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Happy Howl-o-ween, Sub-woofers! This month's BarkBox was shared with my parents' Yellow Lab, Sahara, who barks at nothing in particular in the middle of the night…Ooooo spooky!


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15 Comments on “SPOOKY BARKBOX UNBOXING | Oct 2018”

  1. Nova’s barkbox came with some different things then yours instead of that butler squirrel she got two pink girl squirrels attached by a bungee and it’s called play with us doggy. It was a reference from the twins in the shining is was amazing and she got some chicken square treats which if you had those would have had it much worse the aroma would drive any dog crazy. Also they glow in the dark really well went to sleep last night with nova and she brought all the toys on my bed and I saw so many glowing eyes it was so creepy lol.
    Enjoyed the video.

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