an elevated house and an open area design, Kennel Castle is truly the ultimate playground environment for your dog!

Of course you can upgrade to raised flooring at the time of check out. Or add any other options or additional panels you would like to get the exact items to fit your needs.So make your dog the happiest on the block. Go ahead and grab your Kennel Castle today by clicking the "Add to Cart." You can order on our secure server or give us a call.We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you get started with your Kennel Castle today.

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