Soft Dog Crate Review

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The Portable Soft Dog Crate is a wonderful portable dog crate that can be used indoors or on the go. This amazing portable dog crate sets up in seconds – push tabs and couplers located in the rounded steel frame to fold up or down (accordion style) within seconds. Perfect for indoor lounging, office, travel, or vacation. All Portable Soft Dog Crates are constructed with a water-resistant bottom for quick clean ups on spills or doggy accidents.

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17 Comments on “Soft Dog Crate Review”

  1. Hello valeriet8,

    The coupler is very easy. If you are trying to set up the crate, the the pipe will have to enter the coupler until the release button sits inside a seated hole.

    If you are trying to release, you’ll have to press the button to disengage the couple then pull away from each other.

    It’s a really tight fit, lots of tension.

    Good luck!

  2. A medium will do for a Cocker Spaniel. I always tell people to go larger if plan to leave your dog in the crate for longer periods of time.

  3. I have had one of these for 3 years and my ex set it up then threw out the instructions. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to flatten it. Thank-you for making this video. You just made my next move easier.

  4. You’ll need experience crate training if you plan to use this for crate training. For starters, I would not recommend this crate for teething puppies or dogs with separation anxiety–unless you know how to train for this.

  5. I have 6 large male dogs and upon occasion one will “mark”. Should the outside of this soft crate suffer such an indignity (LOL) how would I best clean it?

  6. My 15# Havanese loves this crate (navy small size) which I’ve had for over 8 yrs.  It’s a little small for her now that she’s a “big” girl, so I’m looking to buy the next size up.  I keep it set up all the time & take it in the car when we go on long trips.  Luv NoztoNoz soft crate!

  7. Im looking for a crate for my two brother and sister twin Rottweilers. The male keeps marking in the house, but when I crate him he doesn’t as much. Im going to have him neutered hoping that will help. Also my metal crates make a hell of a noise so these would be much quieter. My dogs purposefully make the cages rattle so I will take them out as they know I don’t want to hear the noise. I don’t give in however. Even though they are crate trained since puppies they worked out that if they push the doors hard enough they can force them open either escaping through the open door or the gap at the side when the entire panel has been detached from the rest of the cage. They hurt their legs like this and as I am at home a lot more I crate them less. A zip will scupper their chances of escape. I may line the bottom with an absorbent pad or something. Lets hope they don’t rip it up.

    1. +Slush Puppy If your dogs are great escape artists, I wouldn’t purchase this crate. We rescued a pit bull from a cruel and sadistic dog fighter and now, he has terrible separation anxiety. When we put him in this material crate, he ripped and tore the front screen door in mere seconds with his sharp nails! The mere pressure of his front legs pushing on the screen door caused the door to unzip or open right up too! He basically escaped in 2.5 seconds flat, lol! Now, we place him in metal crate before we leave home but we had to zip tie all of the joints together to keep him from pulling the crate a part and from escaping! Ever since we used the zip ties on it, he cannot get out. It’s also much quieter because it doesn’t rattle as much. We also latched the bottom tray in place because he used to push it out with the mistaken belief that he could tunnel his way out of the crate or underneath it if he could only get the tray all the way out. He didn’t realize that there was a metal bar in his way, lol! In addition, we placed a soft, comfortable bed or lining on the bottom of the metal crate and that makes it quieter and much more comfy! If this doesn’t work for us, we might have to buy that aluminum crate with reinforced doors and it’s over $400! Btw, I would also purchase your crates from! I couldn’t believe how much cheaper they were at that site and continue to be! Some of the sellers even ship them to you for free and do not charge their customers a shipping and handling fee! Best of luck! I really hope it all works out for you and the dogs! I love Rotties too! They get a bad rap sometimes just like APBTs, SBTs & Amstaffs do but they really are great dogs! I, myself, have two American Pit Bull Terriers and one Chihuahua mix. When people come up to me at the park and ask me if my dogs are friendly or not and if it’s okay to pet them, I always tell them that it’s not my pitties that they need to watch out for; it’s my Chihuahua mix, the one with the Napoleon complex, lol! They’re the sweetest dogs ever! They love other people, cats, and dogs!

    2. +Robbin Perry Thanks very much for the information. It doesn’t sound like this crate would be suitable for my two dogs then. They are very naughty and are fully aware that they are strong enough to rip things apart, just like your Pitbull so I will stick to the metal crate. Securing the corners etc is a good idea. I was going to put padding under the crate and in between the tray and the crate base to reduce any noise. That should be pretty easy to do. They won’t be able to deliberately rattle it and make a noise which they know makes me come into the room and see them. A telling off is better than no attention from Mum sometimes. That is how cheeky they can be. I haven’t crated them for ages so I do need to get them used to it again. I have the most trouble with the small dogs who love to bite my male rottie in the face and neutered males who seem not to like the fact Otis still has a pair of testicles. I can’t wait to have him neutered to avoid him being picked on and attacked. People rarely apologise when their dogs attack breeds like mine and have the nerve to check their dog for bites! Its crazy. I had two Staffordshire Bull Terriers. A black male and brindle female. Even Tallulah who was very mild mannered didn’t suffer fools gladly and they rarely got picked on until they got really old – 15 years old – when other dogs knew they were on their last legs. Before then they seem to know not to mess with them lol. My Rotties don’t give of that kind of vibe as they are so friendly so have encountered more trouble, but when they meet a friendly bunch of dogs its a pleasure to see them play.

  8. Thanks for the demo. It was very helpful that you showed how it breaks down & how easily it sets up, as well as that it has a built-in carry handle.

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