Top 10 French Dog Breeds

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French dog breeds are among the most popular in the world, not just in their native France where over 40 originate. In this AnimalWised video we bring you just 10 of these fascinating French dog breeds, some of which you will recognize, others which you will love to discover. For example, you may be well versed in the ubiquitous French Bulldog or the Poodle, but do you know the Dogue de Bordeaux? See video of these breeds being their beautiful selves and discover interesting facts and characteristics. This is helpful if you are thinking of adopting one yourself or if you just want to know a little more about French canine culture. Keep watching to find out.

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8 Comments on “Top 10 French Dog Breeds”

  1. What about the Malinois (cousin to the German Shepherd) and Great Bernese (a mastiff used on farms and for herding)

    1. The Malinois is a Belgium dog breed from the city of Mechelen (in dutch)/ Malines (in french). And the great Bernese is a Swiss dog named from the Swiss city of Bern

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