Trained Dog for Adoption – “Charlotte” German Shepherd/Pitbull (k9-1)

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Educated canine for adoption by K9-1 Specialized Pet Dog Training. See extra info on Charlotte and also various other experienced canines below:

Please consider adopting a sanctuary pet dog or rescue before acquiring a canine available for sale.

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11 Comments on “Trained Dog for Adoption – “Charlotte” German Shepherd/Pitbull (k9-1)”

  1. Have you ever used Leslie McDevitts “Look at that” (LAT) game for aggression/ reactivity towards strangers and other dogs? I was quite surprised at how well it worked with my pittie mix. I had been trying for a couple of years to socialize him to other dogs. When I tried the LAT game with him, within a month he went from wanting to tear apart any dog he saw to being able to walk off leash with other dogs walking around just a few feet from him.

  2. great work! Ive been following your website and video’s for some years now, Im obsessed with Protection training and etc, and have been doing extensive research and experience work and your work with the dogs is phenomenal, realistic and honest.
    Im really hoping in the near future I can have one of my dogs trained by you guys, Or maybe even purchase a fully trained dog.

  3. @cupcake2191 It is called a pinch or prong collar, and it has helped her NOT be leash reactive. You shouldn’t judge the tool, judge how it is used.

  4. good mix! 2 incredibly smart, and funny dogs, yet both have a bad rap for being violent. Any dog can attack other dogs, and people. This video proves it. Good looking dog!

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