Training Escape Down with a Starmark Collar (

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Training a pit bull puppy to lie down with a starmark collar. Do NOT attempt this without knowing with STRUCTURE Design canine training. We educate the pup to rest initially with positive reinforcement and also this starts the task of likewise teaching the pup extra self-control for greater disturbance atmospheres. There is just kind of pet dog training and that is sincere pet dog training as well as there is no excellent or negative quadrants of operant conditioning, but there is lack of knowledge and also misuse of any quadrant. These video clips are right here to show the right way if you would love to discover how you can educate the most effective control clinically feasible. Enjoy the videos below if you wish to know some primary information. We obtain the starmark collars here:

Leash Ninja:
Leash Manners:
Stage 1 Down:
Stage 2 Down (with halti):.

extra regarding structure design pet dog training:.

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21 Comments on “Training Escape Down with a Starmark Collar (”

    1. They work the same way you ignorant fuckwad and you know it, you admitted it above. Literally the only difference is that the prongs aren’t “pointed” the same way.

      Clearly you know you’re wrong if you’re going to ignore literally everything else I said and argue semantics instead.

    2. TurkeyBurglar Jones it is basically a plastic prong collar. But he’s obviously not hurting the dog. Not once does the dog look stressed or in pain. The dog looks very calm and happy. Dogs that are stressed dont just playfully roll over.

  1. Terrible example of teaching down. I’m all for balanced training, but this guy is not someone that should be educating other people how to train dogs. Also very disappointed!

    1. OhioTalon SS ….. classic example of trainers who milk the training sessions week after week….

  2. I have a 3 months old male Doberman.I am a regular viewer of your training videos and they have helped train him significantly. My query being, he is afraid of other dogs , no matter how small the dog is he gets very paranoid. I am pretty sure there are many who are facing similar situations.I request you to please guide us to deal with this issue.Thank you.

  3. In this video you see how the trainer/lots of people wanting faster results. I’d rather have a better bond with my dog and let him learn/think for himself at his own pace. Some dogs do indeed learn faster than others, some may take a while but that is okay also.

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