Top 10 Rottweiler Facts Most Popular Dog Breeds: Dogs 101 Animal Facts

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Find out ten interesting facts (and perhaps some myths) about loving and intelligent Rottweiler.

Good Dog, Carl –
Carl's Birthday –
Carl's Afternoon in the Park –

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31 Comments on “Top 10 Rottweiler Facts Most Popular Dog Breeds: Dogs 101 Animal Facts”

  1. I have a German Rottweiler she is 5 yrs old. Do u have a video on Cocker Spaniels I’m getting one spring time and would like to know some interesting facts about them. Thank u for doing a video on Rottweilers people need to know one thing if u neglect their training and don’t teach them well that’s why they have a bad rep its not they dog its the person not training them properly it wasn’t easy with are Rottweiler but because she is well trained she is calm and very motherly and Rottweiler s can get aggressive if u don’t train them I see it as its not the dogs fault its an irresponsible owner they aren’t easy to train like some dogs are they are very independent but I can say Rottweiler s r so loyal they would give their life to protect u .

    1. Shadow Wolf ❀❀❀

      For some odd reason, I haven’t done a video on the Cocker Spaniel. We’ve done the Cockapoo and English Springer Spaniel, but not the Cocker…. I need to change this.

  2. Rotties are very handsome, loyal and great with rambunctious kids! I have never had one of my own, but I have friends who do and these dogs are very much a part of their families. Thank you for a very informative video about an awesome breed that is much maligned.

  3. Great vidio mate πŸ‘ i love everything about my Rotty and its good to here some facts about him so keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  4. All dogs are goods, is how you treat them and teach them. I love them allπŸΆπŸ•πŸΆπŸ•πŸΆπŸ•β£

  5. Rotties are the best…..

    My wife and I have owned 3… My first… Demi… lived to be just shy of 15 years old…. She still had a lot of heart and looked very good but like all Rotties she experienced problems with her hips and we had to let go of her …. My second…. Heidi…. lived to be just a couple months past 12…. We just lost her in October… Our 3rd,…Hans… was about 3 and we had to find a home for him because although he was fixed we couldn’t get him to stop marking in the house trying to establish alpha over Heidi who had been established in our home for about 3 years before we brought Hans into the home as a 10 week old pup…… Our son has a 6 year old male named Ivan that he imported from Serbia… he still has his tail…. He weighs about 135 lbs…. He is a brute but is a sweetheart of a dog!!!

    Love this breed…. They are for certain a misunderstood and mischaracterized breed…… They are loving, intelligent and loyal defenders of their home and their humans…..

  6. I really love your videos! They are amazing. You should do one about eurasiers, there’s barely any videos about that breed out there. And I know you’d do a great job haha

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