Tobias is Crate Trained at 11 Weeks

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This video is of our handsome boy Tobias and his beautiful sister Elsa. Rocky Mtn Boxers has been working with Tobias and Elsa on their crate training. As you will see Tobias is excelling with his training and Elsa isn't far behind.


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5 Comments on “Tobias is Crate Trained at 11 Weeks”

  1. So cute. How did you teach him how to understand the word “crate”. Do you just say “crate” and point towards it many times?

    1. +hartisify hmm Hi! Thank you, they are a lot of fun. Yes, we use the word crate and every time he did it we rewarded him with a treat, or provided a lot of praise “Such a good boy” it takes a lot of consistency and patience.
      You want to do your best to not show any frustration, they have a keen sense of emotion. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions please let us know. We are not certified professionals, nor claim to be (right now at least, something we have thought about) however, we like to share our experiences and what has worked for us.

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