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Top 10 Most Popular German Dog Breeds

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We all have our reasons to like Germany: The beers. The Bratwurst and The BMWs. But we especially dig Deutschland for its long list of lovable, native dog breeds.
Why are German dogs so popular? See this Video to know the reason.

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Here is the list of Top 10 German Dog Breeds.

10. Weimaraner
9. Dachshund
8. Miniature Pinscher
7. Schnauzer
6. German Shorthaired Pointer
5. Boxer
4. Doberman
3. Rottweiler
2. Guess???

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14 Comments on “Top 10 German Dog Breeds | Dogmal”

  1. I have weimaraner/labrador mix they are great hunting dogs and family dogs, they are very active and inteligent but not good to be alone, they unfortune also sometimes get bad nerves, my dog began to get panick attacks from loud noises when she reached around 7-8 years.
    My dog catched chicken birds by herself when she was young, they are very fast and have great smelling organs.

  2. Is the numbering as per the popularity of the breed in the world..?if that’s the case then German shepherd and doberman should be on top of the list followed by rotewellier, great Dane , boxer

  3. can’t stand computer generated voices. too bad this would have been decent. i’ll kno to skip anything from
    this source next time.

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