Train Dog to Watch on Command (

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The canines are trained to see on command by discovering there is a correlation to where the owner is gazing as well as where the hazard may come from. If the canine misses the signal from the handler the agitator will just touch the dog to obtain the pets attention. Canines are extremely clever and learn via repetition that the proprietor is looking where the threat is.

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  1. good afternoon I had a question to ask you my puppy just turned 4 months and all she does is sleep a lot and play with my other Pomeranian puppy. she eats three times a day and get enough exercise by going in the backyard and playing but my question to you is it normal that she just lays around and does nothing she’s a German Shepherd and she’s from Europe

    1. +JOE BILLINGS Puppies do sleep more than adult dogs, but if you are saying she gets enough exercise and goes in the yard to play I wouldn’t worry about anything. It sounds more like you are fulfilling her basic needs well. If in doubt, and you feel it is still abnormal the place to start troubleshooting would be the Veterinarian.

    2. +Dog Training by I thank you for the response I apologize if I explained the wrong way what it is is that she’s inside the house all night long and goes outside all day long she is 4 months and she is a German Shepherd and I have a Pomeranian at 5 years old and they play a lot I notice last night we left her outside and she was very sad when she came in she still gets her fluoride treatments which is vitamins and she’s eating eating very well I give her a cup in the morning a cup at night in a cup in the afternoon for and she also gets a cup for dinner

    3. +JOE BILLINGS If all else has been the same and suddenly you see a big change you may want to check with the Veterinarian. Keep in mind that at almost exactly 4 months of age puppies start teething and get a whole new set of teeth in only 2 months, so this is also a stressful time for them and their immune system often drops and they become more vulnerable to other things.

  2. Beautiful video !
    you guys train those dogs and then sell them or what happens with those dogs if i can ask i always wanted a dog
    but could you please give me any advice about wich one i should buy
    i was choosing between the german shepherd and the rottweiler and you think the rottweiler is much stronger than a gsd? or is it close

    1. +Tri.p Shitt We occasionally have a breeding for our own purposes but rarely sell dogs anymore for various reasons. We prefer to “sell training” not dogs. We do have litters planned, but the dogs are donated to police and working programs with required training contracts. A bite is a bite and a dog half the size of a german shepherd or rotweiler (both can break arms) can hurt someone bad if it is confident so strength usually isn’t an issue, but looks can be a factor as a deterrent so it is a major part of a decision. Comparing rottie’s and german shepherds there are pros and cons to each in general, but in the end each dog is an individual. If I am more concerned with protecting an area I like rottie’s. For protecting a family I like German Shepherds if you can deal with the extra energy. For police or swat cant beat the speed and punch of a 60 lb malinois or dutch. Whatever dog you decide, it is best to get to know the parents of the pup and that is the best determination of what your pup is likely to be like. The closer the parents personalities are to each other the better chance you will get a puppy with a personality you can predict. Stay away from breeders who keep their dogs in kennels or obviously just breeding for money. Always make sure the dogs are “proven” to live in the environment you want and do what you want them to do.

    2. +Dog Training by Thank you man for this text and its all true what you said thank you 🙂 you helped a lot and thanks that you answered that gives a person a smile to his face love your videos and beautiful training

  3. Great video I’ve got 2 gsds and my girl would benefit from this type of training unfortunately I live in Scotland or I’d be coming to you!

  4. Great video! Can you tell me which video will show me how to get my dog to that point? And, I have a very smart Collie/Pyr/Shepherd cross. She is 7 1/2 months old. I need her to be protective of my daughter and I. Thanks.

  5. I’m a Big Fan of your dog training videos from Sri Lanka. I have seen your basic dog training videos which explains step by step very clearly how to train a dog sit, watch, leave something etc But how do you make a GSD like this? this is not a one step procedure isn’t it?

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