Top 10 Most Famous Bully Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Most Famous Bully Dog Breeds

10. Boston Terrier
9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
8. American Bulldog
7. American Bully
6. French Bulldog
5. English Bulldog
4. Boxer
3. Bull Terrier
2. Staffordshire Terrier
1. Pitbull

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30 Comments on “Top 10 Most Famous Bully Dog Breeds”

  1. I have a American Staffordshire Bull, wow what a protective dog he is. Great companion also, reads moods very well. Awesome video thanks for sharing. 🇺🇸

  2. “Pitbull” could have been used to describe half of the dogs on this list, it’s too broad of a description nowadays. That should be replaced with APBT.

    1. DWC true but some peoples say mine isn’t a Pitbull while it is lol gotta see hes characteristics also there many ways to see if it really is a Pitbull or not

    2. Naim GRIZZLY Dumb people would say he isn’t. Look at him. He looks exactly like an APBT. I’ve seen people trying to say Hulk the pitbull is a pedigree papered APBT. When in reality you can’t have papered APBT in the USA and it’s been leaked that he’s not a pedigree. He’s registered as a pitbull American bully mix

    3. Naim GRIZZLY see that changes my whole mind set about him 😂 maybe an APBT mix or just an APBT on the largest scale. See my puppy is 6months and weighs 42kg. However! He’s a Great Dane x bullmastiff. So a big boy

  3. I like the Staffordshire terrier and the APBT.
    I find them the most handsome bullybreeds
    The American Bully looks very weird shaped. Short legs, big head and giant jaw!

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