TOP 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World

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TOP 10 most popular dog breeds in the world.

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TOP 10 Underrated dogs:
10) Boxer
These dogs might look tough, but they extremely playful, energetic and friendly. On the other hand, it is fearfull dog that will protect their family no matter what. Its definitely on of the best family guard dog. Fun fact is, that world record for longest tongue is hold by Boxer dog.

9) Dachshund
Small dog with big personality. They are hunters on the first place, they were bred to hunt and they still have it in their blood. Its independent dog, but they bond very closely to one person. That is why it is more one person dog than family companion.

8) Chihuahua
Smallest dog in the world, but dont be fooled by their size. Chihuahuas are very protective and sometimes, especially when they are not trained and socialized, they are very agressive. I think, it is because a lot of people think, that they dont need socialize small dog like Chihuahua, but it is a big mistake.

7) Bulldog
One of the best dogs for lazy people. They are very independent, they are good at learning new commands but they will do it only when they are in the mood for it. You will have to be very patient when training Bulldog. This is great loving and loyal family dog.

6) Beagle
Did you know, that Beagles were much smaller back in the days? They were called pocket beagles and hunters actually could put them into pocket when they went hunting. They have great sense of smell and they are driven by it. They love exploring the world, this is very curious dog breed. And pretty noisy too, they bark a lot.

5) Poodle
One of the 3 most intelligent dogs in the world, they have hypoallergenic coat and they have three different size varieties. No wonder it is one of the most popular dog in the world and most of the nowadays crossbreeds are half poodles. Poodles are pretty energetic, playfull and easily trainable dogs.

4) Yorkshire Terrier
The only terrier on this list is Yorkie. I dont know how about you, but i see Yorkies everywhere, they are super popular. They are very alert and protective but also playfull and very affectionate towards their people. They are not the easiest dog to train, but they are trainable and you can achieve a lot with them if you are patient and consistent with training.

3) Golden Retriever
One of the friendliest dogs of all, Golden Retriever will do anything for people. They breath for them. For the people and for the food. That is why they are very bad guards, they are just too friendly towards everyone. It is very energetic dog breed so daily long walks or any other daily activity is a must.

2) German Shepherd
Strong, brave and loyal dog. These are the best three qualities of German Shepherd and a reason why they are the first choice for police and military forces all around the world. GSD is very intelligent and easily trainable on top of that. They are also very tough, versitale, adaptable, protective and independent dogs.

1) Labrador Retriever
Of course, what other breed could be on the first place. They are incredibly loyal and friendly, intelligent, eager to please, affectionate. They are just perfect as companion dogs. But its not the only thing they are used for. They were bred as retrieving dog by hunters. They are amazing swimmers, they are used as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs.. They are just everywhere and it is mostly because of their trainability and for their love to people. Interesting fact about Labs is, that they have webbed feets, which makes them excellent swimmers.

Tell me in comments, what is your favourite dog from this list?

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10 Comments on “TOP 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World”

  1. Bulldog is my number 1 pick because we were blessed. I grew up with a VERY spoiled, stubborn, sweet, lovable English Bulldog who thought he was a lapdog. Good video.

    1. There is so many other dogs i love and that are not in the video. For me, one of the favourite dogs are Greyhounds. Shih Tzu is very popular dog in my country.

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