Trained Doberman Pinscher Personal Protection for Sale (

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Mason is a Doberman Pinscher we have for sale at K9-1. He is fully learnt individual defense and also has actually lived in a residence with two little women and also several other canines. He is easy to manage as well as normally ends up being territorial of his home residential or commercial property. This doberman's ears do not stand properly and also although he is a pure reproduced dobie he does not have papers. Consequently he is being sold for an extremely reduced cost to a great residence. Figure out more regarding various other readily available canines by going to and also clicking on "Watchdog Sales".

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32 Comments on “Trained Doberman Pinscher Personal Protection for Sale (”

  1. Trainers cant even stop the bite, absolutely ridiculous. What happens when the target suis after excessive force was used and failure to stop the dogs bite. This dog is a weapon itself and the owner needs to have control over it.

  2. All the bad guy needs to bring is his pitbull to quickly neutralize the Doberman,
    It’s best to be armed for personal protection around the home.

  3. Jimmy Chaves.. The highly trained attack Doberman wont stand a chance against a mid grade medium pit.
    Believe what you want, but I dont encourage you to permit any of these dogs to get in a brawl with one, it wont be pretty.

    1. My Dobe is 122 lbs at 1 year..he plays with pits all the time and a Rhodesian Ridgeback,,,he is very careful not to hurt these dogs…Dobies are very vocal and their teeth are like scissors..and they have strong jaws that can mangle flesh. They do not just bite down, they very quickly release and clap down again, gaining more flesh each time. At the same time they do the head shake…Buster tends to go for the throat, thankfully he knows the difference between serious work and play. 

    2. Your doberman can not hurt either of these breeds..  A 60 pitbull will finish your doberman off in less than 15 minutes easily.  The ridgeback  will do the same.  You know ridgebacks tangle with lions?  The doberman is no match for a lion, nor a ridgeback. The pitbull will negate the sharp teeth of your dobe, and your dobe neck doesn’t want the clamping jaws of a pitbull on it either.

    3. +Elwood Rawlings
      Elwood, I gather you have never had a Dobe? I guess the military knew what they had..and what they had were called Devil Dogs. My Dobe is just a pup he might not be able to go against a mature Pit…but I would not make a bet. As to the Ridgeback…they do not hunt lions..they tracked lions…there is a difference. Not all Dobe are the same..mine is a European line…he is not the smaller, sleeker show dog, but a big, tall working dog. The Europeans want to change the name of their lines from Doberman Pinscher to Dobermann…pinscher means terrier..and the European lines show less and less of that. They are bigger…in America the Dobe males is about 80 Europe they are much Buster’s dad was 110 lbs..his son is 122 at his 1 year check up..and Dobe’s are puppyish and still growing until three. 

      Yes, A pit does have clamping does the Dobe..My Dobe plays with pits all the time..they play like most dogs pretty ruff and tumble with savage growls and attacks…Diesel, a Pit that is all muscle and  huge…rolls on his back..and Buster is there straddling him with his mouth around Diesel’s throat.   Now if it was serious I  have no idea what would happen..but I would not want to see it. Buster is faster, more agile..even with his size…and is all over that Pit…but then they are pals..and Deisel might be taking pity on a young pup.

    4. +Keir Gazelle The Rhodesian Ridgeback certainly hunts lions, and bays the lions, there are man  articles and documentary on their history. Of course they wont attack the lion, and live to hunt another day..

    1. +cnote678 Although its a year old comment this is a “monster” its a dog that needs a bit more work with the “out” command and a more stern handler.

    1. +thedarkrocker333 okay, that just showed me that this debate is over. Sorry, but I cannot go back and forth with someone over common sense issues…. to do so would bring my own IQ into question, also. The issue of stereotypes, generalisations, covert racism etc goes back hundreds and hundreds of years and you think a little quip about tacos and burritos is a point? I sincerely hope for your own sake that you are just trolling. Good luck to you 🙂

    2. +Kay Mtetwa lol that’s cool. You backing out without actually showing why I’m wrong shows that I was actually right. That was one out of many stereotypes that actually showed how your statements are false. If you’re going to try and say that it was rude, you have some issues.

    3. +thedarkrocker333 tbh, me backing away is because of the saying “when you argue with an idiot, it becomes hard to tell who is which”. Even the original commenter didn’t give you the time of day by replying you because it’s obvious you lack common sense. Your statements made zero sense, and you need way more help than a YouTube debate with me can provide. Stereotype: all black people like watermelon and fried chicken. That is true in most cases, we do. However, that is one of the most racist things one can say and dates back to slavery. Look up the watermelon theory. as I said before, good luck to you. Your 5 mins is up.

    4. “That is true in most cases, we do.” There you go!!!! You just proved your own original statement wrong. With that one sentence. So they aren’t all entirely wrong. You proved it. Thank you.

      Watermelon theory? Way to just glaze over the THEORY part of that. Man, look at the quote you put and please try your best to work on that.

    5. +thedarkrocker333 oh wow, I see now that you didn’t even understand my comment, which is mind boggling why and how because I’m typing in English and have tried to not use big vocabulary. Dude, when I said “wrong” I wasn’t talking about its accuracy.. Everyone knows stereotypes are formed from a widely held view, that’s common sense. I said its wrong and ignorant, as in MORALLY wrong (not quantification wrong) to generalise people, and even said “regardless of what truth you derive from them” as some have truth, yes! So I have literally NO idea how you misunderstood that. You will probably even misunderstand this comment. And the next. And the next. No. This is ridiculous. Bye

    1. Very unlikely, however there would probably be severe cuts and lots of blood which is reason enough to cause panic to the bad guy and make him leave.

  4. What an amazing breed of dog! The perfect GUARD DOG in my book! Well done, trainers!! I love this video! Mason is so obedient!

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