The High Anxiety Pet Crate

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Do you have a dog destroys crates? Does your dog have signs of severe separation anxiety? We have specially designed this crate for those puppies with special needs. The high anxiety crate is a stationary crate that is shipped assembled. This crate is welded, riveted, and made out of a higher gauge aluminum. The air holes are designed to help prevent most dogs from damaging their teeth if they try and escape from the crate. The front door bars are closer together to help prevent your loved one from biting the door.

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14 Comments on “The High Anxiety Pet Crate”

  1. Jesus, that thing looks like a torture chamber out of a horror movie. I bought a 62 inch wide, 36 inch high soft playpen on Amazon and my dog has no issues with it (she did with normal crates).

    1. I’d imagine that this was not built for appearance, but function. Dog’s don’t have a concept of horror movies and what things “look like”

  2. This looks to be the crate my dog needs. She was abused by her previous owner and has terrible storm anxiety to the point where most of her teeth are chipped and worn down. I have a wire crate and she’s destroyed it by not only bending it to hell and back but actually removing sections of bar. This low snag design seems to be the best option to keep her from hurting herself when i absolutely have to leave her alone while im at work

  3. My husky doesn’t have separation anxiety, she just hates being confined. Ive let her out of the crate all day and have zero problems. She’s getting older and won’t hold her pee all day so she’ll go on the floor, which is why I’ve been crating her. She’s absolutely destroyed 3 crates and im scared she’s going to hurt herself. This may be the ticket.

    1. Boo hoo it’s supposed to help your animal and if your animals are as precious as you say they are and you are a pet owner that truly loves your animal as I’m sure you have claimed then you will do what it takes to make sure your pet gets exactly what it needs to keep it safe, happy, and well taken care of

  4. This isnt to help you dogs anxiety it prevents them from destroying the cage and getting out. Them being able to stack is great because if you have working dogs it saves space and there perfect for dogos if they know there about to go on a hog hunt they get worked up and will destroy your average crates on there way to the hunt.

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