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This video was filmed before I knew SDIT didn’t have PA in CT. Dakota would pass her CGC test, she could be considered a “fully” trained service dog. But I don’t. So I’m breaking the law when it’s a title I have for my dog. Dakota has solid tasks, obedience, reliable without treats. Dakota works in home and out. This video was filmed Thursday, the 26TH of July 2018. Before I knew the law.

TO EXPLAIN THE TITLE: My dad was holding her leash. My dad took her from me…. and sat down to watch me jump. She stayed focused when I was jumping. She even stayed calm when I was out of sight.

Thanks for watching!
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  1. Notification squad where you at??

    Btw your dog is beautiful. I shouldn’t day this but… she is more beautiful then my dog! 😂❤️

  2. Literally a 1:30secs in and Dakota is not just an awesome service dog when she’s working, on her break time, she behaves like an ordinary pupper and it’s super cute xD

  3. Please please please do audio balancing! Either make your voice volume higher or lower your music volume because I cannot stand music screeching in my ears and then having to go back because I can’t hear a word you said .__.

    1. Madison Richard
      I never yelled at anyone, and I’m not sure what my family has to do with this?
      Going to guess it was auto correct, miscorrecting something.

      And yes.
      Ur comments read as if Ur getting and attitude over something completely random and already over…
      If that’s not how u mean them, maybe start reading and altering Ur comments before posting them to be sure Ur getting Ur meaning across right.

      And yes.
      It does seem rather random u came on an old thread and started getting uppity about my reply to someone else explaining that more than just one person was experiencing this, all of them with sensitive hearing…
      So it wasn’t a matter of a single phone being broken.

      And since u hadn’t known in Ur last comment that HALF of the above mentioned comment was to a completely different person, I figured u hadn’t read it because of how u mentioned reading so MUCH text might acrually be painful to do somehow.

      Have a nice day kiddo.

    2. +Service DogsFTW don’t call me kiddo the only person who is allowed to call me kiddo is my dad and I’m 15 I’m not a kiddo

    3. Madison Richard
      Shouldn’t u have realized what I meant by that?
      I called u a kiddo because u were acting as kiddos do much of the time…

      Talk to me at 21 and then we’ll see if uve outgrown the kiddo phase.

      No it wasn’t an insult per say….
      Let’s say a side note of how u came off in ur comments?

      But maybe read back thru them and see why I’ve said u come off the way u have?

      That’s never a good way to speak.

      If it agitates someone then uve just started an argument(usually), and that shouldn’t be the goal.

      And being late on comments or posts that have already been hashed out….
      Makes it look like u got bored and picked a post to kick like a wasp nest♡

      Have a nice night!♡

      Edit, did u really just scroll down to the bottom of my comment or is all u got out of the whole reply only that I called u kiddo???

      You should get checked out if ur span is that short, mines rather bad but not near that lvl 0-0′

    4. +Service DogsFTW No I read the whole thing I don’t skip over reading something I love to read but I’m done reading your comments but yes you are right defending someone from someone else is acting like a kiddo

  4. Is it okay to casually mention how amazing Lexi is doing at the age of 15? Like I was completely different at her age👀 YASS LEXI YOU GO GIRL💙💙💙💙

    1. it’s her channel and she can post what she wants. you have no right to tell her what to do. but I understand what youre saying.

    2. Talisha Harrison Nicol how can you say that to someone….why would you say that when they were just POINTING OUT CLICKBAit!then you said it wasnt necessary for them to live are you serious?

  5. Hey >:(
    I have an important message so listen up bub :/
    Listen good too -.-

    Because you are awesome and so many people love you 🙂

  6. I’m obsessed with huskys it would be my dream to have one have one someday, love u so much❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖

    1. I have a husky named Luna I have had her for about 1 yr and a couple months. I got her at around 6 to 7 months for my 11th birthday. She is the love of my life lol idk what I would do without her, of anything happened to her I would die 😭🤣lol (but kinda serious)… I want to own more huskies in the future I am also OBSESSED! Lol 🤣😂

    1. +JESSICA FRENZEL why would they? They spice it up by doing things like that human! And really, would ANYONE click on a video with a title that says ‘My dad took my dog for a while’ or something? NO. No one would click on that.
      EDIT: Sorry if my comment seems all over the place.

    1. ​+Honey Drop the Unicorn , Yeah….it’s a shame when people click out of concern. Not everyone watches for entertainment. Many people watch to be learn about life with a SD, and try to gain some knowledge. It’s unfortunate.

    2. +Stripe Rainbow , I’m sorry The Siberian Service Dog has not answered your question….It would be helpful, for her to help educate people about having SD’s. SDIT PA means….Service Dog In Training Public Access. Good luck to you!

  7. This weeks click bait makes a change from the usual walk around a mall making loads of noise until a security guard gets annoyed, then fake sobbing, crying into the camera, or freaking out at people because they’re unaware you’re not supposed to distract a service dog despite not realising it is one because people can’t see the tiny writing on the bandana that advises it is one

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