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Meet the 10 most popular breeds of dogs in the world. Without a doubt, they are the preferred dogs, both for adults and children. In this video you will know why they are so popular.
While it is a dog that exudes tenderness in its path, the truth is that the Beagle was a real hound in its beginnings, that is, an expert hunting dog.

If we’re talking about popular and very striking dogs, above all, there is no doubt that the Pug takes all the credit.

Happiness! Happiness! Happiness! That is the only thing that all families that have adopted a Labrador Retriever, a breed originally from Newfoundland, now Canada, get.

Known as Teckel or "wiener dog", the Dachshund is easy to recognize due to its characteristics and very short legs along with its extremely long body.

While it is true that the origin of the German shepherd is associated with grazing, this breed has demonstrated such an amazing intelligence, perseverance and versatility.

And we come to the hairiest of this list: The Siberian Husky. It is practically impossible to resist the tremendous attraction that this beautiful dog has.

Do you recognize this face? If it is impossible to forget! It’s nothing more or less than the German boxer, a work and companion dog breed.

Despite being a hunting dog during the nineteenth century, the undeniable elegance of the Golden Retriever prevailed and managed to adapt without problems as a companion dog.

Despite being known for being one of the strongest dogs in the world, the American Pit Bull Terrier is much more than that.

With a height at the withers of 16 inches maximum, along with a robust and plump body that does not exceed 55 pounds; the English bulldog is a dog that obviously is not known for its enormous size, but for its great personality.

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55 Comments on “THE MOST POPULAR DOG BREEDS In The World 🐶”

    1. Thank you thank you for all of the Husky things I needed to know thank you so much I love all of your videos you are the best please make more videos love you

    1. Lol your so so rich anyways I have 2 huskies 1 pug 1 Rottweiler 1 German Shepherd and and 2 Pom ( that one pug and one of those poms are mine like only mine lol)

  1. my favorite breeds:
    1.Jack Russell terrier/ parson Russell terrier
    2. German Shepherd
    3. Siberian Husky
    4. Golden retriever
    5. Boxer
    6. pitbull
    7. staffy / stafodshire terrier
    8. Great dane
    9. Pomeranian (RIP GABE)
    10. shiba inue. (You may know as dodge, or the meme dog)

    But all dogs are amazing, beautiful and more amazing!!!

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