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There are a lot of good reasons to crate train a dog, housetraining being the main reason. Crate training is an essential part of housebreaking new puppies too. Puppies will not usually soil their bed or den. Therefore, if the crate is set up as a resting space, the puppy will wait until he leaves the crate to do his business. This will put you in control of where and when your puppy relieves himself.

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    1. Nasay Jones so what set up do you have ? What do you do when you are away for a long time like at work? Does he have a dog door to allow him to go outside ? I’m just trying to get ideas and help so my dog can be inside all the time

  1. Amen!!!i’ve crate trained all my dogs…I cover mine too…gives it a den like adults my dogs will go in there to take naps during the day and one of my dogs will go in there during thunderstorms.great video as always!!

  2. I disagree with crate training, I think it’s cruel. How would you like to be put in a cage? for hours? try it and see! 👎👎👎👎👎

  3. So far from essential. Not against it but you don’t need to crate train to house train/transport/keep your dog happy.

  4. Crates themselves are not bad. What some people have a problem with is keeping dogs in a cramped crate where they can’t even walk around or barely stand up in for like eight hours at a time while the owners are at school or work where the dogs have to hold their bladder or vomit or be forced to go/throw up on themselves and sit in their own waste. One expert talks a little on the subject of crates in an awesome DogumentaryTV video called *DIANE JESSUP WORKING AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER*

  5. Useful video. All my dogs are able to enter a crate.
    Haven’t been able to find the right crate for my Tosa yet.

  6. Crates are a good tool, but I never used them. I trained my puppies at a young age to respect my house and now they are able to roam freely in the house. However, my dogs are protection dogs, so I need them to roam around the house.

    1. UkayJ I have an Akita and a German shepherd. I just taught them very young by positive training. They eat in a certain room, they get exercised everyday. Everything is a routine, and thats the big thing. By the time they are in the house they are tired due to exercising, so they are very trainable by that time.

    2. i have nothing against crates. in fact, before i even brought my new puppy home, i bought a giant crate and a comfy crate bed for him. he never liked it and he would cry.
      instead i just used a long fence and slowly introduced my dog to parts of my home little by little.
      my dog is now 1year and 3 months old and never used a crate. he’s all over the house though. the couch, my bed, everywhere.
      i let him, he never destroys anything.

    3. Hello! I need a lot of advice. I don’t like crates at all, we’ve had dogs before but my mother took care of them at home. Now I’m married, work part-time and don’t have much space at home.
      We are waiting for the arrival of our schnauzer puppy, she will be birth any time, so she will be home in about 8 – 9 weeks.
      I’m preparing everything for her arrival, but I don’t know what to do. We live in a small apartment with two kids. Half day the puppy will be alone so she needs to learn to potty on pads.
      I don’t want to put her in a crate, neither my husband.
      Please I need advice for effective training to be able to live her at home a few hours by herself.
      We have two kids and we are very happy for the new member of our family! It’s a surprise for our kids!

  7. ahh Corso 👌

    I use them for a couple of weeks when a pup is introduced into my home. Corso are super smart, they get it so I don’t use them all the time.

    You can eat off my floor literally, these corso are very clean and not destructive at all. Just give them loads of toys when they are teething and take them out into the garden every 15 minutes building to hour intervals. Never had a stray poop or pee ever inside. Call it lucky, I call it sleepless nights. Oh yea no water to be fed late night also helps!

    1. There is a difference between treating someone bad, and not giving them everything they ever wanted. I’ve never seen anyone recommend keeping a dog in a crate for the whole day. There is nothing wrong with using a crate to make sure that the dog can’t get itself into any trouble when you are away for an hour or two. Dogs spend most of their time sleeping anyway, and they don’t really care whether they’re sleeping in a crate or in a dog bed with an open top. But they usually do prefer a crate with a soft pillow in it, over sleeping on the hard floor.

    2. animalobsessed1 lmao they usually prefer a crate? I’ve had my dog for 13 years, never crate trained him or even thought about getting him a crate. Over the years he has had many different dog beds and half the time he never used them. He laid on the hardwood/tile floors. He just recently started using his dog bed and it’s probably only because he’s getting older.

  8. This video also proves there’s morons that still believe crates=SO CRUEL. We need a written test for every dog owner in this country to pass about dog psychology…jfc

  9. If you need to lock your dog in a crate for 8 hours you shouldn’t have a dog. Thats like locking your kid in its room for 8 hours. I understand the security it provides, but then allow your dog to go in and out as it pleases. If I locked my dog in a kennel for eight hours she’d be bored out of her mind let alone a crate. She gets plenty of exercise and works cattle and still likes to go for walks and sniff around or lay about in various places in her “off time”.

  10. No matter what a pet shop owner or dog trainer might say, a dog crate is just a box with holes in it, and putting dogs in crates is just a way to ignore and warehouse them until you get around to taking care of them properly.

  11. The only good reason to crate train is if they have separation anxiety and they are damaging things or hurting themselves

    I’m not to fond of putting them in one at night but there’s not a big problem with that and maybe if u want to for training but I never did

    I do think it is a good idea to get a crate put a bed in it and put some sort of blanket over it but leave it open so they can go in and out and it there place to be left alone

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