TOP 10 Most Popular German Dog Breeds

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There are currently more than 30 German dog breeds in the world. Here at AnimalWised we want to share these interesting breeds with you. We will be discussing both the origins and characteristics of these breeds, in addition to their care. If you are interested in adopting a dog of German origin, be that a German shepherd, Rottweiler or other: keep watching for more. If you know of any more interesting German dog breeds that we have not yet mentioned, feel free to add it into our comments section below!

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25 Comments on “TOP 10 Most Popular German Dog Breeds”

  1. Wow all these dogs have great traits! All are so elegant and stylish. Germany has given truly great dogs. I am a cat person, but my favorite dog is the German Shepherd.

  2. yeah that’s not how you say dachshund. it would be if it was spelled “daschhund”, but it’s not. the normal english pronounciation is about right, although it’s a formal name that nobody in germany ever uses – we just call them “dackel”. the main thing to say about them is that they are stupid and crazy.

  3. All dogs are beautiful! No matter which country they come from they are wet nose & warm heart angels ! We have a golden retriever for now, soon we gonna make family bigger!

    1. Anna Luisa Rossini The pug is ugly and the Chihuahua is a little hell spawn. I’ve had experience with both breeds. Most other dogs are beautiful though. Cockapoos are the softest dogs in existence though.

  4. German Pointers (Shorthaired, Longhaired, Wirehaired)
    German Pinscher
    Bavarian Mountain dog
    Deutsche Bracke
    Hannover hound

  5. I am from Germany and I love the way these names are pronounced in this video. Really entertaining. 😀 I think I like Doberman best, they are really elegant and intelligent dogs. But I must say, I am more of a cat person myself.

  6. – Leonberger
    – Deutsch Drahthaar
    – Deutsch Kurzhaar
    – Deutsch Langhaar
    – Deutsch Stichelhaar
    – Kleiner Münsterländer
    – Grosser Münsterländer
    – Heidewachtel
    – Jagdterrier
    – Hovawart
    – Kromfohrländer
    – Deutscher Pinscher
    – Harzer Fuchs
    – Westfälische Dachsbracke
    – Deutsche Bracke
    – Deutscher Wachtelhund
    – Affenpinscher
    – Bayrischer Gebirgsschweißhund
    – Hannoverscher Schweißhund
    – American Eskimo Dog
    – Eurasier
    – Großspitz
    – Mittelspitz
    – Zwergspitz
    – Kleinspitz
    – Landseer
    – Pudelpointer
    – Schafpudel
    – Gelbbacke
    – Westerwälder Kuhhund
    – Siegerländer Kuhhund
    – Schwarzer
    – Tiger
    – Strobel

  7. I think Wolfspitz literally translated would be “wolf like Spitz” – since Spitz is the name of those dog breeds. But maybe it was originally a location 🤷🏽

  8. dobermans are by far the best 💙 i adopted my first dobie last year and best decision ever. shes very smart, almost too smart, and the sweetest girl. she loves and requires attention 24/7

  9. Exactly I was about to say the same, they didn’t include for me the best “German Shorthaired Pointer”

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