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Top 10 Super Protective Dog Breeds

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Selecting the Super protective dogbreeds out there is a difficult task, considering that when we look at our companions we have a hard time imagining their extreme physical capabilities.

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Here is the list of 10 Super Protective Dog Breeds.

10. Bullmastiff
9. Akita
8. Boerboel
7. Cane Corso
6. Giant Schnauzer
5. Doberman Pinscher
4. Rottweiler
3. Dutch Shepherd
2. Guess???

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60 Comments on “Top 10 Super Protective Dog Breeds | Dogmal”

    1. burundukas burundukas trust me dude german shepherd’s are strong dogs. Iv seen them make a man fly 20ft at sporting events. Also its their trainability and intelligence that is unrivalled by other protection breeds. Thats why german shepherds and malinois are favoured by the police and army

    2. GS are one of the most loyal dogs. I especially prefer the females of the breed. I have met some wimpy males, but never a female. Once you bond with her she will protect with her life and is fearless and never intimated. The really good thing is once you introduce people and dogs GS include them as part of the secondary pack.

    3. orestes Lamelas iv read some literature on the dogo argentino, great hunters with a strong willed tenacious attitude. Very courageous and extremely loyal

    1. +Piet Baum I wouldn’t call that experience. Just because you have one doesnt mean you’re doing it right. Unless you have acres6and acres of land somehow, They should not be kept in a city, that’s just wrong.

    2. +wolfsrain0000 I don’t think you have knowledge a co adept to every environment they are even a little lazy the guard the whole day and night but always using minium energy only if it is needed they explode please educate yourself for you want to discuss they even adapt in Kenia the use them as lgd

    3. Even though these are the strongest dog breeds t exist, they wouldn’t be great guard dogs against humans because they’d probably kill the intruder lmao. They do amazing as guardians against wild animals because that is what they are bred for.

    1. +Bruhkulls Chop Yea he is. Look at that arching back and the angle of the hind legs. That is SUCH a dumb breeding practice.
      Those dogs are bred for conformation shows which ask for certain features in a dog for some weird “aesthetic” reasons (even though it looks ugly af), even if it means damaging the dogs health.
      In this particular case the sloping/arching back causes tremendous problems with the hip and hind legs in German Shepherds. Those kinds of just plain dumb breeding practices, and overbreeding in general, caused an insane amount of health issues like hip dysplasia, which occurs in 1 out of every 5 dogs (!).

    2. IMO german shepards 100 years ago look so much better. It shows you how fast dogs change. Now they are so dumb unless you find a good breeder. Know someone whose dog was so dumb he ran into a pole fast and died.

    1. Mike Kavanagh no there fuking not stop talking utter crap 💩 very few dogs would actually protect there owner so stop talking utter fuking crap 💩

    2. Exactly what Lee said this mike is an idiot i swear, thinks hes smart with his little back-hand comment like “Oh yeah dogs are actually this and that” just shut up and learn by watching the video

  1. I’d love to see a ‘Top 10 Super Protective Owners List.’ So many people have given all these beautiful dogs such a bad image. It’s always due to buying or having them for the wrong reason. Either for fighting or the most common by far is buying them and ignoring them, then dumping them when they realize that they have no time for them. That applies to any dog really, but these guys pay a huge price for ‘some’ idiot wannabe owners. I’ve owned Staffordshire Bull Terriers for the past 30 years and I couldn’t imagine not having one in my life (or any other breed) everyday. Thanks for sharing.

    1. All good points here seems like we are all responsible owners it’s a shame that when people see large dogs there nervous but I’ve found that it’s the small dogs that show aggression first not all the time. A small poodle was nipping at beau my dog and the woman owner was laughing, lucky for her beau was nonchalant about so I said control your dog you would not like it if it was the other way about, she stormed off raging

    2. EDDIE BHOY Spot on! If my Staffies started barking or growling at another dog I’d have hell to pay. I’ve lost count of how many times other small, yappy dogs bark and growl at mine. Everytime the owner just laughs. Total double standard!

  2. Although in the past I had pitbulls I have a german shepherd now and he guards the house 24/7. Even the mail man can’t get too close lol.

  3. Presa, Dogo Argentino, kengal, Tibetan mastiff, bully kuta, etc.
    Not much of a list if you know your dog breeds and the capabilities of each breed. This was a list for people who don’t know much about dogs.
    I own a Dogo Argentino and he’s absolutely fearless.

    1. Piet Baum u know how many guard dogs were bred into the dogo argentino to get the dog we got today? Every dogo argentino is a Great Protection dog to their Family because they are fearless und loyale to their Family. The difference is u cant Train him like a Dobermann or gsd to protect someones Else property. They can be trained to guard anything. Argentino only guards his Family and HIS property

    2. +kalle roseworld the problem is the hunting breeds are dominate the Caracter so 60 percent a good guard dog 40 not by a breed bred for the job that is 90 percent good guard dogs and 10 not

    1. +dsruddell
      These words will return to you at the moment of your doom..
      second huh ?
      look at the statistics for theft robbery murder rape child prostitution incest pedophilia and sex with animals and other immorality in the past 40 years in your classy country.
      making freaks of human and animal.crosses even eating babies .
      You are so shallow so blind you don’t see it coming …..just like Sodom and Gommorah till the moment destruction came and there was no escape .

    1. +monkeysign123
      small mean and helpless.
      Do you really think someone intent on evil will be terrified of a tiny mutt smaller than a cat??????

  4. I’ve had a German Shepherd & Akita both very smart both very protective over the family 👍😎 They both grew old and have passed now very sad me and the family they were part of the family 😪 I live in Wisconsin out in the country both dogs very protective of the house and property but the Akita was a little more protective over the land and anything that would cross his path☠ Our family has farmed for many years we’re lucky to have 320 Acres the family lives on my grandpa my dad and me 🤠 I never chained up my dogs my Akita whose name was Cujo would go out everyday and walk the fence lines of our property our neighbor had cows he would walk the fence line look at the cows but never bother them our neighbor loved that dog too I think if anything would have bothered the cows he would have protected them 👍☠ I seen him take on woodchucks raccoons he made short work of them he got in a fight with a few coyotes they were no match for him that dog never got a scratch on him 👍 If he heard a pack of coyotes howling at night he would take off after them he would come back with a cocky walk like he knew he was a badass ☠ Thanks for reading 👍😎🤠

  5. Bull mastiff should b no .1 mine is a bull mastiff n can guarantee they r much more confident n powerful man shepherds plus also r easy to handle compared to shepherds n plus man they r so fun to mess with n spoil to still they know how to b attentive n they r confident in- aff to allow guest but at the same time keep an eye on them to not let them in any other area mine keeps an eye on them no way he is friendly to them but sits with me n watches n basically he says do yr work n talk n get out of my house😂

  6. I have a German Short Hair Pointer that weighs 67 lbs and saved a little almost 3 yr old girl from a pit bull attack last December. He is brave, loyal and more protective than any dog I’ve ever had before!

    1. My father has a German shorthair, she’s going on a little over ten years now. Most loyal and intelligent dog I’ve known. Nobody hits the driveway without the family knowing someone is near.

  7. As lovable as my German Shepherd Dakotah was, and if he liked you he was your life long friend but if you were a stranger you weren’t getting anywhere near or on our property without him “greeting” you. We never had to lock the doors or windows when we weren’t home. Never felt safer in my life. There is nothing greater than the love, loyalty and protection of a German Shepherd. But there is nothing on this earth worse than when they go.

  8. German Shepard s are the most beautiful loving loyal intelligent they love children babies cats their families never are they traiters❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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