The Perfect Pitbull Kennel

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What's up guy's!! This a video of me showing off my pitbulls Kennel/Dog house. I hope I give some of you guys Ideas. If you want a long brief video explained everything on how I build it, please comment below.

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49 Comments on “The Perfect Pitbull Kennel”

    1. MasterOfAllBulldogs sorry to you this bro actually im not but you bro are wrong with some of your statements.

    2. ArthurZel Tv yours is a pure stafforshire terrier theres only two breeds of pure bloodlines in the pitbull family & its a american pitbull terrier & then theres the staffordshire terrier both pure bloodlines if bred right & no mix breed in them hints pure bred. but those are the only two types of pure pitbulls in the world. yours is a pure bred staffordshire terrier so yeah yours is a pure pitbull. ALL FACTS ^^ great video keep them coming bro.

    1. Alejandro Tirado we give him rice and chicken twice a week. Lots of exercise and regular dog food that has a lot of calories and protein.

  1. I have an AMSTAFF and he would either climb out of there or dig out! I am currently making a pen for him too.
    You really love your dog and doing everything to keep him safe and happy. He’s a nice looking boy 🙂

    1. Anthony Washington Yeah it will definitely chew it. I don’t leave my pitbull there. I leave the gate always open and only at night I lock him up.

  2. First of all thats an amstaff not an american pitbull terrier. He looks amazing. You should go to some shows bro. He s show quality for sure.

    1. George George American pitbull Staffordshire Terrier same thing. Stafford shirts are a little taller but they’re the same breed.

  3. kanell ??? Oh you mean kennel ok got it. What are you from Canada.?? Beautiful dog. Staffordshire Terrier or pit same same beautiful nonetheless.

    1. ArthurZel Tv NP .USA nice . I’m from NJ so you could imagine how my pronunciation is lol in NJ we destroy the English language. Lmao. Great job on the kennel bro. Good luck wit your Dog

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