Top 10 Dog Breeds

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80 Comments on “Top 10 Dog Breeds”

    1. lovable Megan your stupid pitbulls are the worst dogs ever ive been bit 4 times cuz of those little bastards

    2. Hey to people who don’t like Pitt bulls they attack innocent people because the owner didn’t train it correctly which confuses the poor dog, so don’t blame the dog blame the trainer

    1. well we might be able to do that in the future due to technology advancing to create immortality. We could possibly use it on dogs or other animals that don’t have a long so they’ll have a life span similar to humans

  1. Top 10 Dog Breeds-

    #10 St. Bernard 0:47
    #9 English cocker spaniel 1:40
    #8 Siberian Husky 2:39
    #7 Boxer 3:32
    #6 Yorkshire Terrier 4:22
    #5 Bulldog 5:15
    #4 Beagle 6:15
    #3 Golden Retriever 7:13
    #2 German Shepherd 7:52

    Honorable Mentions 8:53

    Miniature Schnauzer 8:56
    Dachshund 9:03
    Great Dane 9:07
    Poodle 9:10
    Shih Tzu 9:16
    Border Collie 9:32

    #1 Labrador Retriever 9:36

    I don’t need any thanks I was just bored

    1. Lohit Pant You’re dumb, if dogs are smart they don’t have to listen to their owner, they make their own decisions. Same for the Chow Chow smart, but stubborn.

    2. I agree. I think speed and IQ are top 10 in all of breed, BTW, bite force is also over 200 pounds, I saw a video in internet that the fight in Mainland China, Doberman vs Dogo Argentino, 3 win 1 lose, I think Doberman is also Top 20 in bravest breed. Therefore I think Doberman is the best guard dog in the world.

  2. German Shepherds are like the Michael Jordan of dogs. They aren’t #1 on everything, but they are on almost every list. Which makes them the best. 3rd most intelligent dog, one of the fastest dogs, one of the most caring dogs, one of the best herding dogs, one of the best family dogs, one of the best family guard dogs, one of the best guard dogs, the #1 most loyal dog, and many more. Like if GSD should be #1.

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