to 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

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to 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

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23 Comments on “to 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds”

  1. I love ALL dogs but I really favor Boxers, Pekingese, Boston Terries & anything poodle, Pomeranian or Shih Tzu crossed. But those are my favorites. Hi from Alberta, Canada:)

  2. Surprised pitbulls weren’t on this list and this list is extremely inaccurate and I’m surprised chiwawas weren’t on this list too

  3. My German Shepherd does the Boxer thing with his paws, and recently hit me on the mouth while I was suffering a gum infection. It was absolute agony!

  4. Boxers are great dogs my cousin had two and because of their bark sounding like they wanted to tear your head off but when given the chance they will drown you in love. Unfortunately my cousin’s oldest Boxer died of a stroke at about fourteen (He was an old Boxer).

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