Treasure hunt to prevent dog behavior problems – clicker dog training in San Diego

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This was on my other computer before I got my new imac with imovie. So, I thought I would post it anyway. I also had it posted and for some reason the audio stopped playing. So, I uploaded it again. Sorry, if you have already watched it.
This is a fun game to play with your dog that can prevent many behavior problems, give your dog mental stimulation, exercise, and it is fun for everyone in the family.

Dogs love to find things! Not to mention it is a natural behavior to want to search and find fun things.

I taught my dogs this game using clicker training and by slowly increasing the distance at which the item is placed until it is in another room, then in harder and more difficult places to encourage the dog to really have to search for it. One my dogs really understand the game, I hide multiple things for them to find. It really teaches the dog to use their senses.

This game is a fun activity, but could also be useful if training a search and rescue dog.

Have a great time with your dog!

Dogs are always learning, so hopefully they are learning good acceptable behaviors instead of developing unacceptable ones.

Take care!
Pam, Isabelle, & Bandit

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13 Comments on “Treasure hunt to prevent dog behavior problems – clicker dog training in San Diego”

  1. That was awesome! I am totally going to do a treasure hunt for my dogs! Kiko will love it the best! 🙂

  2. I dont know if my comment posted before- That was awesome! I’m totally going to play that game with my dogs. Kiko will love it the best I bet!

  3. Your pups would love this game! I am not sure why the sound keeps getting shut off, but I did talk a lot in this video. hmmmm

  4. Great ideas! I’ll be adding this to my “list” of fun things to do with the pups! Thanks again. Your 2 look so laid back while they are searchin, and don’t seem competitive at all. Cool!

  5. Thank you! I am very lucky that my dogs do not have any issues over food or toys! However, if they did I would just train them and work on it. Isabelle would rather find food and Bandit would rather find toys! Have fun playing this game!

  6. LOVE this!!! Can’t wait to try it with my Sadie!!! I’ve been looking for something to keep her busy in the house! THANK YOU once again Pam! You’re the BEST!!!

  7. You always have great ideas with very clear steps, and as always your dogs are obviously having a fantastic time!

  8. Thanks for posting this, it’s given me some great ideas! Slider loves “finding” toys, I need to play that with her more often. I’m just amazed at how relaxed your dogs are! Slider (acd mix) races around like the world’s going to end if she doesn’t find the toy within 20 sec. lol! She’s only a year, maybe she’ll relax a little with age? 🙂

  9. Well, I do work on keeping my dog calm and in control. My BC used to be so anxious that I worried about him, so I started rewarding calm behavior. He still has his moments, but he is much better. Also, calm to me means not stressed or anxious. When he is running agility I strive for calm and in control, but still fast. So, calm to me does not mean lazy, if that makes sense. Thanks for the comment!!! Have a great day!

  10. @pamelamarxsen “I strive for calm and in control, but still fast” Exactly, well said! 🙂 I agree, calm is definitely not lazy.

    When she’s anxious she’s not thinking clearly and will start throwing me tricks instead of thinking about what I asked for.

    Good idea about rewarding for calmness. I was doing that when she was younger but I’ve slacked off the last couple months. I think I’m the one who got a little lazy!

    You’ve really got me thinking & that’s just what I needed. Thanks Pam! 🙂

  11. Good I am glad I could get you thinking. 🙂 I have a full time teaching job, own my own dog training business, and work with my dogs a few times a day. So, I know how easy it is to get lazy or maybe just tired, not really lazy. I am sure you have a busy life as well. So, I would not say we are lazy, just busy! 🙂 Have a great day!

  12. @TheJuicylova Cool! I am just really bummed that the sound is not connected. I am not sure why it was removed. It was just me talking etc…
    Glad you could understand it.

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