Soft Indoor Dog Houses

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Looking for that perfect soft indoor dog house? Click here to learn more:
A soft indoor dog house is ideal for the dog that lives in the house with their owners because it has advantages for both dog and owner. It is easily folded down and easy to transport or move from one room to another. Or it can be taken on the road because it can be dissembled easily and has its own carry case.
It also features an attic storage area for additional blankets or dog toys which are a must have to occupy the dog when they are getting bored. It also features a memory foam/Sherpa mattress so your puppy will be nice and comfortable.
Another advantage of the soft sides is it will not damage your furniture or harm your pet in any way making it the ideal indoor dog house.
With the different color options there is sure to be one that will fit in with your décor or lifestyle. These award winning homes come in two sizes for small or medium sized dogs.
If you have a two story house you can place one house upstairs and another downstairs so you do not have to carry it up and down each time.
The complete list of features:
– Easily Assembled – No Tools Required!
– Portable/Collapsible for Quick Storage or Easy Travel.
– Roof Opens for Attic Doggie Toys/Leash Storage
– Side Carry Holes For Easy Transporting Room to Room& Rear Ventilation Holes.
– Polyurethane Faux Leather Exterior
– Very Easy to Clean
Included with purchase:
– Memory Foam Sleep Pillow
– Washable Soft Terry Pillow Case
– Durable Carry Case with Leash Pocket

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