48 Comments on “Two women slashed after trying to pet service dog on Bronx, police say”

  1. People who need dogs need to be kept in apartments that are big enough to hold them if they get loose . Why so many dogs are being put up with emotional abuse by people with emotional issues . Leave the dogs to the blind and even then Blind people have a cane let them use that . Why does this situation have to play out and we knew about this from the 90s 80s and 70s . If you’re alone have people around you . If not this happens . Some people man

    1. I completely disagree with your opinion because if someone has PTSD they can go into an episode at any time and if they have a trigger alert dog it is trained to try and help distract them or calm them down from an episode. Yes that woman should not have slashed those people for trying to pet her service dog instead she should have said this is a service dog do not pet .

    2. For example
      Phyciactric service dogs

      If someone has bad social anxiety, panic attacks,PTSD. They usually won’t trust people to help them and if pills/therapy don’t work they resort to service dogs

      Some people have heart issues that require a service dog to alert that they’re about to pass out and some dogs even do deep pressure therapy to help shorten the episode

      So kindly do research or don’t talk about a topic

  2. What a surprise another black female involved in a viscous crime, who probably had a box cutter. And she has a service dog??. For her diabetes???. Well its just another day in the violent streets of the bronx. My advice keep in moving talk to to one. Trying to be nice , well i guess thats the reward. But they have a good look at her and the green cab she stepped into. She soon will be saying Merry Christmas from Rikers, and a nice Tv dinner that day. Sad world we live in. People, with service dogs do not need to be riding busses or trains. Take access a ride. In fact you can make out the cabs vehicle Id number posted on the side. Wont be long now. And those girls who were just trying to be nice, makes this a deplorable act of violence.

    1. pple are such specicist 🤦🏽‍♀️ y do pple think dogs they see outside with others are to be patted? They don’t go up to a baby they don’t know and start patting it.

    2. you sound dumb and clearly did not do her research! The woman and her friend who was slashed GRABBED and assaulted HER. But yeah okay lets go with your “black women are evil” narrative.

  3. “Service dog” 🤦🏽‍♀️ HATE that term😡What? Animals can consent to being used, exploited and such? Animals can cash a check for all their hard work? CORRECTION they are SLAVE DOGS.
    Look it up the meaning of slave it means being forced to work without ones consent and without pay. I’m so sick n tire of lazy people selfish people using dogs for freakn everything 😡

    1. Well I can guarantee a dog won’t do things if they don’t want to. I was babysitting my niece and nephew one time and we tried to get my Charlie to go through a hulahoop hoop. Just a basic walkthrough in a doorway so he couldn’t go around.
      Yeah even when we tried food he looked at me like I was an idiot. I still wonder if he wasn’t half cat.
      Which is fine. Now I have a cat that taught me to play fetch with hairbands.
      What’s really embarrassing is I didn’t notice for ten minutes.

    2. Do you have any idea of just how much money a good sled dog costs. Not to mention be the entire team, multiple sleds, a raw food diet, multiple visits to the vet to check health, constantly checking their foot pads for damage,some have to wear boots, numerous other thing for the dogs and team.
      And the theres the time commitment.
      It takes a long time to build up a sled team that can and will work together just right. Especially the lead dog.
      Your lead dog has to be strong, independent, loyal and intelligent. Because they’re the ones out front deciding which way to run. The musher just points them in the direction he wants to go. The lead dog decides how you get there.
      There’s also the cost of the races too.
      Sled dogs are extreme athletes. And just like athletes they are checked over at every single stop. Snout to paws to tail. Especially the paws. And vets are right there. If the dogs aren’t cleared then they can’t continue.

      But no one would ever risk maiming a dog just to keep going. If for no other reason than they cost to much.

    3. *Humans are scientifically more advanced than any animal on earth. We as humans have the capacity for conscious thought- The having of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings; awareness. As humans we are much more biologically capable than animals! Our reactions, concepts, and sense of awareness are different than animals, better than animals and morw advanced than animals.*

      *Slave /noun/ a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.*

      *The word “slave” does not apply to animals, in the most blunt and truthful words available; animals are indeed legally under a person’s authority which, can be interpreted as ‘property’ if you wish. This is because domesticated animals do not have the ability to properly take care of themselves especially in an already human-inhabited location like New York City for example? And again they cannot have conscious hought as we do, therefore they are scientifically lesser species.*

      *It is not possible for an animal to ‘consent’ to anything including labor, but it’s common knowledge that animals such as domesticated dogs, cats, and birds go through no mental or physical hardships when learning proper training. It’s like teaching a child their ABC’s and 123’s except again they do not have conscious thought or perception. Animals do not have the ability to comprehend ‘cash’ or ‘paychecks’ and in return would never have any physical use for such trivial things? Instead they are given rewards like num-nums or an some extra cuddle time or extra play time.*

      *Last but not least, the only people capable of legally using a Service Dog is a person who is handicapped? These people are not ‘selfish’ or ‘ignorant’ they have physical or mental disorders that keep them from properly functioning and completing basic tasks. So it is completely logical to use an already happy and go-lucky companion as a bit of support to help people through every-day life?*

    1. Because of racism honey. Pure and simple.

      Only in a country like America can a black person be villainized for defending themselves against two aggressors. And then the aggressors are made to look like the victims SMH.

    2. marinechung …I agree! The real victim was the one with the dog. Because she defended herself that makes the two attackers the victims????
      Yea makes no sense!

  4. ~ We ALL witnessed the Fight & Ivn and Her Dog frequently ride this Bus ; But we will NOT tell the Police anything ’cause the 2 that got Stabbed was IN THE WRONG. Period. Plus we dont want that Poor Dog taken away…..

  5. The number on that cab is AE658. It should be easy enough to track down the driver and figure out where they went and pick the birtch up at her bus stop tomorrow along with her crunt owner

  6. PIX11 News your reporter is wrong with MTA Policy; their policy says that pets and therapy dogs have to be in a enclosed carrier
    Service dogs have to be harnessed or leashed at all times

    1. Yes I know the ADA says service animals dog don’t have to be leashed but this only applies if the handler can’t operate a leash

    2. +Christy Holt Any ADA law applies to any ADA handler… Some service dogs don’t need to be leashed because they are carried by the handler to perform their job… Is the handler incapable of holding a leash? No, but they might have (for example) a vitamin deficiency, so the dog needs to smell their breath to alert them… In which case the dog wouldn’t be on a leash. One ADA law will not apply to a handler and not other handlers. They apply to *everyone*.

  7. So let me get this right… The lady was with her dog minding her own business then here comes a women messing with her assaulted her and so when the lady defends herself from the attacker she then becomes the assaulter and the real attackers she defended herself from becomes the victim???? Is that right? 🤔
    Yeah that makes no sense

  8. The dog was probably a Emotional Support Animal at best! Sadly the Emotional Support Animal owners will claim their Emotional Support Animal is a Service Dog.

  9. MTA is in the wrong. They can’t require service dogs to be in carriers. It’s against the law and they can be sued.
    Service dogs technically aren’t pets they’re medical equipment and they need to be free to perform their duties.
    How would a service dog be able to cushion their handlers head if their handlers had a seizure? For one example. Or to go get help as they can be trained to do.
    If you ever have a service dog come up to you by themselves then you need to follow the dog back to their handler. It could save their life.
    Frankly if it’s a legitimate service dog then interfering with it is illegal.

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