The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

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98 Comments on “The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes”

  1. I really love dogs but I didn’t have any dog yet 😭….is anyone want to give. ..i want to adapt. …and I love this videos a lot ..😍

    1. why not buy a dog from a pet store? of course, you have to find the best puppy since their stock is usually hit or miss. This is the best way to get a great dog. Dont’ get dogs from Craigslist or other places. those usually bite and have been abused

  2. On Feb 11th, we got our 8week old Goldendoodle (Baggins). Within the first week he has already learned sit, lay down, and up, he’s completely crate trained and barely whines anymore when in it. He has even started to let us know when he wants to go out by ringing his bell (although we aren’t trusting him 100% all the time on that). All thanks to Zak! Thank you so much, your videos and techniques have helped my family out tremendously.

    1. Holly Eyster oh yeah we got our 8 week old German shepherd puppy and he knows sit stay come and lie down really well

    2. How did u potty train him?!?! Weve had him for 3 days and he cant stop relieving every where. (hes an 8wk goldendoodle)

    3. Holly Eyster sounds like you did an amazing job Holly. I’ve just bought a 10 week old cockapoo called Albie and I’m definitely finding it tough. I grew up with golden retrievers and don’t remember them being so full on and tiring. I adore him but his biting is definitely testing my patience 😭😭. He’s only been with us a few days but it feels like a hell of a lot longer.

    1. He’s a stalker, and breaks into peoples homes all the time to sit on their furniture and eat from their fridge. Sounds like fun actually, maybe I should give it a try some time.

    2. People make videos for different reasons. Some to make money, others to help. Some because they really like the sound of their own voice or the way they look regardless. Take your pick.

    1. Guys his profile pic is a dog it’s called a “joke” are you not familiar with that word repeat after me “joke” it’s easy ( for some people)

    2. Hulk – Jack Russell
      I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about house training your puppy try Panlarko Perfect Canine Planner (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

    3. #Rip X cancer isn’t a joke. Neither is telling people to kill themselves. Millions of people have died because of those two.

  3. We have our 9 week old puppy for 3 days now, and she’s already potty trained! I observed her how she acts when she needs to go (like running through the house and not wanting to play etc) and when, and I’m so amazed by the fact that since day one she can sleep through the night without needing to go!

    1. 21 Trains there’s no way she’s already potty trained lol, puppies bladders are still growing up until 6-8 months of age depending on the bread. Most dogs aren’t 100% potty trained with no accidents until minimum 9 mouths

  4. My dog tells me when she wants to go outside. She’ll scratch me and sort of nudge at the door which I find kind of funny lol

  5. In 10 days I’m picking up my apricot cockapoo puppy called Archie and I’m binge watching all of Zak’s videos! Wish me luck

    1. I love cockapoos! We might be getting one called frankie. Apparently cockapoos are easy to train good luck!

  6. great video Zak! I know you’ve covered this topic a bit in your book, but could you create an episode about Puppy and litter sizes? Is there truth to the claim that the “runt” of the litter will have personality and health problems growing up? thanks a lot!!

    1. Personally I don’t think it makes the personality different, but when we had one of our kittens and she was the runt of the litter she died earlier than her sister due to health issues and we think that this could have been because she was the runt.

    2. My Jack Russell who I lost 18 months ago at age 16 was the runt of the litter. He was a big boy for a Jack and had no health issues (apart from the usual old age stuff like deafness, arthritis and a little eye sight loss).
      That’s my experience.

    1. Go with shelter or specific breeder. Less likely to have been a puppy mill scenarios. And don’t just get a dog based on their breed either, each breed has a downfall, so choose based on which breed may best suit your lifestyle, there are breeds that don’t need a lot of exercise and breeds that need tons, just whatever would better suit your daily routines. Puppies aren’t ideal for people who don’t have time to train them properly, so sometimes a well trained older dog from the local shelter or pound can be better suited for a person.

    2. Pet stores can be an easy and quick way to get a cute puppy but do research on the specific place you are getting the puppy from check reviews and all that not every pet store is selling sick puppies

    3. please don’t buy puppies from a pet store. most pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills and lived in terrible conditions. you can get a puppy from rescues, shelters, or from registered AKC breeders

    1. laurustoyou well,since I have a tiny dog (teacup chihuahua)I let her pee and poop on potty pads.Ive never let her go potty outside 😛 But answering your question,I think it’s very confusing.

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution so I’m supposed to have my dog attached to me on a leash all day and night?

    2. I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover house train a puppy try Ichordo Simple Puppy Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

    3. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution Hi Zak! I’m wondering if you could do a video about teaching a puppy to have their teeth brushed? Thank you so much 😊

  7. Please help, I got a puppy 2 weeks ago and he is 11 weeks old. My family is getting really frustrated that he won’t stop peeing inside. They are thinking of selling him but I can’t imagine my life without my boy. help asap

    1. Alibek Gaming Follow main schedule of bathroom time….
      When they wake up in morning, take him out to potty.
      About 10 minutes after he eats, take him out.
      After he plays, take him out.
      After he naps, take him out.
      If he wakes in middle of night still, take him out or place a pad where he sleeps.
      In spots where he has pee or poo…mix about 2 tablespoon of white vinegar with 1/2 cup of water and spritz the area lightly, it will neutralize his scent and deter him from going potty there again.
      Keep him contained where there is hard floor as much as u can for easy clean up. (You can just wipe his accident with paper towel then go over it with a sani wipe of some sort, just make sure he doesnt lick it while its wet)

    2. Awww I’m sure if they bought a puppy, they wouldn’t sell it that easily. At least I wouldn’t

  8. I walked my dog for over two hours, had her in the kitchen to keep an eye on her but as soon as she got out, she went to the bathroom in one of the 3 locations shes picked out, so how is that my mistake? She is deliberately holding it for those specific spots!

    1. Sometimes it seems like dogs do that. I sit with my puppy 15-30 min trying to get her go potty on her potty pad.. when i say forget it and walk away, she runs around, and next thing i know she pood or peed somewhere within a min… Nor sure what i can do to change it.

    2. Zak says to put your dog in a controlled area temporarily (like a puppy pen or a crate) where it’s ok if he has an accident if you need to do something else and can’t supervise the dog

    3. The only tiny mistake is that you cant let them out of site without supervision or they will pee or poop sneakily. You should catch them in the act and stop them ; take them outside, reward them and they will start to get it

    4. If She’s done her business in a particular spot before you’ll need to make sure the odor is completely gone or she will be too familiar with the smell and go there again.

  9. What to do my dog already know used bathroom Continue peeing and pooping inside your home I been taking him outside he knows not to inside but he still do it inside

    1. Perhaps fix your courtesy to others first and acknowledge many people around the world natively speak languages other than English.

    2. I am not sure what you should do, my mum has the same issue with her two dogs which were rescue dogs, they know they are not allowed to go to the loo inside but will choose to anyway especially if its cold or wet outside.

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