Someone told me to fake my service dog!?

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74 Comments on “Someone told me to fake my service dog!?”

  1. So any dog that can be carried is allowed in that mall? Well let’s just hire some body builders to carry around dogs at the mall for hours and hours.

    1. This reminds me of a subway rule that dogs have to fit in your bag… so people just put Huskies and Rottweilers in big beach totes…

    1. F Society yeah. My mom said to me not to let one of our dogs drink too much water too fast. Because that would make her puke.
      Any ways….dogs have the ability to puke and burp, so bloating isn’t very likely.
      Horses, and rabbits can’t puke so they bloat easily. Especially baby bunnies and then they always die.
      And she said ferrets only puke if they are trying to die and are really sick.
      So dogs will be fine. Unless they have rotten teeth and get froze by ice lol

    2. +silver sisters well ice water and the florida heat only makes the dog bloat easily but their stomachs don’t explode….

  2. I hate it when people think they know all about service dog rules when some just really don’t 😂 You and dakota are such an amazing team 😊

  3. So this is just a question, but what does the deep pressure therapy involve? Does she apply her body weight when she does it?

    I love your videos and I have anxiety, so seeing you and your beautiful dog helps me remember that other people have anxiety too. And I’m also not sure when, but I plan on getting a golden retriever at some point in the future to train as a service dog ^w^

    Thank you for posting your progress and I freakin’ love Dakota!

    1. Yup deep pressure therapy just means she’s putting her weight on me to make me feel safe and grounded.

    2. @Bo Knows, DPT is a task, because it is something that the dog actively does to help the handler with their disability. What you’re thinking of is emotional support. Emotional support is when an animal just being there calms someone down, DPT is when they use their bodyweight to stimulate the person to help them calm down.
      Edit: spelling

  4. I love her markings! She is absolutely stunning! She was cute when she was stretching. Like “Mommeh. I love you..but I iz borrreeedd! The floor is nice and cooollld.” Lol what a polite baby girl! I’d love to meet her. I’m in Florida though :c

    1. The Siberian Service Dog oh my goodness really?!?!? I’m in St. Augustine!! That would be so cool to see your puppy!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  5. Lol my German Shepherd loves goldfish too I can’t even take the bag out without her knowing and by dog law you must give them one 😂

  6. Your dog is so cute and to all the haters this is not abuse or anything it’s a service dog and if your calling this dog “FAKE SERVICE DOG” it’s in training it’s not gonna be PERFECT bye I love you and your dog and your so pretty :3

    1. Technically it would be a service dog IN TRAINING then…not completely a service dog yet. like in this anime they were training to -be- saints..but weren’t yet.

  7. Hey guys! Thanks for watching! If you wanna see more of us be sure to follow us on instagram: @thesiberianservicedog 💕

    1. My GF bought a big bag of Jerky it was for Bandit I didn’t know lol me an him are on the couch Munchin down I notice its got no flavor I seen the pkg said grass fed buffalo or something im thinking buffalo jerky come to find out its dog treats lol
      Same thing when she bought dog cookies last Christmas we ate the whole package she looks at the almost empty pkg an Yells JOHN those are dog treats I’m like Oh that explains the no taste at all lol

  8. Might I suggest finding a healthier treat for your sweet gal? I don’t think goldfish crackers are really the best option- they’re absolutely packed with salt, which can be very bad for dogs, and leads to salt poisoning or dehydration. That might be why she was super thirsty later on in the video, as I’m sure she ingested a lot of them from all that training. It also contains a good amount of onion, which is very toxic for dogs.

    Small pieces of cooked chicken, baby carrots, apple slices, blueberries and blackberries are much safer alternatives, and actually quite healthy for them too <3 She seems to be doing very well in training, wouldn't want her to get sick from all the treats she earns!

    1. Heck I have cheese goldfish at home! Do you give her the cheese goldfish, or do you give her the original gold fish that are just the crackers?

    2. I don’t know what goldfish is… Im from the Netherlands. But from these comments i guess its a candy? Or Cookie or something😂😂

    3. +Zohee Herron Hi, they’re little bitty crackers in the shape of goldfish, usually cheese flavored but not always. I was wondering if she was using the cheese flavored or the original kind that’s just a cracker with no added flavor.

  9. I just got done watching 3 vids of her bashing other dogs and calling them fake and yelling at them then calling her self “autistic” just for noticing a bird flying by. …

    1. PukiFee Neemo same lmao. This girl desperately needs attention. Constantly having “panic attacks” in public and saying her dog is “alerting” her when she’s just sniffing her hand. Same kind of girls that faked pregnancies in high school 😂😂

  10. Yesterday (7/18/2018) my mom’s service dog gave birth to 7 puppies! Only 6 made it but that’s still a lot! It’s her very first litter and was pregnant by accident but I’m still happy she had puppies! 1 Like = 1 Love for these beautiful dogs

    1. Just for anyone reading yes it is irresponsible for any dog owner to accidentally end up with a pregnant dog but many service dog owners especially those whose dogs are used for mobility chose to not have there dog spayed/neutered because it can contribute to lack of developed bone structure/density which can be very dangerous for mobility service dogs

  11. Home girl feeding her service dog gold fish I’m dead.
    PS: This is no way shape or form a hate comment. I actually watch your videos on a daily bases and I’m pretty interested how Dakota alerts and listens commands like that.

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