Top 10 Dog Breeds With SUPERPOWER

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Top 10 Dog Breeds With SUPERPOWER

#10. Rottweiler
#9. Dogo Argentino
#8. Boerboel
#7. English Mastiff
#6. Caucasian Shepherd
#5. Alabai
#4. Tosa Inu

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55 Comments on “Top 10 Dog Breeds With SUPERPOWER”

    1. For ur information guys gsd is a the breed that killed 1.5 million intruders in world war 2.comment if any other breed other than Pitbull did so.And don’t comment without perfect information

  1. Guys, German Shepherds are used for their smell and informative skills. Not a powerhouse tool. That’s why they are used by police officers since they can sniff, locate and have a very high intelligence to protecc.

    1. not really the Mastiff breeds are more protective same with Rottweilers they just don’t use them because they normally break the person’s arm the only reason Police use them is because while they are smarter and they can smell a little bit better than short muscled dogs also because they’re a lot faster

  2. I have dog in the Philippines he loves to fight he even Broke his chain leash I play with him a lot he’s like this one🐶and this one 🐺 combined

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