Terrified & in pain, puppy’s amazing transformation after rescue

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We got a call to rescue a very sick street puppy. We found him hiding in a plastic bag, and the moment we touched the bag he screamed in pain. He was desperately hungry so we could coax him out with biscuits, but every time we tried to touch him he cried out. He had severe mange and a deep wound on his hip that was causing him the shooting pains every time he moved.

This dear little boy was in so much pain and agitation, his worried eyes never relaxed for even a moment in the first several days after rescue.

But after 6 weeks of medicine and care, meet Jumper today!

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49 Comments on “Terrified & in pain, puppy’s amazing transformation after rescue”

    1. +Darth Vader _USA You’re still saying this? You’re just a wannabe tough kid. Boohoo, just stop already. Their is no denying it.

    2. +typedef totally fucking agree…everybody acting like braindead turds blaming poverty cruelty culture and fucking what not…it’s a fucking disease that got that puppy. Poeple saw him suffering and called animal aid.
      Now where is those ‘cruel’ poeple.
      Everybody busy showing their wisdom about third world country without any fucking context

  1. Thank you for helping him…he’s beautiful…does your organization try to teach the public the importance of the humane treatment of animals??? And what happens to these dogs once recovered???

    1. +Cobra Kai heart breaking. Sad reality in a poor place. If children are starving to death the animals are too! I wish I had super powers so I could save all the animals and children in the world. 🙁

    2. +Amanda Soderlund yes! thats the best way, since the streets are probably still dangerous and its not a good environment for them.

  2. soooooooooooooooooooooooo cccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeee3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! aaaaaaawwwwwww!!! iam sad cos i get0 likes… I had no frens.. I no north haw toe speal😶😶😶 I veri sadde. please cane I her sum like????

    1. The last point is the most important.
      And your wishes should not only include “cute” animals, but also those that are often forgotten when we talk about animals like insects, fishes, crabs… We ought to be aware of the fact, that they all are parts of ecosystems and play an important roll there, and we depend on healthy ecosystems. Without them we would soon be damned to follow them.

  3. Бля , уважение этим людям из Индии ! Конченные люди вокруг , Лучше чем воевать друг с другом делайте !
    Помогайте животным , боритесь за экологию , боритесь с ебаными браконьерами , преступниками !
    Нет бля зачем нам это!
    Лучше пойдем воевать друг с другом !
    P.S Я из Украины

    1. Это невозможно, когда мозг не работает и смотришь зомбоящик, от которого разумного человека будет тошнить. Вперед блин, давайте умирать за задницы олигархов, еще много мяса потребуется. Жалко молодых парней, очень жалко и поэтому многие просто уезжают от такого будущего.

  4. Ay pobrecito los animalitos , pero gracias a Dios ay personas de buen corazón que todavía se preocupan por los animalitos gracias a Dios 🤗👏

  5. *After coming across soo many bad/sad video’s on the internet i get so happy to see special loving videos like this one. It touches my heart to see there still great animal loving ppl in this world. Animals need our help to servive and feel loved. Ppl need to stop being cruel to animals and be more like you guys and help them. Bless you all. Thank you for this video and helping innocent animals* 🙏

  6. Как же важно оставаться человечным!!! В Индии, где людям самим порой нечего есть и оказать должное медицинское обследование, есть люди с огромным сердцем!!! Спасибо вам!!! Из России с любовью!!!

    1. eso es lo que mas me asombra la cantidad de dislike que hay en los videos de rescate de perritos , hay mucho maltratador de animales anonimos por lo que veo

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