Two Dog Personal Protection Team (

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Personal Protection Pet Educating with 2 Pet dogs. This clip is an unedited training session during Bite Club with among our members and also his 2 German Shepherds. Find out even more information at

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48 Comments on “Two Dog Personal Protection Team (”

  1. i recently bought a german shepherd… its about 8 month old and i have hard time trying to train it to sit like i saw in one ur videos.
    any idea why it wont learn?

    1. Not every dog learns the same so one method wont work on every dog. Try another method until you find something that works. These are very intelligent dogs so I doubt the issue lies with the puppy.

    2. try making the dog sit before givinf him/her dinner. our gsd puppy learnt within a few weeks that we wouldn’t put her food down till she sat (we helped her to sit and wait until she got it). took her a month to learn her name but she learnt gentle in a few days because she wanted the food haha. You can also try squeaky toys. but your dog should have had sit, drop and stay within a few weeks of getting her unless their are other issues.

    3. I also have a German Shepherd and I trained him to sit by having a treat in one hand holding it in the air so the dog was looking up than I gently pushed on his rump and said sit with a firm voice and with 3 tries he got it. now with just 1 finger in the air he sits without any talking, I also trained my min pin the same way. they are trained using signals. this was very effective

    4. That’s what we did to keep our dog remembering to do that, and the kids loved to do paw with him before giving him his food.

  2. How will they know the difference if someone is only hugging or just kidding around? I think it is not right and even dangerous to leave this decision to the dogs… I am not against protection per se, but I truly see a problem with giving control out of hand.

    1. Just try not to hug, nudge, chest bump, laugh, talk, joke, walk, sit or do anything with your friend. Just spend time silently and motionlessly and calmly walk backwards and go away.

    2. +Moe K Its obvious youve never been around real personal protection, IPO, KNPV, or ringsport dogs. Do you really think these people give up having a social life or only let the dog out of the crate to bite or something?

    3. don’t get me wrong. I’ve owned 2 German Shepherds for 4 years now, and they’re very great and intelligent dogs. I just commented since my dogs, although very protective, but they don’t know to behave anything like that.

    4. Also you see this in police dogs as well, it is only really a nip to say back off, it would hurt but wouldn’t be that serious, only a tear in the skin. Plus their teeth as puppies are sharper than when they are grown up, trust me I’ve had 6 previously in my lifetime and currently have 2 now.

  3. OP, is there any chance you could give me a tip or two about a dog that is very friendly with other dogs? He will often run to greet them and this often causes the other dogs to be a bit cautious. He’s started to respond well to “stay” and “heel” when I spot a new dog but I want to know if there’s a way to speed up the process. He listens much better AFTER he’s finally greeted the new dog though.

    1. first tip is keep the dog in a leash.
      second tip is check out the phase 1 and phase 2 videos on “heel” on our channel. Between a goof formal heel command and a simple sit command, you can train the dog to approach, sit, and wait until the owner of another dog says there dog will be ok greeting your dog. Do not allow your dog to greet until he is sitting calmly.

  4. hi guys plz plz plz plz help me, I bought a puppy last night and he following me every where. I can’t eat, can’t sleep even can’t go to loo.
    yes I love him and also play with him but I also need my study time. so plz plz help me

    1. its a puppy thats what they do you should have researched first, crate training can help with separation anxiety.

  5. I have a 5 month old pit bull pup I want to put her in k9 training but I live in Washington, D.C. Can u help me

  6. I have a dog (german shepherd) i was trained it in the past but now it doesn’t want attack or protect me what is the problem and what is the solution plz

  7. ok so he keeps reaching for his necklace, I am assuming that is a remote to some collars that apply some stimulation to the dogs to get their attention, correct?

  8. Those seemed like very calm bites too, they were happy and ready to do them, but very calm bites, not a crazy amount of shaking. Seem like sweet dogs!

  9. hi guys I would like to know if I can training my civilian dog the same way a police dog is trained a good idea. thanks

  10. The bad part about this video is that these dogs are conditioned to attack the person in the suit…and you can see how they both jumped at the chance to attack on their own. As another commenter said it would be really bad to have the dogs react to someone with a big hug for someone and the dogs attack them. I have been watching other K9 trainers on YouTube and the only person so far I have thought does things the right way is David Harris, granted this is the first video I have watched of yours it left me with an uneasy feeling.

    1. ummmmm. there are no clumps in its fur. that dogs coat is properly brushed and you have no right to tell people how to clean, train, or just take care of them in general. its just the coloring of the fur.

    1. During my tour of duties , one of our dogs strike only on vital point . even our trainer scare of that dog . Dont underestimate thier abilities and they do have license to kill .

    2. MANDDEMON (why do you want demon to be part of your name???) What do you not get that these dogs are in TRAINING?

    3. Dog Training by what that person prob means is that these dogs are weak. They are showline (which is borderline useless) dogs with low drive, lackluster physical condition and weak bites (partial bites that they can’t hold). There is no energy or fight in those puppies. You can even see one of them letting go and just jumping on the guy like in play (2:25 or something). The moment they are in a real situation and they get a good kick to the stomach they will start running. Not to mention having dogs with weak nerves trained like this can be dangerous. You want proper protection dogs? Get a real gsd (working line) or other suited breeds, not these low drive oversized lap dogs made for prancing around in the ring.

    1. Service dogs cant be trained to be protection dogs. By law these are required to be safe around others, having a dog thats trained to bite people is not considered safe. So your so called service dog wouldnt be one. Then you would have a fake service animal and face felony charges.

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