The importance of studying free-ranging dogs, and what we learned about Bali dogs

Marco and Shogun.

Credit Marco AddaToday we are connected with Marco Adda as he clarifies his latest publication researching Bali puppies — people living in a free-ranging condition and those dwelling in human homes as pets. 

Do you know that free-ranging puppies are one of the most widely distributed carnivore on the planet? Or, perhaps I should begin by asking: have you believed, or even ever heard about puppies? If yes, I can imagine what you’re (possibly ) thinking: feral dogs. Am I correct? Are you picturing dogs living wild and uncontrolled in a”developing country”? Dogs carrying people and disorders quitting them?

Sometimes, this might be the situation, however framing free-ranging puppies this way isn’t actually accurate. Actually, free-ranging dogs, also known as Village Dogs (instead of”feral dogs”) don’t necessarily carry infections, they often interact with individuals, and they may be wonderful companions too! They repr… Read More

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