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  1. I just wanted to say this was filmed days ago, and everything is cool now!

    Are you following us on instagram? Do it now! @ thesiberianservicedog

    1. +cAdIe CaT She said in the video it was PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s where you have a bad life experience and something similar to that could trigger it. Like her, I have PTSD with storms and such, but I don’t need a service dog since that doesn’t happen often where I live, but where I did live it was constant.

  2. I went to your school and I graduated and honestly a lot of kids and teachers have attitudes with just everything. I think I know what teacher your talking about too lol if it’s the same teacher she uses to hate me but she was chilled out at the end of the year

    1. +Communist Jihad first off youre extremely weird. No normal person would say that or put that you’ve had sex in their bio for youtube😂😂

    2. Robert Pilkington why are you saying thinks that make me uncomfortable 😣 Ive read you bio and it scares me 😳 im only 11 eek 😬

    1. I hate it when I’m in a store like Wal-Mart an someone tells their kids go pet the dog I tell them no he’s working they get all bent over Well you shouldn’t have a dog in the store then. I’m like well maybe you shouldn’t have kids since you wanna put them in danger.

    2. True. I don’t like when people try and pet one of my dogs cause 1st she’s scared and will attack. 2nd she won’t let anyone that she doesn’t know get close to me or her so she will attack.

    3. One time a kid tried to pet my mother’s friend with a freakin balloon and the balloon kinda pop
      Cause her dog was freaking out and bit the balloon.

  3. Personally, I think you should have waited until the end of class as there was only ten minutes left. It wasn’t
    very professional of her to snap at you, but it also wasn’t super okay of you to snap back at her. I’d also like to note that maybe playing with your dog in class isn’t the best idea even though nothing was happening. While she did something that wasn’t the best, you’re in high school and you should be able to handle something
    like this without making a big deal out of it. Stuff like this is always going to happen with a service dog, and
    as a dog trainer that works with dogs that are training to become service animals, they get a lot of attention, and it is your job not to freak out about it. It’s good to explain why not to do something, but being rude or
    talking back, doesn’t help the situation.

    1. Holiday Bear I’m pretty sure if that happened to you would’ve started a tantrum so be quiet and keep it to yourself you don’t have what she has so you don’t understand so shut up and leave

    2. +Alice Paz I realize I do not have PTSD, but having a condition like that does not interfere with the ability to not throw a tantrum if someone tells you you’re distracting someone else. I realize the interpreter wasn’t totally in the right. I’m simply saying that taking back or acting rude doesn’t help the situation. The interpreter was simply trying to keep the class from breaking out right before the bell rang. It’s understandable. Just because a teacher isn’t actively teaching, it doesn’t mean the class is over.

  4. Dude. DO NOT PET means DO NOT PET. Like dude. You can read. I wouldn’t ask, unless like I really want to pet your service dog. But like even then I wouldn’t pet him/her.

    1. If they look like they’re just chillin’ and relaxed I might, but I’d probably be too nervous to.
      Edit : just to clarify I meant that I might ask to pet the dog, not pet it without asking. I think service dog or not, you should always ask before petting.

    2. Also, you don’t go up to a doctor who’s trying to use an AED and be like “Hey, I love your hair. Can I touch it? What product do you use?” Or anything’s because they are WORKING. Some people really need to understand the fact that they are considered better than some medical equipment (they’re better with understanding if their handler’s breathing/heartbeat picks up, etc)

    1. Part of that “no respect” falls heavily on the students. When you have kids every single day breaking rules and cursing and not listening and you have parents who think their kids are infallible – yeah, you can get a little stressed. A significant chunk of teachers quit or move schools (out of higher-need schools which tend to have higher behavior problems) in the first five years. Around 10% quit the first year, largely because of the way kids act.


    2. +n yb except the teacher that yelled in her face was in the wrong. Yes I get it when your stressed you do dumb things but the teacher never apologized to her.

    3. Paige Edgar my mum is a teacher and I have gone with her many times and you can’t legally get in your students face.
      Like EVER.
      You can’t touch your students or come in a kids face like that.
      They should be fired for this especially for doing this to someone with PTSD.
      That’s messed up.

  5. I have two patches on my boy saying “do not pet, working dog”, one on both sides and I still get people who will pet him right over the patches!!!!! It’s infuriating!

    1. Maybe get a patch ” I have bitten three peoples fingers off and would like to make it four. Please pet me”. Or something super sarcastic that makes people think, like “of course no one else can pet me, but you are special and a snowflake if you don’t get your way, so go ahead”
      The usual “Do not pet” is used so often and ignorant people sadly ignore it very easily

    1. Actually, most of my teachers let us use our phones as long as our tests are turned in. But it depends on the teacher I guess

    2. Tamara Smith it deleted the part where I said after a test because it’s common in some schools to let people go on their phones after a test so…

    3. Tamara Smith I know proper spelling I’m just commenting on a video so it’s not like I’m presenting this in front of my teachers no I’m commenting on a video and why do you care so much about capitalizing and punctuation

    1. Sadly the older people get the less they think it implies to them. My classmate trains dogs and somehow old people always try to touch them when you can clearly see they are in working mode. And when she asks the people to not pet them, they always say stuff like “I’m doing nothing wrong” or “this dog wont bite me, cause mine doesn’t either”. And I’m like, so you just go around touching thing that are not yours and when asked to stop you continue. Kind of disrespectful

    1. Maybe just run away crying and maybe she’ll rethink her life decisions. Or just say: “Dakota, let’s go!” and storm out of the room.

  6. For some reason all of the interpreters I’ve met are Highkey Stressed. They snap real quick. Which like idk why the deaf students are always super nice and friendly??? and then the interpreter’s just there angsting in the corner feelin used like honey if you don’t like it maybe you should get a different job

    1. +Chaos Bitses I’m sorry you have experienced that. I guess people near me are lucky, we have a big community of Deaf people and interpreters. If they snapped at you for asking help speaking to a Deaf student, then that’s against the code of ethics interpreters have 🙁

    2. +LyraLarkaII that was optional for me tbh. The deaf met every tuesday at like 4pm at a specific mall and if you went they knew you were one of the students learning ASL and went slow and taught you how to properly sign things

    3. I literally have an interpreter that yelled at me and sent me to detention because I raised my hand when the teacher asked a question she literally was like are you trying to block the deaf girls view of me I’m so freakin ticked off

    4. Lmao, but like seriously my aunt used to help deaf kids and she was SUPER nice to the kids. And like these other people are…. IUFEZGvuiedhbfgvikdhftweEETzg

    5. All the personal aids in my school low key hate everyone like for real this one girl didn’t even do her job she just follows him to class and sits glaring at at of us while popping her gum

  7. You need to get a patch that says “Get your sorry butt away from my dog or we’re gonna have problems”

    Edit: Thank you so much for the heart! You just made me happy 😊

  8. The interpreter is right tho while you’re in school dekota is on duty so when you take her vest off and let her play she’s not on duty she’s playing, yet it’s a no no for literally anyone to say anything to you. Play time for a dog will be distracting for a class that’s just the bottom line. Not everything is a reason for you to be a victim.

    1. With Service dogs, they don’t have to wear a vest. When the person plays with the dog it’s rewarding them for working. I’m not trying to argue, or say your wrong, but she is able to take the best off and the dog can still work.

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