Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves! (

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Personal defense canine training. Follow us on our website or be sure to sign up for our youtube channel to get more information regarding individual protection pet dog training.

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37 Comments on “Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves! (”

  1. Very nice training , i would never send my dog to attacker if my dog get injured… My next dog will do same , switch weapon Hand… Sry my grammar greetz from germany 😉

    1. el pitbull no lo hace mejor, el rotweiller busca el arma y si cambia de mano el tambien lo hace el pitbull no

    2. +emanuel Terra Gómez lo se pero como el dijo “el pitbull” le segui el rollo 😀 si fuera pitbull no seria ni la mitad de grande 😀

    3. +Yordan Radkov asi es jaja

      el real APBT solo pesan entre 18 a 20 kilos (25 kilos como mucho), el dogo argentino como sabemos unos 45 a 55 kilos (hablando de machos)

    1. ¿Te imaginás (hipotéticamente) querer robarle a alguien y te corra un dogo argentino y te tire a la mierda? Jajaja al menos me quedaría tranquilo de que el dueño le dirá “Aús!” y me soltará, luego yo mismo me entregaría a la policía jaja.

  2. Just in case anyone wants to know, personal protection training depending on what level you pick your dog to be trained to will cost well over $5k for the training and that’s for level 1. I had my Presa Canario trained level 5 obedience, PP and guarding and it cost me around $13k.

    1. Dopy Yogi LOL No Rottweiler on earth has ever beaten a real Pitbull in a fight. What a joke! They can’t even stand their ground against Shepherds, let alone Pitbull

    2. No Username, Move Along I don’t worship dog, Moron! I was just stating the truth here, if you can’t handle it, go somewhere else instead

  3. Milo is a clever one.. Switches from leg to arm and from arm to arm before can get hit by the stick.

  4. Please train bully kutta well like rottweiler and do it long jump and high jump to bully kutta improve speed to dog and give obedience to bully kutta improve speed to dog and give obedience to bully kutta it is aggressive dog please give obedience like pit bull and give personal protection training like german shepherd, dogo Argentino k9 please train bully kutta well like a police dog

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